Unconventional Wedding Dresses: 35+ Brides That Stood Out At The Altar (For Better Or Worse)

By Farah J

We all dream of the perfect wedding day, but sometimes, the pursuit of uniqueness leads us down a path adorned with excessive tulle, sequins gone wild, and designs that defy all principles of taste. Weddings are intended to be a celebration of love, unity, and impeccable taste…or so we believed!

From dresses resembling fluffy toilet paper rolls to gowns that could double as circus tents, these blunders in wedding attire will leave you in stitches! Forget about “something old, something new,” because these dresses will have you begging for “something completely different.”

Get ready to witness a whopping 45 instances where people said, “I do” to the most mind-boggling, cringe-worthy, and hilariously bizarre wedding dresses! Brace yourself because you won’t be able to trust your own eyes, and you’ll be patting your back for having such impeccable taste. It’s time to plunge into the wacky and wonderfully disastrous universe of wedding fashion gone oh-so-wrong!

Toilet roll doll

Imagine this: a wedding dress that boldly defies every notion of elegance. Behold its uncanny resemblance to a colossal toilet roll, boasting a sleeve length that screams “fashion catastrophe”! It’s hard to fathom that it’s intended for a graceful stroll down the aisle, right?

Image Source: Britti Absolum/facebook

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for the pièce de résistance: this dress is embellished with ghastly embroidery; it’s like a rogue squirrel went wild with the needle and thread. Can you believe that a single gown could commit so many fashion crimes? It’s practically giving off vibes of a toilet roll turned doll!

Fit n “fart”

Hold on tight because we’ve stumbled upon a wedding dress redefining “peek-a-boo” fashion! Prepare for a gown that takes transparency to unimaginable heights—in the most surprising spot of all… It’s a bridal ensemble that raises eyebrows in a way you’ve never seen before. Get ready for some serious cheekiness!

Image Source: Steph Rylee/facebook

Picture the collective gasps of the wedding guests as the bride glides down the aisle, with each step revealing a tad more than they ever anticipated. Say goodbye to the traditional “till death do us part” because this dress will have everyone raving about the most remarkable “ventilation system” of the century!

Ariel in the underworld

Envision a gown so sheer that it makes Cinderella’s glass slipper blush with envy. But what truly sets this dress apart is its ingenious solution for breast coverage—shoulder pads straight out of Ariel’s playbook from The Little Mermaid, with an unexpectedly hilarious twist! Who knew fashion inspiration could come from both princesses and 80s football players?

Image Source: Erica Davis/facebook

Hold your breath because that’s not all! The itty-bitty skirt hiding beneath the transparent embroidered net screams, “Nope!” We need a fashion-savvy crab sidekick to provide some much-needed guidance. Prepare for a wedding that’s a magical mashup of fairytales and a Dynasty reboot and all levels of sheer audacity!

Social distancing (wedding version)

Witness the ultimate pandemic-inspired wedding dress taking social distancing to a new level! With a corset boasting a mind-boggling 6ft wide spread net, you’ll have no trouble maintaining a safe distance from everyone around you, including the groom! Who needs personal space when you can have a personal galaxy?

Image Source: Paigon Johnstone/facebook

The fun doesn’t stop with the net! Brace yourself for an abundance of ruffles that would make even the most flamboyant peacock blush with envy. It’s the perfect blend of fashion and functionality, proving that you can have your ruffles and social distance too.

Weight of marriage…?

Hold your laughter because this wedding dress takes the idea of “carrying the weight of marriage” to a new level! A gown adorned with colossal bags of fabric attached at the back creates the illusion that the bride is ready for wedded bliss and fully prepared for a laundry marathon.

Image Source: Imogen Mccann/facebook

The surprises keep coming! Between each colossal bulk, prepare to discover a delightful surprise: bouquets sewn in like nature’s very own confetti cannons! Who needs a maid of honor when you’ve got these flower-filled sacks of style accompanying you? But the burning question remains: How on earth will she sit in that marvelous creation?

Gown meets jumpsuit

Prepare to be amazed by this masterpiece of bewilderment! It features a see-through net top, proudly displaying the bride’s exquisite lacy undergarments. But hold on tight because an extra dose of surprise awaits you! Just below the embroidered net waist, behold a fabulous silk jumpsuit that boldly declares, “I’m here for comfort and style.”

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

This wedding dress is a disaster blurring the lines between lingerie, white gown, and bridal couture! The perfect blend of scandalous and silky sophistication! However, if you are a suit-loving bride, please try not to have this as your go-to.

Handkerchief skirt

Attention, wedding enthusiasts! Get ready to have your jaws drop to the floor because we’ve stumbled upon a dress that redefines the phrase “over-the-top”! Brace yourselves for the grand entrance of a wedding dress, a walking embroidery explosion stretching from the neck down to the hips. But wait, that’s not all—there’s an exciting twist coming your way!

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

This see-through skirt has so much netting it could double as a fishing net for mermaids! And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance: a veil so massive and unruly; it requires a team of dedicated professionals to keep it from engulfing the entire congregation.


Cue Taylor’s hit song “Question…?” because this gown was the ultimate inspiration! This wedding dress is not just a fashion fiasco but a disaster of epic proportions! Feast your eyes upon the shimmery net top that looks itchier than a thousand mosquito bites, designed to showcase your most exquisite lingerie and leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.

Image Source: Marissa Marie/facebook

A delightful symphony of discomfort and questionable fashion choices! A fondant corset adorned with pink sequins? All this extravagant chaos culminates in a massive white gown below, ensuring you’ll have all eyes on you and perhaps a chiropractor on speed dial.

SuperBride saves the day!

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts as we unveil a wedding dress that’s a bonafide masterpiece of bows, bows, and more bows! Created by none other than a prominent influencer, this gown takes the expression “wrapped up like a gift” to new heights. Brace yourselves, for here it comes, ready to leave you in awe!

Image Source: Savanna Mitchell/facebook

With a big silk bow covering the breasts and extending backward as a cape, another bow is wrapped on the side of the right hip, accompanied by oversized silk cloth. Meanwhile, the left leg and the torso get to enjoy the freedom of being uncovered.

Baked potato sparkle explosion

Get ready to be dazzled by a wedding dress that’s an absolute sparkly explosion—a gown with a top adorned so lavishly with sequins that it could rival a disco ball on steroids! Get set for a captivating display of glitz and glamour.

Image Source: Carissa Duvessa Spenst/facebook

Get ready to bid farewell to subtlety because this dress is here to make a shimmering statement! Picture this: extra-large beige-ish brown net ruffles cascading from mid-thigh down, creating a spectacle that channels the spirit of a giant baked potato explosion.

Where’s the top?

This Italian wedding dress defies the laws of engineering—or lack thereof! Feast your eyes on the gown with shoulder straps so thin they could easily be mistaken for dental floss! With a stunning length of a whopping 5 centimeters, these delicate straps are here to hold…

Image Source: Flavia Maria Sandelewski/facebook

…Well, practically nothing! But you hold on tight because below those flimsy straps lies a sea of ruffles that would make a tiered wedding cake blush with envy. It’s a dress that says, “Who needs a top when you can drown in ruffles?”

That’s a wrap!

Get your taste buds ready for a delectable fashion treat because this gown is serving up some serious “wrapped sandwich” vibes! Feast your eyes on the white and brown off-shoulder gown that utilizes a mysterious wrapping technique, giving the bride’s belly the appearance of being generously adorned with a portion of white cloth.

Image Source: Amy Harsma Navarra/facebook

The rest of the dress, however, has a mind of its own, flowing loosely, allowing the bride to flutter in the wind like a flag of love. Get ready for a wedding ensemble that is equal parts unconventional and hunger-inducing.

Pennywise core

This dress brings a new meaning to “till death do us part” with a touch of creepy clown chic! This gown is a whirlwind of white ruffles, adorned with red outlining around them as if the bride is auditioning for a role in the circus.

Image Source: Quink Zharl/facebook

And let’s not forget the delightfully haunting touch of tiny red polka dots. Also, two embroidered red rose patterns near the hem complete the look, adding an unsettling Pennywise vibe. Love floats, but this dress may give you the creeps!

Is it child-fit?

Behold as tiny flowers delicately adorn the torso, giving the bride a garden-like aura. But that’s not all! The mini ruffles below serve as a skirt, daringly short and barely covering the butt cheeks. It’s a delicate blend of floral frenzy and booty-baring extravaganza!

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

And to balance the ensemble, a floor-length piece of silk cloth gracefully drapes down the right side, reminding us all that fashion decisions can be as unpredictable as love itself. Talk about a dress that’s cheeky in more ways than one!

Table cloth serve

Behold a wedding dress ready to blend in with nature in the most bewildering way possible! Nothing says “forever love” like channeling your inner woodland creature than a gown with a camo-printed wedding frock. Ready to blend in with any festive picnic!

Image Source: Kathleen Stibbs/facebook

Let’s not forget the white torso paired with intricate floral embroidery. But what really ties the ensemble together are the strips of white cloth placed over the camo, giving the dress a delightful “tablecloth-chic” look. Nature, love, and questionable fashion choices all in one!

Papier mache

Calling all artists, here’s a wedding dress that gives major arts and crafts energy! Feast your eyes on this white off-shoulder gown, hugging the waist with precision and boasting an intricately embroidered front that’s anything but subtle. Who needs plain when you can wear a walking masterpiece?

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

Down below, prepare for a cascade of layers of delightfully crumpled cloth flowing over the net ruffles, creating a mesmerizing effect reminiscent of a papier-mâché project gone wild. Whether you see it as a daring masterpiece or a whimsical mishap, we’ll leave that judgment in your creative hands.

Local Ren Fest

Step into a world of enchantment and embrace the whimsical charm of a wedding dress that jumps straight out of a fairytale—with a playful twist! Picture Princess Fiona at a local Ren Festival, and you’ll capture the essence of this gown.

Image Source: Melissa Rhea/facebook

Get ready to unleash your inner ogre on your special day! This wedding dress dares to challenge the norms with sleeve lengths that seem to be caught between long and short, creating a fashion identity crisis of epic proportions. A gown that’s part fairytale, part fashion identity crisis, and all unforgettable memories!

Breathing is not an option

This dress is a whimsical tango between a corset and a net frenzy! Feast your eyes upon the tiniest corset, designed to bring out the hourglass figure of the model—because who needs oxygen when you can have a cinched waist?

Image Source: Melissa Rhea/facebook

From mid-thigh, the dress takes a wild turn as net fabric wraps around, creating an ethereal cloud of fabric that hangs freely in all directions as if defying the very concept of “floor length.” Breathing and walking is not an option.

Parachute cover

This wedding dress takes “puff and poof” to another level! The shoulders on this gown are so voluminous they could rival a cloud on a sunny day! We’re talking marshmallows on steroids! With each step, the bride will leave a trail of fluffiness behind, turning heads.

Image Source: Jessica Decker/facebook

Get ready to embrace the ultimate in comfort and unconventional bridal style! This dress is all about the baggy silhouette, allowing you to move and groove like nobody’s business. And the real showstopper? A long open slit in the front that’s reminiscent of a parachute caught in a gust of wind.


Let’s gallop down the aisle in a wedding dress fit for a mythical creature-themed wedding! A white torso that exudes bridal elegance, while the skirt below transforms into a magical frenzy of white, blue, and purple mini ruffles made of net.

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

It sure gives the dress an unmistakable unicorn-inspired flair. You’ll twirl and frolic with each step, leaving a trail of whimsy and rainbow dreams in your wake. Now, let’s work our unicorn charm and see if we can secure a fantastical deal.

Swimsuit x net

Get ready to make a splash with this wedding dress! Behold the gown featuring a white embroidered torso that stops abruptly at the hips, leaving the bride looking like she’s rocking a luxurious swimsuit. But wait, the party doesn’t stop there!

Image Source: Willow Vick/facebook

Below the belly, a peculiar double-net flair skirt takes over, cascading down to the feet. It gives the illusion that the bride is wearing a swimsuit underneath, blurring the line between beachside fashion and bridal extravaganza. It’s safe to say this daring choice is a big nope from us!

A flower or…?

Get ready to be swept away by a wedding dress that blooms with creativity and a floral frenzy! Imagine a gown that embodies the essence of a flower, with the pièce de résistance being a gigantic Calla Lily adorning the front and covering the torso. Yes, you heard it right!

Image Source: Carissa Duvessa Spenst/facebook

Imagine a bride gracefully strolling down the aisle with a larger-than-life flower with vibrant green and yellow stamens peeking out in all their glory. It’s as if the bride has transformed into a living bouquet! However, one can’t help but notice that the prominent stamens may be sending a slightly unintended message…


This wedding dress is here to prove that fashion can come from the most unexpected places—like the bargain bin at your local Rite Aid! Prepare to be amazed by the audacious puffy shoulders that would make even the Michelin Man jealous. A hint of silk is thrown into the mix to add a touch of elegance.

Image Source: Steph Rylee/facebook

But hold on tight because the true showstopper is the fabric that composes the rest of the dress. It’s crafted from that oh-so-familiar material you often come across in thrift stores – stretchy and slightly dubious. But fear not, darlings, for we are transforming it into a fashion sensation!

Girl code red

This wedding dress showcases a unique color scheme that will turn heads. Picture this: a gown with a white upper half and a striking red lower half. It’s as if the dress experienced a mid-wedding dyeing mishap, adding an unexpected twist to the festivities!

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

This gown presents a bold and unconventional fashion statement that can’t be ignored. The striking transition from white to red in the skirt evokes a sense of surprise, reminiscent of an unexpected splash of color. The attention-grabbing red hue also helps divert attention from the eccentric sleeves, making for an overall unforgettable ensemble.

Paper cuttings

This wedding dress can be considered a masterpiece in modern art and questionable crafting! This jumbo-sized gown seems as if someone got a little scissor-happy and randomly cut holes all over. It’s like a walking collage of accidental paper shredding!

Image Source: Mi?a Gorjup/facebook

It’s a dress that unequivocally demonstrates that fashion knows no limits, whether it involves crafting wearable masterpieces or persuading the world that you couldn’t resist indulging in a little scissor-and-paper playtime. This ensemble is undoubtedly a cut above the rest in more ways than one!

Net curtains

Behold the wedding dress that channels the true essence of home decor chic! This gown exudes an aura of nostalgia, expertly crafted from your grandma’s old net curtains. Its charmingly plain (yet not quite) check embroidery design adds a touch of vintage elegance. But wait, there’s more to captivate your attention!

Image Source: Melissa Rhea/facebook

Let’s not forget the graceful cascade of extra fabric, for who needs practicality when you can have the perpetual illusion of gentle winds? With its understated charm, this dress is a harmonious fusion of homey elegance and an unyielding passion for unconventional fashion.

Bedspread attached

This wedding dress epitomizes the grandeur of comfort and the spirit of indulgent relaxation! The delicately puffy shoulders inject a whimsical touch, while the flawlessly fitted torso accentuates the bride’s figure. However, perfection takes a backseat when it comes to the rest of the dress.

Image Source: Joan Baldwin/facebook

Hold onto your pillows because, from the waist down, it’s a whimsical free-flowing extravaganza! The dress cascades behind the bride like a voluminous silk bedspread, poised to engulf anyone foolish enough to sit nearby. And let’s not overlook the oversized bow adorning the back, adding an extra dash of charm (and potential entanglement).

Broadway musical attire

Imagine a fitted embroidered corset with a daring slit down the middle, showcasing the bride’s confidence in fashion and flexibility. From the waist down, this dress takes a whimsical turn with a mid-thigh length net flair looking like a Barbie dress.

Image Source: Marissa Marie/facebook

But here’s the cringe-worthy plot twist that takes the dress in a questionable direction! Prepare for extra bunches of net flairs, sewn together like two braids, cascading down to the floor. It’s a mesmerizing sight that’s part Rapunzel, part Broadway musical, and part runway extravaganza.

Cruel Prince book themed

Get ready to step into the world of fairy tales and fierce queens with a wedding dress that’s fit for a fairytale ruler! Imagine an ensemble that exudes the mesmerizing fae folk vibes of Jude Duarte from the “Cruel Prince” series!

Image Source: Samantha Rebecca/facebook

The square-shouldered, high-necked torso is adorned with intricate gray and silver sequin embellishments, evoking a sense of otherworldly beauty. A magnificent feathery cape envelops the entire ensemble, whisking you away to a realm of fantasy and intrigue. Step into the realm of the fae as a bride like no other!

Worth the price

Prepare yourself for the ultimate ruffle extravaganza with this wedding dress! The gown has white satin fabric ruffles that cascade around the neck and shoulders, creating a whimsical and dramatic effect. You’ll be the epitome of a walking wedding cake, ready to steal the spotlight and make a statement.

Image Source: Shiela Quinn/facebook

The torso under the ruffles of the dress boasts embroidery in curvy lines, creating a whimsical illusion of waves and swerves with little pearls sewn here and there along the stitched embroidery. Talk about a wedding dress worth the price of $25. 

A see-through pantsuit

Introducing the overall see-through double net pants suit, complete with embroidered dots that resemble a game of connecting the dots gone hilariously awry. This gown effortlessly blurs the line between sleepwear and vows, creating a unique blend of sultry allure, breezy comfort, and undeniable style!

Image Source: Sammie Jo/facebook

This dress takes the concept of “bridal comfort” to a whole new level—giving the bride the freedom to dance, frolic, and maybe even snooze during the reception. With a nightie-inspired look, it’s a dress that says, “I’m ready for bed, I mean, wed!”

Three generations in one

This dress looks like a delightful tribute to fashion history or perhaps an accidental time-travel experiment gone wrong! It boasts not one, not two, but three layers of fabrics, creating a unique (or awful) blend of styles that spans generations.

Image Source: Carissa Duvessa Spenst/facebook

The billowy satin on top exclaims, “Oops, I stumbled upon my grandma’s closet!” A patterned net emerges beneath it, adding a delicate touch of nostalgia. And finally, a layer of silk gives the illusion that three generations’ dresses have been stitched together in a whirlwind of fashion chaos.

Bucket hat for a veil

Finally, we have a wedding dress determined to make a bold fashion statement, but it took a delightful detour along the way! This ethereal fishtail gown is crafted from the embroidered net, lavishly adorned with intricate designs that proudly exclaim “handcrafted artistry.”

Image Source: Steph Rylee/facebook

However, accompanying this conventional masterpiece is a matching bridal bucket hat that takes eccentricity to new heights. Complete with white fur in the front, perfectly mirroring the fur on the upper hem of the gown; it’s a whimsical accessory that dares to overlook the traditional veil.

A bunch of toilet paper

Bridal fashion meets your grandma’s craft corner! This dress is equal parts bizarre and strangely intriguing. The torso is adorned with a bunch of huge roses which appear to be made out of white toilet paper, climbing up to the right shoulder.

Image Source: Quincie Grace/facebook

And let’s not forget the flowing skirt that cascades down the floor, leaving the guests in awe of the bride’s ability to navigate a sea of fabric. The groom tried his best to make his bride look beautiful but oh well.

The plainest of them all

Introducing a gown that’s plain in the plainest sense, featuring nothing but satin fabric from head to toe. No fancy embellishments, no intricate details—just a glorious display of unadulterated plainness with a plain ribbon tied to the waist. Simple, yet boring.

Image Source: Sophie Lemay/facebook

But hold onto your wallets because the buyer is asking a whopping 200 dollars for this marvel of understated fashion, making you question if you’re paying for the dress or the sheer audacity of its plainness. Pick one: budget-friendly or boring?

Nightgown style

Picture this: a tea-pink colored gown with net ruffles adorning the top, boasting a low-neck cleavage that says, “Let’s have a wedding, but make it sultry.” This wedding dress is clearly blurring the boundaries between bedtime and bridal fashion! It gets worse.

Image Source: Carissa Duvessa Spenst/facebook

The skirt cascades down with layers upon layers of ruffles, giving the dress a more nightgown-esque charm. And to cinch it all together, a thin, long ribbon tied at the waist, because who needs traditional bridal belts when you have ribbons in store?

Eskimos weddings

This wedding dress sends chills down our spines, both figuratively and literally! It has a perfectly fitted torso that hugs the bride’s curves like a dream. The dress has a lovely flair, creating an enchanting silhouette, boasting elegance and sophistication. 

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

Well, it’s the sleeves that will make you question the sanity of the designer. They are a sight to behold, falling to the ground like a never-ending curtain, and to add an extra dash of a winter wonderland, fur is sewn at the hem! 

Gigantic Bow

Talk about taking the concept of bows to a whole new level of grandeur! A gown with a colossal, mind-bogglingly huge bow on the torso. We’re not talking about a dainty little bow here, oh no, this one spreads across the entire front of the dress! 

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

Like a sail caught in a gust of wind, this colossal creation covers the whole torso of the dress like a monument to oversized accessories. The rest of the dress looks like it would fit the bride in all the right places.

Oversized much?

Picture a gown that seems to have a mind of its own. We’re talking unattached, baggy, see-through net  “sleeves” that flap in the wind like parachutes and transparent shoulders with an embroidered “necklace” stitched to it running down the cleavage.

Image Source: Rachel Elise Trawick/facebook

And let’s not forget the skirt—oh, the skirt! It’s a sea of overflowing layers of net like a fishing net gone rogue. Remove the sleeves and the neckline, and it’s not so bad; it just needs to be fitted a little better.


Why does this wedding dress look as stiff as a board and bubblier than a shaken soda bottle? This gown is a testament to heavy embroidery work, transforming the dress into a walking piece of super-heavy art. But that’s not all, folks!

Image Source: Carissa Duvessa Spenst/facebook

The neckline and shoulders are adorned with what can only be described as an abundance of “pearls” sewn onto see-through fabric, giving the bride a bubbly styrofoam look. Does the strategically uncovered top of the cleavage seem like a good idea to you?

Good dress gone bad

Honestly, we think that this dress started with potential, only to take a catastrophic turn towards disaster! The gown has a lovely see-through neckline and sleeves, delicately embroidered to perfection. The white torso exudes elegance and grace, making the bride shine. 

Image Source: Kate Betts-Kellengren/facebook

But then, the designer’s creativity took a wrong turn. Enter the dull tea-pinkish beige overflowing net skirt that descends like a waterfall of disappointment. It’s as if someone spilled a bucket of beige fabric on the bride and called it fashion. 

Crepe flowers?

Let us unveil a wedding dress that’s causing havoc in the bridal fashion world! This gown is a true menace from head to toe, leaving us all wondering what possessed the designer. The torso resembles a white sheet strip haphazardly wrapped around the bride’s body.

Image Source: Madison Sherrie/facebook

The massive skirt takes “flower power” to a whole new level. It’s a chaotic explosion of messy ruffles made of what appears to be crepe paper, like a kindergarten DIY craft project gone awry. A wedding nightmare worth more than $10,000! How? 

$4K worth of bow

This wedding dress is all about the bow-wow factor and will have you tied up in knots of laughter! This gown takes the phrase “tying the knot” to a whole new level with a huge bow larger than life itself.

Image Source: Cheryl Downey/facebook

The bride decided to strap a colossal bow in the middle of the dress, extending a whopping 3 feet on each side. The price tag reads a staggering $4000! Who knew a giant bow could cost as much as a small car?

Too many ruffles

Ah, the wedding dress that almost had it all! From the waist up, it’s all elegance and sophistication, with see-through embellished sleeves and a plain white torso that screams bridal beauty. But wait, as we shift our gaze downward, we stumble upon a fashion faux pas of epic proportions.

Image Source: Anonymous member/facebook

But alas, the skirt is where things take a turn for the frilly. Too. Many. Ruffles. It’s as if someone went wild with a ruffle machine, attaching layer upon layer of excess fabric, transforming the bride into a walking cupcake disaster!

The slit did it

Behold the wedding dress that’s all about the curves! This perfectly fitted, embroidered silhouette gown knows how to accentuate the bride’s figure in all the right ways. It hugs her like a dream, leaving no doubt that she’s a vision of beauty on her special day. 

Image Source: Carissa Duvessa Spenst/facebook

The delicate embroidery adds a touch of elegance, but there’s a tiny, well, quite noticeable detail that catches the eye. Right there, on the thigh area, is a strategically placed “missing” section of embroidery. It’s fashionably revealing a cheeky glimpse of the bride’s thighs.