Wedding Shennanigans: 40+Times Kids Would Rather Be At Home Than Celebrate

By Ruby M

A wedding is a beautiful and memorable time between two people when they put everything in their lives aside and take this moment to become one unit. It is a fun and joyous occasion with food, drinks, and guests who have all come together to celebrate this moment for the happy couple. However, sometimes the younger guests don’t see it that way. In fact, kids seem to find weddings as something boring that takes their precious childhood time away from what they really want to be doing – kid stuff. They usually have difficulty grasping why the occasion is so special, and we can’t blame them for that. From throwing the ring pillow to falling asleep in the middle of the party, here are 45 times the kids were not impressed at weddings.

Ugh, I’m Hungry!

This little one just wants to get her hands on the food! She’s tired of sitting quietly while her Aunty Janet reads some words she doesn’t understand to Uncle Kyle. And just when she thinks it’s about to end, Uncle Kyle starts reading more confusing words to Aunty Janet!

Image courtesy of World’s Best Wedding Photos/Yves Schepers

She wants to yell, “Just kiss already!” so that this boring ceremony can end and she can throw down some dance moves and eat some cake while her mommy tosses back another glass of champagne (another word she doesn’t understand but hears often).

The Lava Game

These three adorable little ones know exactly what to do while they wait for their first cousin Selena to walk down the aisle. They pretend that her train is molten lava and jump over it or risk “being burnt!”

Image courtesy of Aquilar

At least the kids are keeping themselves busy while the grown-ups do their thing. All we can say is that we hope cousin Selena doesn’t take her first steps towards her waiting fiance while any of the kids are standing on the train.


These boys were not interested in their relatives making out in front of them! The one covering his eyes with his little hands was especially disturbed. Hey, cheer up, little buddy. Once this is over, there will be cake!

Image courtesy of World’s Best Wedding Photo’s/Isabelle Hattink

As for the other boy, who seems to be the older of the two, he’s just fed up with this whole thing. He doesn’t understand why he couldn’t just wear his favorite Captain America tee instead of this annoying suit.

I don’t wanna dress up!

This little man really didn’t want to wake up early this morning just to be forced out of his comfy pajamas and obligated to wear what feels worse than a school uniform. Why did daddy have to have a brother?!

Image courtesy of Gable

And why is his shirtless uncle forcing him to get dressed so early if the wedding only starts in three hours? Where is the breakfast and cookies that was promised to him? He really isn’t having a good day. 

Right at Home

This little flower girl is feeling right at home with her finger stuck as high up her nose as possible as her unimpressed mom tells her to be a lady, a comment the child most probably ignored, sneaking a taste of her booger when mom looks away. 

Image courtesy of World’s Best Wedding Photo’s/Isabelle Hattink

As for the poor hairdresser, we hope she’s used to kids because if not, this is certainly not something she knows how to handle. On the plus side, the flower girl’s hair is looking lovely. Let’s hope she doesn’t give it the same treatment as she does her nose.

I need a drink.

This flower girl is so over the photos. She knows that once the bride has finished forcing her little brother to pose for multiple photos that she is next. She feels like she needs a drink (even though she doesn’t know what that means, but she heard mom say it once).

Image courtesy of Reddit/rabinaspears

All she wanted to do today was play with her Barbie playset and maybe have a nap. Instead, she’s stuck celebrating some family member’s special day. All she really wants to do is go home now that she’s eaten the cake.

I now pronounce you…

This little girl, who was meant to be at the altar with the rest of the bridal party, really stole the show at her Uncle Jason and Aunty Sara’s wedding, just as they were saying their vows and professing their undivided and undying love for one another. 

Image Courtesy of Youtube/Annette Burgess

Topped off with her mom chasing after her, this will be a moment the wedding guests are sure never to forget! At least this couple looks so in love that perhaps nothing, not even this kid stealing the show, could ruin their special day!

Look at My Mickey Mouse Undies Mommy!

There’s nothing like your flower girl sporting her favorite Mickey Mouse undies for the world to see, including the priest and your mother-in-law. It is especially great when she does it as you’re about to say your vows to your fiance.

Image courtesy of Abby Photography/Elisha Stewart

Well, at least your wedding went viral – your special day is now all over the internet because this little girl is now among the children who are famous – or infamous – for being so bored with your fancy wedding that they decided to entertain themselves.

Don’t Do it!

These three rascals certainly don’t want this man getting married today or anytime soon, it seems. We wonder about the story behind this photograph – did the photographer simply think it would make a cute photo, or was this unintentional?

Image courtesy of: World’s Best Wedding Photo’s/Andy Gaines

We can’t see the adult’s expression in the picture, but the kids sure seem to be having a good time, smiling ear to ear as they are dragged along the floor of whatever wedding venue they’re at. We hope that they didn’t do this all the way down the aisle.

Not a Care in the World

This happy couple is seated with friends and family behind them and their little one sitting by their side on one of the most memorable days of their life, and the little girl dressed as impeccably as her parents are clearly not interested in looking regal today. 

Image courtesy of newsbomb/ Gaelle Le Berre Photography

Her legs are casually tossed to one side, hanging over the arm of the chair. She’s seated on her makeshift throne beside the bride and groom, and they do not look impressed in the slightest. Perhaps they are simply nervous to read their vows.

Nap Time

The role of the ring bearer is to hold the wedding rings for the bride and groom until the special moment arrives for him to carry them on a pillow to the altar. Of course, it should go without saying that they have an essential job.

Image courtesy of fearless photographers/El Marco Rojo

A job that this little boy has decided is so boring that he has fallen asleep using the pillow meant for the rings to rest his little head. We really hope that the rings were safely tucked away in their boxes…

I Said No!

This full-on argument caught on camera was probably the highlight of the photographer’s day… and the low light of the – we’re guessing groom. This little has no time for no one today, and she’s not afraid to say it, either.

Image courtesy of World’s Best Wedding Photo’s/Rich Howman Photography

All we can say is that we hope that this little tiff broke out in private and not in front of the bride or wedding guests because if it did, well, sorry. No one will remember this wedding day for the matching table runners and delicious food.

I Just Don’t Understand All This Fuss

This girl’s face reminds us of the expression, which is quite contrary to the joyous smiles of the grown-ups in the photo. It reminds us of the face a student would make after reading a really tough question on their math final. 

Image courtesy of No News/Orange Girl

She really does not understand just what all the fuss is about and why there is a man with a camera taking so many photographs of her and all these impeccably dressed women. We aren’t even sure if she knows she’s at a wedding at this point.

Sugar Rush

Oh, the sugar rush. The nightmare for parents when the kids hit their sugar high but oh what a blessing it is when they finally fall asleep after what feels like endless minutes of screaming, laughing, crying, playing, and fighting all at once. 

Image courtesy of Huffington Post/Dan Oday Photography

This little one clearly got hold of one too many slices of wedding cake because she is out for the count. We doubt she’ll even wake up for a second helping of dessert. Nope, the next time she opens her little eyes is when she’s back home in bed the next morning.

The Three Reactions To Kissing

There are three reactions when two grown-ups kiss in front of you as a kid, and this picture shows them perfectly. Either, a cheeky grin spreads across your face as you think they’re up to something naughty like the little girl sitting closest to the bride.

Image courtesy of Kellyhornberger/Kelly Hornberger

Or, you stare out into the distance like the little blonde girl is, waiting for the suffering to end. Lastly, your reaction may be like that of the little boy sitting next to the groom, which is utter embarrassment. You don’t want to watch such nonsense!

Kids Will Be Kids

This happy couple is thrilled that this adorable baby could be with them on their special day, but the feeling is certainly not mutual for this baby. Sure, she probably looks adorable when she’s not grumpy, but if looks could kill, we wouldn’t want to be this photographer!

Image courtesy of Instagram/alexandra_raetzer_weddings

We wonder what’s on this little one’s mind. Perhaps she’s wondering why there are all these flashing lights or why she has to wear this silly headband that makes her feel hot and bothered. Or maybe it’s much simpler than that. Maybe she just needs a nap.

10/10 Photobomb

A beautiful hug photo-bombed by a very disinterested flower girl who has made herself right at home, where you can pick your nose and not care if anybody sees or not! We wonder if any other members of the bridal party were aware of this little nose picker. 

Image courtesy of Imgur/DrunkCinderella

We just hope that she didn’t use the beautiful bride’s wedding dress as a tissue – because that would have been the most expensive tissue she’d ever use in her life. On the plus side, at least it wasn’t done at the ceremony!

The Grumpy Sisters

We suspect that never has someone hated being a flower girl more than this crying little girl. Her poor older sister was probably really excited about it until she had to basically drag the crying toddler down the aisle with her. 

Image courtesy of Studio Cabrelli/Maria and Dominique Cabrelli

What a touching way to begin a ceremony built on love and marriage with crying and unimpressed kids. Well, we suppose for many getting married, kids are the next step, and kids ruining moods with their tantrums is pretty standard. Better get used to it!

Look at Me. I am Getting the Attention Now.

This little girl is either giving her parents a death stare from the other side of the glass, or she’s really bored with this whole thing as she watches them sit happily, likely listening to an adoring speech. Mom is completely unaware of her glares. 

Image courtesy of Worlds Best Wedding Photo’s/J. La Plante Photo

Dad, however, seems to be looking right at his little charmer mimicking the famously memed expression of a Somalian Pirate in the American film Captain Phillips when he tells the Captain, “Look at me, I am the Captain Now.”

Here For The Food

For the family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen (and of course the bride and groom themselves), the wedding day is a long one. Sure, it may go fast, but that doesn’t mean the day wasn’t long. Most day-time or afternoon weddings start early in the morning for those who need to be there from the start. 

Image courtesy of Worlds Best Wedding Photo’s/J. La Plante Photo

So breakfast is super important to keep the important people of the day well fed. And clearly, this little boy believed that this was the case as well. He is simply devouring his grilled cheese sandwich without a care in the world.

Fast Asleep

Like we’ve said before – it’s a long day for the bridal party, and that day feels even longer when you’re a young child. This little girl was evidently absolutely exhausted because she barely even made it through the dessert before passing out!

Image courtesy of Delsol Photography/Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo

On the plus side, her position may be very unladylike, but at least her undies aren’t being shared with the entire reception. We wonder if she managed to wake up for the last dance of the night or if she wound up sleeping right there up until the end!

Stomping Down The Aisle

We feel like this bit began with the little girl saying, “Stop everything, I forgot Mr. Teddy!” She mutters as she marches away from the guests and towards wherever it is she is heading in such a determined manner. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/ kreaturesleeper

Either that, or she’s super angry that everybody decided to throw a big party without bringing her any gifts at all even though the day is clearly all about her. Look how she’s all dressed up! Why would it be about anybody else when she’s in this glam outfit?

A Whole Family of Unimpressed

This is just a whole family of unimpressed members of the wedding party, including who we’re guessing is the bride and groom based on the bouquet she’s holding. However, we aren’t so convinced that she’s the bride. Perhaps they are relatives of the bride and groom?

Image courtesy of Instagram/kenpakphotography

One thing we do know is that they are the disgruntled parents of the two little boys who are clearly very fed up with having their pictures taken and just want to get to the good food already! Then, they’ll likely pass out on their seats.

We Don’t Care About Your Fancy Wedding – We Just Want The Beach!

While the happy couple poses for a romantic photograph against a backdrop of gorgeous sea, their two boys are utterly appalled. They didn’t sign up for this. They agreed to come to the beach today so that they can have their own beach party!

Image courtesy of Worlds Best Wedding Photo’s/Deliysky Studio

Instead, they’re cooped up in a fancy-schmancy wedding venue that isn’t even ON the actual beach, forced to wear suits and flower lapels, AND they have to watch their uncle Ted making out with his new wife? Ew, gross!

He Saw Something Alright

Someone must have said something that really ground this little boy’s gears because his expression says it all! She was definitely horrified by whatever it is that was said to him or whatever it is that he saw right before this photo was snapped.

Image courtesy of

Perhaps the lady standing next to him stood on his toe by accident, or perhaps he realized that the very last ice-cream sandwich was up for grabs and his brother got to it before he did. Whatever the reason, he certainly doesn’t care for the photograph.

Throwing That Shade

This flower girl is definitely throwing all the shade at whoever it is she’s looking at. For all we know, the groom is her favorite uncle, and she’s not too fond of her soon-to-be aunt because she feels that she’s going to steal all of his attention. 

Image Courtesy of Hattink

Or maybe she’s just grumpy and tired from the sun, so she’s found herself a nice shady spot between mom and dad, and she’s just going to wait for this boring priest’s speech out in her new hiding spot.

Can I Go Yet?

There’s nothing quite as boring for a little kid as having to endure an entire day of endless flashes and photography, and this particular kid is no different. We can tell that he’s just waiting to be able to go back home to his Legos.

Image courtesy of Worlds Best Wedding Photo’s/Victor Lax Photography

While the bride dresses up for one of the most memorable days of her life, this boy is not in the least bit interested in his surroundings. Instead, he’s pretty much falling asleep in the background. Perhaps he will cheer up for the cake.

Horsing Around

At this wedding, people were really horsing around! While guests were enjoying their Entrées, this child saw it fit to wear his finest attire topped off, of course, with a horse head that was likely pulled out of the Halloween closet back at home. 

Image courtesy of Worlds Best Wedding Photo’s/Andy Gaines

In the photo, some of the grown-ups don’t seem too bothered at all, but the lady in pink on the left looks as if she’s almost choked on her meal, and the elderly lady on the right looks like a school teacher about to give someone detention.

The Joys of Motherhood

There’s nothing like being a new mother at a wedding and not being able to find a sitter for the day. It means while everyone else is enjoying their meals, you get to be constantly checking your baby’s diaper so that they don’t cry or get uncomfortable.

Image Courtesy of Delsol Photography/Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo

It also means that you have to keep them in a good mood so as not to disturb the wedding. That means apparently allowing them to suck on anything they want, including the expensive-looking glasses that once held some champagne.

Family Affairs – The TV Show

This photograph looks like the poster for a sitcom about a family that always seems to be the reason for all the chaos in the neighborhood. Three little boys AND a baby? That must be a hard pack to round up!

Image courtesy of Worlds Best Wedding Photo’s/Gaelle Le Berre Photography

The poor father-of-four, who is the protagonist of our sitcom, is clearly always finding himself in some sort of trouble with his wife. But honestly, if they have three kids, then they know very well how to handle these situations since they’ve probably been there one too many times before.

Another Nap Time

This kid just couldn’t keep his little eyes open any longer. In fact, he’s gone and collapsed face-first using his chair as a pillow. His mother is utterly appalled by his behavior and is probably going to roll up the paper she’s holding to try and discipline him—poor fella.

Image Courtesy of La Plante Photography

Oh, the joys of bringing your adorable kids to a formal function where they are expected to behave. We wonder if she was able to wake him up in time for the actual ceremony that everyone seems to be waiting for.

Sun Bathing At Its Finest

Instead of joining the family for photos or mingling with guests, this kid saw an opportunity to enjoy the lush grass and sunny weather, and boy did he take it. Using his hat to shade his face, he’s having a well-deserved nap in the soft grass.

Image courtesy of Words Best Wedding Photo’s’/Amandine Ropars

Unless it isn’t well deserved at all. Perhaps he got hold of the grown-up punch and drank way too much of it, and now he’s fast asleep in a drunken state that no one knows about but him. We will find out when he wakes up.

I Do’s and Hair-don’ts

This little girl would probably pick playing in the mud with the boys over a makeover with mom any day, and her disgruntled expression only makes our point stronger. She’s probably upset that she has to be dressed up at all.

Image courtesy of Mann Studios

Her parents probably had to bribe her with all sorts of treats and, of course, added guilt trips about how her big sister is getting married, and she should be excited to be a part of it. We wonder how long her hairdo lasted after the ceremony… probably not very long.


This little one couldn’t decide between a delicate dress or a powerful pants-suit, so she went for both, and because kids can look cute in almost anything, she actually pulled it off! Too bad for her grumpy expression.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ imgur

She looks as if she’s running away from the photographer, and she is not at all impressed with the flowers being thrown at her. Maybe she’ll cheer up when she gets to bust her moves on the dance floor! 

Not Keen

While everybody is lined up and waiting for their turn to walk down the alter, this little flower girl wants nothing to do with it. Her basket of petals is on the floor beside her because why must she be the only one to carry one? 

Image courtesy of Delsol Photography/Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo

She’d rather get a pretty bouquet like the bride or a cool pillow like the ring bearer. Hopefully, someone told her that if she’s a good little flower girl, then she’d get an extra slice of cake at the reception!

I am Not Entertained

Nothing says, “I am not entertained,” like a little girl lifting up her dress in the middle of a wedding and pressing her face against it – sort of looking like a ghost while she does it. She is definitely tired of all the photographs.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ arkography

She just wants to party with her little friends, but because she had to be the flower girl at this wedding while her friends just got to be guests means that she has to do all the work while the others get to play. Life isn’t fair sometimes!

So This Happened

Judging by the expressions of the crowd in this photograph, this little ring bearer did not suddenly fall asleep. In fact, it looks as if he was trying to run down the aisle at the speed of light and fell over while he did so.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/lonnie765

Hopefully, he just got back up and continued on his merry way towards the bride and groom, but there is also the chance that his embarrassing fall resulted in a tantrum. Kids don’t care if it’s a wedding or a funeral. If they want to cry, they will.

Adorably Bored

While the bridesmaids watch the wedding ceremony, none of them really look as if they’re having a good time. In fact, they all seem pretty bored. They’re definitely waiting for the ceremony to end and the party to start.

Image courtesy of Instagram/kenpakphotography

But the flower girl, in particular, isn’t afraid of showing her boredom. She’s not even trying to cover her giant yawn with her hand. It’s as if she wants everyone to know how dreadfully boring this whole ordeal has been for her.

Don’t Touch These Rings!

This kid is either really grumpy or really protective of the boxes in his hand, which we are assuming are the ring boxes. His expression says, “keep your distance,” loud and clear, and if everybody knows what’s best for them, they will do just that.

Image courtesy of McElwee Photography

Assuming he’s not grumpy and simply accepting the role of guarding the precious rings, then he’s actually doing a pretty good job. Hopefully, he doesn’t change his mind or lose his temper and end up losing them or throwing them at somebody.

What A Throw!

Talk about a throw! This kid is probably going to grow up to be one of the world’s greatest pitchers. We really hope that the rings hadn’t already been placed on the pillow, because if that’s the case, the wedding would have to be paused.

Image courtesy of

The guests would find themselves in the middle of a very dramatic treasure hunt. The tearful bride would be searching frantically, begging for the guests to help. The prize? A very happy bride and groom and a glass of any drink (or a few) on them.

Vroom Vroom

The beautiful moment when the bride and groom stand beside one another before the marriage officiant is one that they will never forget. It is a moment of pure love, joy, and the beginning of the rest of their lives as one.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/ Lisa Evelyn Photography

However, this is not exactly the case for this couple. Sure, it’s a moment they’ll never forget, but for a different reason. This little boy has decided that he’s found the perfect spot for him to drive his toy truck. On the plus side, everyone seems to be laughing at this adorable moment.

Saving The Day From Kids

While the bride smiles and reads her vows, the man on the left of the photograph is doing his best to make sure she doesn’t get interrupted. He’s rounding up the most likely culprits of interruption – the children, of course. 

Image Courtesy of Delsol Photography/ Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo

Judging by the glass in his hand, he knew he had to act fast when he saw the grumpy expression on this little boy’s face. As for the little girl, we can’t tell if she’s fallen asleep or if she’s about to throw a tantrum. 

It’s Throw Time!

He told his folks time and time again that he wasn’t interested in holding the rings for anybody’s wedding, but they didn’t listen. He’ll show them! He decides as he angrily runs towards the altar and throws the pillow in the wedding party’s direction. 

Image Courtesy of

We can see dad running towards the kid afterward to stop him from causing any more chaos, and we sure hope he was able to before the bride walked down the aisle. Hopefully, they were able to find a replacement ring bearer on such short notice.