The Bridal Shower Events To Skip On

By Divya G

The bridal shower is a wedding tradition that’s either full of fear or great apprehension. This event is filled with beautiful gestures from your near and dear ones. However, it has also become an outdated tradition with the opening of extended gifts, awkward mingling, etc. Your friends, close relatives, and family members want to celebrate the bridal shower; that’s why experts tell you not to skip it. We have compiled a few ways to modernize bridal showers

Image courtesy of Studio Lucky/Shutterstock

Anyone Can Hosts The Bridal Shower

According to tradition, the wedding party hosts the shower, but now anyone can host it: the bridesmaids and the maid of honor design the bridal shower. But things have changed with time, and now anyone can host the event. It includes coworkers, family members, the bride’s mother, relatives, and so on. Also, there can be more than one shower in different places.

Give A Nighttime Affair

The tradition of bridal showers says that it should be a bunch-themed tea party with mimosas and sandwiches. They are either afternoon teas, bunch-time parties, or midday events. However, you can be a little more creative and fun with some wine paintings, a cupcake, a dessert shower, etc.

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Go For Couples Shower: A Unique Way To Celebrate

Many times, it has been seen that your partner will arrive with flowers at the end. Instead of making it awkward for your spouse who will attend at night, you can include them in your set of friends. It makes the entire bridal shower enjoyable.