Deciphering Wedding Fashion: Is White a No-Go for Guests?

By Ana J February 19, 2024

The dilemma of wearing a white outfit to someone else’s wedding is a common fashion quandary. It’s tempting to choose a light, elegant dress for the event, but the question of etiquette looms large. The hesitation stems from a desire not to infringe on the bride’s spotlight, particularly given the historical context where white symbolizes bridal purity since Queen Victoria’s era.

image credit: MANDY GODBEHEAR/ Shutterstock

Yet, views on this tradition are not black and white, so to speak. Some wedding experts suggest steering clear of white to honor the bride and preserve the ritualistic nature of the wedding attire. They recommend selecting attire that blends with the season or matches the wedding’s designated palette to ensure you don’t distract from the bride’s moment.

Conversely, contemporary etiquette acknowledges that fashion evolves and that wearing white can be acceptable under specific circumstances, such as when the dress is not entirely white or fits within the wedding’s overall theme. Nonetheless, when in doubt, it’s wise to seek the bride’s opinion or opt for a different hue to avoid any fashion faux pas.

There are indeed scenarios where wearing white is perfectly acceptable, notably when the couple encourages it as part of their wedding theme. These unique situations allow for a break from the norm, creating a distinctive and cohesive aesthetic for the celebration.

However, the consensus among many planners is to reserve white for the bride to maintain the traditional visual distinction. This doesn’t mean your attire must be dull; there are endless color options and styles that allow for personal expression while respecting wedding etiquette.

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In summary, if you’re contemplating a white ensemble for an upcoming wedding and wondering if it’s too much, it might be safer to choose another color. This approach respects the couple’s day and ensures the bride remains the day’s star without any unintentional competition.