Some Major Bridal Beauty Mishaps You Must Be Prepared For

By Moureen N November 28, 2022

Beauty mishaps are challenging to handle on a typical day, but they may cause complete havoc on your wedding day! You need to be prepared to deal with whatever arises as a bride and look stunning.

Image credits: Victoria Priessnitz / Unsplash

Tips to fix bridal beauty emergencies

1. Puffy eyes or circles under the eyes

Put one or two metal spoons in the freezer for around 15 minutes, then place them under your eyes to reduce under-eye puffiness.

2. Disaster Manicure

Your best friend is always a handy nail cutter and nail file for a nail break. Try pressing the polish into any wrinkles and then covering with clear polish.

Image credits: sina rezakhani / Unsplash

3. Excessively bloated

When you first start to feel bloated, sip on one or two glasses of warm water with lemon. Yoga poses that are easy to practice could also be helpful.

4. Pops Off the Strap

In case your wedding dress has a tear in the fabric, or one of the straps comes off. If necessary, you can also use safety pins to secure the dress.

5. Heel fractures

Make sure your shoes are not constructed cheaply to avoid heel breaking before your wedding. Test your heels a few days before the wedding to ensure they are sturdy.

6. Skin breakouts or rosiness

Staying calm is the first thing you should do if you awaken with a pimple or blemish the morning of your wedding.

7. False lashes come off

One of the eyelash glue’s greatest champions is Duo Adhesive. To keep in your emergency pack, purchase some from a pharmacy before your wedding.

8. Mascara smudge

If you are going for any marriage or other emotional parties, try wearing smudge-proof and waterproof Mascara to avoid mishaps.

The last line

Pack your makeup kit properly before going to any party or function to avoid all these mishaps.