35 Wedding Day Moments That Were More “We Don’t” Than “We Do”

By Glory O

Marriages bring out people’s finest and worst qualities. Nuptials are expected to be about marrying your closest friend in front of all your loved ones. Weddings, like Captain America’s Super Serum, enhance both the positive and evil aspects of a person. For instance, if the bride is already a brat, a wedding will transform her into Bridezilla. The tantrums are reason enough to say, “I don’t.” Think again if you believe that weddings are only about dressing up and having a wonderful time with friends. The Covid-19 pandemic altered wedding culture, but when it came to marriage, people went insane. Like stardom, weddings do not always transform individuals, but rather expose who they are. Here is a collection of folks who appear to have lost their heads in the race to the altar.

Getting that Bag!

The majority of apology cards are sent when a wedding or event must be rescheduled or canceled. It’s to say sorry for not asking someone to the wedding given the circumstance. On the surface, the technique looks brilliant, but when you think about it, it’s a poor choice.


After all, why should the couple ask for a present from someone they do not feel important enough to invite to their wedding? It’s basically saying, “although you are not invited, please give us a present.” Even though this couple phrased it politely, it’s easy to read between the lines.

Yeah! Exploit that talented friend!

What’s even better than getting free advertising? Getting paid to promote your own work. Furthermore, your teen cousin’s photography lesson does not qualify him as a professional photographer! The only time this “promotion” is even useful is if your event is going to be featured in some magazine.


In theory, you might give anyone free services in return for advertising at your event. Your child’s birthday party entertainer — maybe. Your birthday party DJ — acceptable. Your wedding photographer — maybe not. You won’t believe how petty some people can be until you join one of these online wedding planning forums.

Pure Women Only, 2022, and still Sexist

We support non-traditional weddings; you do what makes you happy! But we can’t help but ask why the single ladies in the audience are given flowers to urge them to keep pure, while the guys are treated to a filthy garter toss.


Don’t single males have to be pure, too? Who are they committing wicked actions with if they aren’t keeping pure? Women who are married? This is just unrealistic. We’re not here to get in the way of anyone’s beliefs about marriage and intimacy, but the double standards are just plain wrong.

The Cheater And The Former Bestie

“Many thanks to insert name here for having enough faith in us to introduce our cheating hearts to each other. We left her behind, but at least we’re happy together. We’ll be eternally glad that she didn’t catch on to us until it was too late.”


It’s bad enough to find out your friend is dating your boyfriend, but it’s a whole other level to be credited as their matchmaker! It’s rude on so many levels to give credit to the girl who was left in the dust. No one should find joy at the cost of someone else’s happiness.

Meowdding Featuring Cat People

Whenever it comes to wedding planning, the objective is to create the most spectacular day possible. While the couple was presumably annoyed, we couldn’t hold back a few chuckles upon seeing these pictures. All of the visitors have been modified to look this way. Oh, meow!


Wedding planning takes months and costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. You need to factor everyone into the budget, but this couple didn’t calculate the photographer’s fees, and skipped on his bill. While the newlyweds may have been frustrated with the results, these Catastic photos gave us a good laugh.

Caution: Attention seeker incoming!

There is just one rule that each and every girl understands about weddings: don’t upstage the bride. This usually means not wearing white, but having a flashy dress is usually a no-no, too. This woman not only broke the norm, but destroyed it and danced on its grave.


We can’t tell if it’s pale yellow or white, but the whole outfit looks like a bridal gown! Some ladies may even avoid wearing anything slightly resembling a wedding dress or anything white in order not to insult the bride. Someone forgot to tell this attention-hog that rule.

Desperate Times calls for Desperate Moves

We’ve all seen those cliche movie moments where someone rushes in just as the officiant says “does anyone object to this union?” Although it doesn’t happen in real life, it’s fun to imagine some dramatic scene of a jealous wedding crasher.


However, this is not how to do it. A smoke bomb? Really? Sure, it’ll stop a wedding, but it’ll do more than just put the ceremonies to a halt. But what really gets us here are the 53 people who found this not helpful. What the heck?

Definitely Missed Those Red flags!

Speaking of wedding crashers, we have another one to share. This guy probably wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, nor was the woman if she thought this was a good idea. All the signs of a disaster were right there on the dance floor.


The red flags weren’t simply present; they were on fire! This guy seemed to be a real diva, attempting to steal the show at someone else’s wedding, a ceremony to which he wasn’t even invited! That person redefines what it means to be rude.

Hey! Hay? What?

A hay urinal… We’d want to let everyone know that a straw bale urinal exists. If you wanted an environmentally friendly wedding, there are better ways to go about it. Peeing on a haystack should not be one of the options.


Why didn’t they just rent a real Port-a-Potty? As a stretch, maybe they were extra environmentally conscious and wanted a compostable urinal. We never thought we’d need to say this, but a bale of hay does not belong at a wedding!

Family Reunion

Plus 14! Plus 3! This individual wasn’t thinking about merely one plus one. They had a plus one as well as an entire community. Perhaps they didn’t have a babysitter for their 14 or more people and two children. Perhaps they’re also bringing the babysitter.


The bride and groom recognize that everyone has a particular someone with whom they’d want to spend the night drinking and dancing, thus it’s customary for the RSVP to a wedding reception to include a “plus one.” Is this a sort of reunion for them?

Isn’t that embarrassing?

Normally, the ring is kept in a back pocket, or maybe hidden in a dessert. But this one suggests the ring may have required to be thoroughly cleaned before being placed on her finger. We hope that the invites at least had a proofreader.


The idea was cute, but something went wrong with the execution. What messed things up? The conspicuous misspelling. Maybe it’s true. Perhaps he accidentally ate the piece of cake with the ring buried inside. We won’t ask. That would have been too embarrassing.

New Business Coming Up

Some people are born entrepreneurs, and others are trying to fake it until they make it. Anyone with a bucket, some plywood, and a couple of PVC pipes can start a company renting out urinals for weddings. Yeah! Gotta be business-minded.


This post leaves a lot of unanswered questions. First off, why wasn’t a real Port-a-Potty an option? And what did the ladies utilize at the wedding? Outdoor restroom scenes appear to be popular at weddings, so perhaps this woman’s husband is on to something here.

Facemasks De Couture

Make your masks really special! Flowers? Check. Lace? Check. Beads? Check. To be honest, these masks look like they came from a Victoria’s Secret product. The masks were even priced at Victoria’s Secret lingerie levels! Still, we’re glad that someone was encouraging the use of masks at weddings…


During the COVID-19 outbreak, some couples postponed their weddings. Others carried on like it was a normal year, masks or no masks. We applaud the couples who elected to wear masks for their efforts in combating the illness, which couldn’t have been easy.                                     

Comic-Con attire is required.

We use the word “snap” both literally and metaphorically. Thanos looks even grumpier than usual at being forced to sit through a wedding ceremony. Usually, we’d think that dresses and suits would be the usual attire for events like this. But this one seems unique!


We’re all for non-traditional weddings. However, this wedding has left us perplexed. Half of the seats are vacant, and one guy is equipped for a hike! But it’s Thanos in the rear, arms crossed, gauntlet and all, who has us stumped.

The Crown Comfort

Because the individuals are indoors and inhaling the same air, a lovely placard and colorful wristbands won’t do anything to prevent people from getting sick. Whether they’re in your face or 6 feet away, it doesn’t matter. To be safe, wearing a facemask is a must!


In theory, the Corona comfort level system is a great idea. Without saying anything, people might get a sense of how others feel about social distance. But, last time we checked, viruses don’t see color. They don’t care about this comfort system.

The Aftermath

We know that guests, especially the maid of honor, are supposed to party hard, but perhaps not to this extent! Bridesmaids need to make sure not to overshadow the bride, but that usually just refers to the dress and makeup.


The maid of honor has an unappreciated role. She’s in charge of a myriad of responsibilities, needs to keep the bride calm, and she’s not even the center of attention. Drunk moments are indeed memorable, but not always welcome in every situation.

Homicide of fish

We can only hope that no children were present during the reception, as they may still be traumatized. Guests at the wedding will almost certainly be triggered in the future if they see Finding Nemo! The fishes are helpless. Don’t use living animals!


Though they didn’t think things through, we award the pair an A for originality. Consider what the visitors were probably thinking. Watching fishes die right before your eyes is certain to kill the joy at any event, much less a celebration of love and devotion.


How many times do we need to say this? If you’re not the bride, tone down your outfit! It seems like some women just can’t help themselves and don’t know how to take a backseat. This woman was visibly unconcerned, as she was dressed in a white lace gown!


Sure, some people look good in anything, even a potato sack. (Don’t invite those folks to your wedding!) However, there is an unspoken rule for wedding guests: don’t overshadow the bride. It shouldn’t be that hard, yet we keep seeing rude guests like this.

Act Like Adults

Okay, we need to cover a few things here. For starters, don’t kick out the person who’s been cheated on. It’s not okay on a moral level, and if you’re superstitious, that’s sure to give you some bad karma for your wedding.


We understand that it’s hard to find a new venue on short notice, but don’t give someone a free pass to be a jerk just because they’re hosting your wedding. There’s no perfect option here, so we’d suggest the next best thing: be adults! Give the maid of honor her spot and ignore the best man.

The Fantasy Cafe

There are many reasons someone wouldn’t want to have alcohol at the reception. Heck, maybe this person saw the news of the disastrous maid of honor from earlier. It was a cool idea to include an alternate drink option if alcohol was off the menu.


This is a tough call, and there’s not really a right answer here. For starters, a wedding with a drink ticket price feels more like a club than a wedding. But leaving off the price can get really messy really quickly. We wonder what they chose in the end.

Sweet Sugar RIP Cookies

Some couples’ names are perfect for portmanteaus or abbreviations, while others should probably be avoided. D & E is fine, but that long vertical line wasn’t the best design choice. DIE is a horrible omen to have at your wedding!


This reminds us of that famous late-night Jay Leno sketch about Seymour-Butts. Jokes aside, it was a cute idea and we can’t fault the happy couple. This one is all the fault of the baker. Were they that stressed out by the 2020 news?

Wanted a Picasso

This couple wanted to do something different and enjoyable for their wedding. Many weddings have gifts and favors, they wanted painters to provide the guests with a lovely keepsake. And, what better place to get advice than online, right? One person shared that it would cost thousands of dollars.


This group got into an argument with the painter after receiving a pricing quotation. Thankfully, the final commenter appeared to put everyone in their place. This is a great concept, and we’d appreciate it if they didn’t exploit their capabilities.

Leg Exercise

We’re not certain who is counseling this couple on health and safety precautions for their wedding. Hopefully, they didn’t get their information from a random Facebook post. Could someone please check the webpage of the Centers for Disease Control? Is there any evidence that chairs are viral vectors?

Wedding Website

Were there any United States of America Journal of Medicine studies claiming that standing prevents the spread of COVID? Why has there not been a PSA about this? Instead, we’ve been donning face masks and keeping our distance from one another this whole time.

Meowding with the Bestfriend

This bride has to put her foot down and tell the kitties “no.” The only reason for a cat to be at a wedding is if they’re a service animal. Either that, or if you’re hosting in a cat cafe. Otherwise, they have no business being anywhere near a wedding celebration.


This lady isn’t being unreasonable. In fact, she’s being far too kind. We would have removed the insane cat-woman from the guest list and then delivered the allergy-inducing flowers to her house — with a message encouraging her cats to “Enjoy.”

Not Quite Sure about the Wedding Yet

Getting cold feet is normal, and not an uncommon occurrence for both men and women. Usually, though, it happens the night before and only the closest friends and family know about it. This person may have overreacted when they first had doubts.


Everything about this circumstance makes us cringe. Five hours apart? It might be understandable if it was an accidental drunken message, but that would mean a follow-up message the next morning with apologies. If you’re so impulsive with messages, maybe take some more time before getting married.

It’s just a baby!

Nobody in their right mind believes that someone planned a pregnancy in order to avoid their wedding commitments. “Am I overreacting?” wonders this bride. Think about this for a moment. How do we answer this without being insulting to the blushing bride?


Yes! You are absolutely exaggerating. You’re insane. Because brides might not want to hear this, what is more essential than a wedding? The arrival of a new child. Is she genuinely convinced that she is the center of the universe?

Had Way Too Many Shots

Maybe it’s usual for the men in your wedding party to stalk the girls like deer and pull them into the venue, but we’re not in such circles. This is insane, however, we’ll give them credit for convincing the bridesmaids to agree to it.


We’re not aware of this becoming a wedding fad, but we hope it isn’t. We get that taking shots is something you do at a party, but this is the wrong kind of shot. This works better as a written joke; it definitely doesn’t belong at a wedding.

Maybe People Don’t Actually Like You

Though it is significant to the couple, it may not be important to many of the 500 individuals on the guestlist — especially when they are dealing with the aftermath of a global pandemic! In this situation, it is not only your life that is at risk.


Let’s be honest with ourselves: we don’t always love attending weddings. If you’re planning your celebration, keep that in mind and don’t take offense. Even if it appears so from their vantage point, the world does not revolve around their particular day.

I’d Rather Be a Cake Topper

What do you do when you have a mask on your cake but your visitors do not? Well, they seem to be enjoying themselves while spreading the infection. At this wedding event, it appears that both love and the coronavirus are in the air.


Are they making fun of those who wear masks? But, ignoring the disrespectful ladies, we need to show some appreciation for that cake! We all remember the great toilet paper shortage, and we love the bride and groom for having such a good sense of humor.

Just Come and Pay

When you send out wedding reception invites, you’re asking friends and family to join you for dinner and a night of entertainment. Sure, this costs money, but any couple planning a wedding should know that. This couple may not have had money, well, at least not yet…


Someone has to explain to this couple why they can’t afford a wedding. They may need to save extra money to pay for the wedding celebration they desire. People do not pay for their own place at the table during a wedding, unlike an office party or a prom.

Are you actually best friends?

There’s a hole? That’s nearly as awful as a pimple on her nose! It’s much worse than big highlights on your hair. But, honestly, that shouldn’t matter. Physical characteristics aren’t the foundation of true friendship. And if they are, you need to seriously reconsider your standards.


Best friends for life, unless one of them gets a cavity where you can see? Is it really a matter of being picture perfect or not? Sure, we all want selfies with our best friend, but come on! Lady, you can’t be that shallow.

8 Years of Experience for Free?!

Presumably, some inebriated photographer showed up with an outdated flip phone for a camera and a cooler full of tuna fish sandwiches to ruin her wedding. Best wishes for discovering unforgettable photographs! This bridezilla will have a difficult time finding a photographer that fulfills all of these crazy requirements.


In any case, who would volunteer to photograph a stranger’s wedding? And why should the photographer be required to provide their own food and drink? Something tells us that this bride will never be happy with the work of a photographer since she comes across as entitled and unrealistic.

Rich People Only

Isn’t a gift supposed to be given voluntarily? And, unless you’re Elon Musk, it shouldn’t be expected that you pay $250 for a wedding gift? Let us clarify that no one, regardless of financial status, should be expected to offer such a pricey gift.


If it is needed, the present is only a cover price for attending the wedding. But weddings shouldn’t be a tit-for-tat between the newlyweds and their guests. If that’s how you feel, then don’t spend so much on a wedding.

Bridezilla scammer?

What is it with people not wanting to pay for goods and services? We thought that it wouldn’t get worse than asking for a free photographer, but this post proved us wrong. Experienced party planner with no assistance provided? Heck no!


To make it worse, there’s an application fee! Is this how they plan to pay for their wedding? By scamming innocent party planners who are just trying to make an honest living? Everything about this just doesn’t sound right. If this was a genuine post, we need to have some words with the bride and groom.

Might Actually be a Tradition

We all have various customs and ideas that we may find amusing, but we must still respect them. We suppose this had some importance for the bride and groom, although it would be difficult to maintain a straight face for five minutes of intense horn blowing.


Long Norse horns were blown with considerable frequency at this wedding. Some weddings are meant to be frivolous, while others require you to take everything seriously. This causes issues when one of the visitors finds a seemingly serious component really humorous.