Tipsy-Tips For Having A Successful Open Bar At Your Wedding

By Moureen N

Yes, let’s be honest here. When the wedding invitation arrives in the mail, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Is it an open bar wedding, or what?” We’re correct, and you know it. Alcohol is almost as popular as you are among your friends and family. 

Many people disregard this bit of proper conduct, yet there is only one piece of advice since it is so important. This hurts a lot. Never authorize just three alcoholic beverages for the wedding guests and then put every bottle out on display. Just don’t lose your cool. Host with grace.

Image Credits: Ibrahim Boran / Unsplash

Reduce the number of items available to keep the price low. The couple may choose to provide beer, wine, and their favorite cocktail as their trademark drinks. However, guests should never need to pull out their wallets or purses. They contribute much to the celebratory mood of your wedding day.

Let them have some fun with alcohol! To keep up appearances, it’s crucial to ensure that your visitors are always satisfied. In some instances, combining alcoholic beverages with other beverages is not a good idea. Yes, it is “your special day,” but the bar should remain open until the end of the night. 

Turn down the tip jar. It’s common for guests to congregate around the bar at the beginning of a wedding reception.  

Image Credits: Zane Persaud / Unsplash

The length of the queue might increase rapidly. If the bartenders are well prepared, the line will move quickly, and the customers will get good beverages. 

An open bar at a wedding reception might be challenging to organize, but a good rule of thumb is to allow each guest one drink every hour. For a party with 200 guests, servings of alcohol should be planned for six hours, or from nine o’clock at night until midnight.