Wearing A Veil At Your Wedding: Is It Worth It?

By Moureen N

A veil always makes your bridal look complete. But it also comes with various advantages and disadvantages which you should keep in mind before adding a veil to your wedding costume.

Image credits: Samantha Gades / Unsplash

Why should you wear a veil?

It could finish a look. A veil can be the ideal accessory to complete your wedding-day attire if your bridal gown is straightforward and you feel it only needs a little extra flair.

It produces beautiful photographs. Everybody has seen those pictures that look like they belong on Pinterest, where the bride’s veil is creating a lovely, gauzy scenario that makes you want to drool. Bridal veils frequently make for incredibly beautiful photo opportunities, whether they are trailing behind you in the waning light as you and your spouse sprint down the beach in unbridled ecstasy or wrapped over your naked shoulders as you hug.

Image credits: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Why shouldn’t you wear a veil?

Veil can be an absolute nightmare in windy weather. It may bother you. Take into account all the other events you have planned for the wedding day. Large pieces of jewelry can frequently (and easily) become entangled in the fabric of your veil if you wear them. The last thing you want to happen during the ceremony is for your delicate diamond bracelet to become tangled up in your veil as you seek to tuck your hair behind your ear.

It can rival a complex gown in style. You don’t want to detract from the attention-grabbing power of some gowns by adding a veil to an outfit that doesn’t require one. A complicated wedding gown can frequently be overwhelmed by the simplest of veils.

Viel always grabs the attention of the bride. It is also normal to dress for your wedding without a veil. You should dress up on your special days which suit you the most.