Tips For Selecting Meaningful Wedding Ceremony Readings

By Martin B

Wedding ceremony readings can add a beautiful and personal touch to your special day. They can express your love and commitment to each other and provide a moment of reflection for you and your guests.

Here are some tips to help you choose wedding ceremony readings that are meaningful to you and your partner.

Source: @taiscaptures/Unsplash

Start with the tone of your ceremony. Are you having a formal or informal wedding? Is your ceremony religious or secular? Knowing the tone of your ceremony can help you choose readings that are appropriate.

Consider your relationship. Take into account the things you love in your partner and your relationship. Is there a quote, poem or passage that resonates with your feelings? This can be a great starting point for finding the perfect reading.

Think about your audience. Your wedding ceremony readings should not only reflect your relationship, but also speak to your guests. Choose something that is relatable and easy to follow.

Look for inspiration. You can find the perfect reading in multiple sources. Check out wedding blogs, social media, or talk to your wedding planner or officiant. You can also look at classic literature, poetry or religious texts for inspiration.

Practice your reading. Once you have chosen your wedding ceremony readings, practice reading them out loud. Doing this will boost your confidence on the day of your wedding.

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Some popular wedding ceremony readings include love poems by Pablo Neruda or Rumi, passages from religious texts, and quotes from famous authors or speakers like Maya Angelou or Dr. Seuss. You can also choose readings that are personal to you, such as passages from your favorite book or song lyrics that hold special meaning.

Remember, your wedding ceremony readings should reflect your relationship and your love for each other. Don’t rush to choose the perfect reading!