35+ Bridesmaid Dresses That Had Everyone Talking, For Better Or Worse

By Liezel L

Ah, the unspoken rule of weddings: don’t outshine the bride, especially you, dear bridesmaids! We’ve all made peace with the fact that our dresses might not be the stars of the show. But let’s face it, sometimes that rule gets stretched like a piece of gum in a kid’s hands.

You see, picking outfits for a whole bunch of people is like herding cats on roller skates—it’s bound to get a bit wild! And in the midst of the chaos, a few… let’s say, interesting choices might slip through the cracks.

But hey, that’s what makes being a good friend to a bride a true adventure, right? When it’s all said and done, you just have to laugh about it. So, here’s a little gallery of the quirkiest and, let’s be honest, potentially eye-popping bridesmaid dresses that might just give you a good chuckle. Enjoy!

Ombre Fairytale

Embracing the ombre trend is usually a brilliant idea, whether you’re giving your hair a colorful makeover or sprucing up a tired old shirt. But, when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, especially the ones with more fluff than a cloud, maybe it’s time to give ombre a little break.

image courtesy of The Daddest

Those dresses seem like they were plucked right out of a child’s coloring book, and it appears they’re ready to burst into a confetti explosion any moment now. But, hey, if there’s one silver lining, it’s that they sure know how to brighten everyone’s sight!

Flower Power

On a wedding day, every woman aims to bloom like a radiant flower. But let us be clear, you do not need to go full-on Photosynthesis Princess and attach an actual plant to your dress to nail that floral vibe!

image courtesy of The Daddest

These dresses are not doing them any favors by resembling those loofahs we scrub ourselves with in the bath! Props to the bride for the effort, but let’s cross our fingers that this is her last sponge-inspired fashion venture ever!

Merry Wedding

Winter-themed weddings are like stepping into a snowy fairy tale, with all that magical white stuff and wonder everywhere. However, these bridesmaid dresses? Well, they might just be the polar opposite of adding beauty to the picture! What are your thoughts?

image courtesy of The Daddest

These ladies are rocking a silver look that could rival Regina George and her squad from Mean Girls, but even Plastics would be in awe. It’s safe to say these outfits might not be aisle material—they’d feel more at home partying with the fishes in a deep-sea closet!

The Real Heroes

Bridesmaids are the unsung heroes of weddings and deserve medals, not capes! Dressing them as actual superheroes on the big day might be a bit much—after all, we do not want them to save the world between cake and dancing!

image courtesy of Goofy Weddings/ Facebook

Sure, it’s quirky and fun, but even if you take away the masks, capes, and Tom from accounting, those dresses seem like they’re auditioning for a comedy show. But hey, everyone’s having a blast, so why not embrace the hilarity of it all?

Go Green!

Being environmentally conscious at your wedding? Fantastic! But there’s a fine line, and we might’ve crossed it when the bridesmaids started rocking dresses that could double as yesterday’s trash bags. Reduce, reuse, recycle, but maybe not for the aisle fashion!

image courtesy of Kieran Clancy

If it was all about budget, there were plenty of other paths the bride could’ve strolled down. She could’ve gone the vintage rental route or let the bridesmaids rock their own finest. This DIY dress endeavor? Well, let’s just say it’s not exactly winning any fashion awards!

Power Ranger Bridesmaids

Throwing all the colors of the rainbow into your bridal party dresses can seem like a fantastic idea until you line up for that bridal party photo and suddenly you are the leader of your very own Power Ranger squad…

image courtesy of The Daddest

It’s not that the dresses are bad, but it’s the whole Crayola box explosion of colors that’s giving us a headache! We didn’t sign up for a rainbow party, it’s more like a dazzling, chaotic kaleidoscope. But hey, no one’s throwing a tantrum over their color assignment, so let the technicolor festivities roll!


We can’t help but wonder what kind of wedding shenanigans led this poor lady to become a walking drinks dispenser! While weddings can be a handful, We’re pretty sure no one dreamt of being a mobile open bar. That’s a whole new level of wedding jitters!

image courtesy of perez-hilton/ Reddit

We’ve got to give it to this gal for her creative approach, but the dress design is giving off major “cage chic” vibes. It’s not exactly the most flattering look, but hey, let’s hope she and the bride are tight enough for her to rock it with a smile!

Guess Who’s The Bride!

Wearing white to a wedding is like bringing your own popcorn to a movie—it stirs up drama! Plus, it turns the bride-hunt into a real-life “Where’s Waldo?” challenge. Take a gander at this pic; can you spot the bride among the sea of snowy guests?

image courtesy of The Daddest

To make matters even more bewildering, they’ve got the groomsmen dressed like the groom’s clones! It is like they couldn’t resist having extra bride lookalikes. Unless this is some secret double marriage scheme, it is just plain puzzling to witness!

Prom Wedding

It’s like a prom night reunion, with a dash of cocktail party flair! These gals are rocking prom-worthy dresses at a wedding, and it’s got us feeling like we’re at a dance-off, not a marriage ceremony. The dress code seems to have taken a detour here! 

image courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

Wedding dress codes are often as unique as the couple, but we are sensing that the traditionalists might be squirming in their seats over these unconventional choices. Let’s be honest, these outfits scream “bachelorette bash” more than it does “wedding ceremony.”

Going To Bed?

We’re all for lace at weddings, but it’s gotta be executed just right. Unfortunately, this is a shining example of how not to do it. Between the lace overload, the length, and that color combo, these bridesmaids seem ready to tuck themselves into bed rather than walk down the aisle! 

image courtesy of EOnline

Even if we stretch our imaginations to make these dresses longer, it is hard to picture them escaping that nightgown vibe! The silver lining? At least the bridesmaids will be all set for a cozy slumber party after the festivities!

Cute Isn’t For Everybody

Some dress designs can bridge the gap between kids and adults, but then there are ones like these bridesmaids’ dresses that should have a “no adults allowed” sign! They’re downright adorable on the little ones, but on the grown-ups, it’s a full-fledged fashion fiasco!

image courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

The bride’s fairy princess dream might have been the goal, but reality had a different plan, especially with those dresses! Even if they played the color shuffle, those gowns are in need of a serious makeover. It’s like trying to turn a pumpkin into a carriage—they’d have to change pretty much everything!

A Hard Color To Pull Off

Neon green, the bold and bright cousin of colors, isn’t for the faint of heart. Clearly, not everyone can rock it, as evident in this snapshot. We’re left wondering how the bride managed to persuade the whole squad to don this dazzling hue—a true feat of persuasion!

image courtesy of agentmnkys/ Cheezburger

Beyond the eye-popping color, the material of these dresses is like a not-so-flattering plot twist. It gives the design a touch of “discount rack chic,” and that’s not the review you want for your wedding attire! Maybe next time, go for a safer color and material combo.

Where’s Grandma’s Tablecloth?

This bride’s quest for a classy, traditional vibe seems to have veered a bit off course. Her bridesmaids’ dresses resemble a mashup of her grandma’s top ten favorite tablecloths. Elegant or eclectic, you be the judge!

image courtesy of Cheezburger

Judging by the smiles, the ladies don’t seem too bothered by their dresses. But perhaps we should consider not letting the bride fly solo with such decisions in the future. After all, there are better places for tablecloths than on bridesmaids! Especially ones with that color and pattern!

Focus On The Avocado

Whether it’s the lace, the particular shade of brown, or the cosmic collision of both, these dresses are a sight to behold, and not necessarily in a good way! Whatever it is, this ensemble should probably be kept far, far away from the sacred aisle!

image courtesy of Gadgettheory

Take a gander at those bridesmaids’ expressions—it seems like nobody’s doing cartwheels over these getups! Perhaps it’s wiser to divert our attention from the dresses and ponder the real mystery of life: “What on earth are those avocados doing in the mix?” Guacamole, anyone?

Ruffles Gone Wild

Ruffles are undeniably a blast! Toss a few here and there, and suddenly, you’ve got a fashion fiesta. But hey, whoever picked out these bridesmaids’ dresses might need a gentle reminder that there’s a fine line between frills and overkill!

image courtesy of oneWed

These poor ladies appear to be on the verge of a ruffle-induced takeover! And comfort? Well, it seems to have taken a vacation. We’re not entirely sure if the bride’s goal was to make them feel pretty or just to stage a colorful coup of the bridesmaids!

Cowgirl Hunter Mix

This bride’s love for fall is crystal clear, and hey, who can blame her? But here’s the kicker: trying to blend cowgirl, hunting, and autumn vibes is like throwing a rodeo, a hunting trip, and a pumpkin spice latte party into a blender—it’s a flavor explosion that clashes like the Big Bang!

image courtesy of theTHINGS.com

Yep, the colors do play nice and give off that autumn aura, but just because things fall into the same category doesn’t mean they’re destined for a perfect match. It’s all about that thing called style, and let’s just say, this ain’t exactly the poster child for it!

Too Splashy

A bold, splashy wedding can be a blast, but it’s gotta be executed with finesse. This, friends, is not exactly the masterpiece we had in mind. It’s a cacophony of tackiness, a symphony of loud, and a trying-too-hard extravaganza that’s screaming in all the wrong ways!

image courtesy of Sandra/ Bridal Fashion Forum

From the eye-searing peachy-orangey hue to the peculiar puffiness of the sleeves and trains, we’re yearning to wipe the memory of these dresses from our minds forever. It’s a spectacle we wish we could unsee, and it might just be time to instate a strict “No Entry for This Ensemble” policy down the wedding aisle!

Thrifting Gone Bad

There is absolutely nothing wrong with thrift store treasures or renting bridesmaids’ dresses, as long as you’ve got a dash of common sense to pick out some gems. And that, friends, seems to be the hiccup in this next ensemble!

image courtesy of University Fox

It’s as if someone unearthed a dusty box of costumes and declared, “Let’s go wild!” Everyone dove in to pick out whatever could squeeze onto their bodies. Maybe it’s the bride’s way of budget-saving, but did it have to result in this treasure trove of peculiar choices?

A Royal Wedding

The bride must have a wild obsession with fairytales and all things medieval, because why else would she outfit her bridesmaids in puffy gowns that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of the Middle Ages? Knights in shining armor, anyone?

image courtesy of EtiquetteHell.com

The cherry on top of this fashion flop is that those dresses don’t appear to be the comfiest under the scorching sun. We wouldn’t blame any of those bridesmaids if they staged a mutiny right in the middle of the ceremony, dress, and heat-induced rebellion!

Marshmallow Mermaids

These bridesmaids’ dresses are not exactly total disasters, but there is room for improvement, no doubt. Perhaps, they could have ditched the excess puffiness at the bottom and gone for a sleeker, simpler look. Sometimes, less is more, after all!

image courtesy of OneWed

It’s not too shabby on the little ones, but on the grown-ups, it’s a tad chaotic. With the color palette and all that tulle, the adults resemble whimsical mermaids made of squishy marshmallows. You just want to give them a friendly squeeze!

Bridal Theme

A bridal-themed wedding? Well, that’s a twist we haven’t heard of! It’s not the worst theme in the world, but you’d think they’d want to make the actual bride stand out a bit more, wouldn’t you? After all, it’s her big day!

image courtesy of SABC2

It’s a real “everyone’s-a-bride” extravaganza, and not necessarily in the top-tier wedding gown category! It’s like they had a competition to find the most budget-friendly, thrift store wedding dresses they could get their hands on, and well, let’s just say they succeeded with flying colors in the “cheap chic” category!

Reception Is At Vegas

We’re really crossing our fingers and toes that these are just some wacky costumes and not legit bridesmaids’ dresses, because the only reaction they trigger is a resounding, “What on earth?!” How else can one respond to such an ensemble?

image courtesy of Marissa/ TheAntiWedding

These dresses seem like they are ready to hit the Vegas stage instead of gracefully strolling down the wedding aisle. We’re trying to be gentle here, but unless this is secretly a Moulin Rouge-themed wedding, expect some rather horrified expressions!

Tinker Belle Bridesmaids

Tinker Belle would surely feel a little insulted if her iconic little green dress were compared to these…things. However, we definitely see how the Disney character could be the inspiration here. It just failed both in the ideation and execution stages.

image courtesy of TheDaddest

While the color isn’t too terrible, both dresses have no shape and are ill-fitting. It looks like the bride ordered them online without actually considering the correct sizes of her bridesmaids. Kudos to those lovely ladies for soldiering on though.

Color Blocking Gone Wrong

We don’t even know where to start with the disaster called the bridesmaids dresses in this wedding. What in the world were they thinking piling up one wrong thing after another for those dresses? It’s like all the wedding stress was reflected in those choices.

image courtesy of Victor de Jesus

The color isn’t too bad but that’s about it. The pattern on those bodices isn’t doing anyone any favors. And that skirt – Why did they have to ruin it with frills that didn’t have any business being there? Seriously, those dresses look better on some stage production.

Tractor Fans

Many people are fans of machines and all that, however, they might not be the best thing to print on your bridesmaids’ dresses, especially if they’re yellow. Don’t get us wrong, we like yellow but the print just ruins it all. 

image courtesy of machinefinder.com

We’re also not sure what that green little frill is doing there are the bottom but it’s not helping. At least they’re keeping in line with the machinery theme with the boots but that still doesn’t improve anything in the look.

Pineapple Explosion

If the bride weren’t in this picture, we wouldn’t have believed that these bridesmaids’ dresses walked down the aisle. They look straight out of a set of a Broadway production or a movie musical. For both of those, they’re great but for a wedding, not so much.

image courtesy of C4

The dresses are glamorous, that’s for sure but they don’t have the right kind of glamour for a wedding. Plus, they’re stealing all the light away from the bride. You won’t even notice that she’s there in the picture until you look closely. We’re pretty sure that’s not the plan.

A Little Too Much Orange

Now, we don’t have anything against the color orange but when it comes to making that color work, you have to treat it with delicacy. And you certainly have to have a sense of style. Sadly, that’s what seems to be missing here.

image coutesy of tackyweddings.com

The dress cut and the color aren’t even bad. It’s just the material that’s making it all look a little low-quality. It looks as if they’re going for a wrinkly theme for the wedding. Let’s just hope the actual marriage isn’t like that. 

The Flintstones

Is it just us or do these bridesmaids oddly remind you of the Flintstones cartoons? Given that the cartoon characters were supposedly cavemen, we understand why their fashion was like that but this is simply too hard to pass up.

image courtesy of Atouchofcamo.com

They even have temporary tattoos and huge bead necklaces to complete the look. How adorable. They’re just missing a club or a spear and they’d be the live-action Flinstones. It looks like they’re ready to hunt for the reception too.

Cold Princess Bridesmaids

When you’re having a wedding in cold weather, what do you do to your bridesmaids? For this bride, her solution was to smother everyone with layer upon layer of hot pink materials. However, it doesn’t seem to have done the trick. 

image courtesy of Pinterest

See, there is the concept of layering. People usually do it with things that complement each other. However, we think the thought process with this one was if it’s pink, it fits. At least they won’t freeze to death looking like copycat Barbies though.

Curtain Gowns

For this wedding, the original bridesmaids’ gowns seemed like they didn’t arrive on time so the bridesmaids had to DIY their clothes to make it to the wedding. If that were the case, then kudos and great job for being resourceful.

image courtesy of The Daddest

If that’s not what happened, and those sinched-up ruffle dresses were deliberately chosen for the occasion, then we’re taking back every compliment. We’d prefer those dresses to never see the light of day again but hey, to each their own.

Buttercup Belles

If you haven’t recognized them yet, these two girls are Caroline and Max from the hit sitcom series “2 Broke Girls.” And thankfully or at least we hope, they’re not dresses worn in real-life weddings because just a big fat no. 

image courtesy of CBS

They’re obviously the punchline of the joke and they do give away the title of the show but they really got the broke Disney Belle look down. And sadly, the flowery hats don’t help distract anyone from the monstrosity of the dresses.

Hot Pink Explosion

If you want amazing wedding photos, you don’t want to blind the photographer. Apparently, this bride was trying to do the complete opposite with that hot pink explosion that she made her bridesmaids wear. It’s quite something to look at alright.

image courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

Clearly, the bride is an over-the-top person who wants to make her wedding memorable. And she did do that but maybe not in the way she wanted it to be. We’re pretty sure no one kept those dresses either. Just think of all the space they’d take up!

Kids Wear

There’s nothing wrong with bringing out a little bit of your childish spirit in your wedding, however, we don’t think that applies to your bridesmaids’ dresses. Unfortunately, the dresses here look like they came from the kid’s section at the mall.

image courtesy of Cheezburger

They can actually be cute but just being plain cute doesn’t mean it’s suited for the aisle. We think they’d do better in picnics, a casual outing with friends, or even a trip to Disneyland – anywhere but near a wedding.

So Not Green With Envy

If you were a fan of the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” you probably remember the part of Anya and Xander’s wedding. However, if you don’t remember that these green bridesmaids’ dresses were there, it makes perfect sense. 

image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

These dresses are best left buried down memory lane. For one, those frills are just horrendous. Two, those huge rose badges are for grannies. And last but not least, the green just isn’t working for them. And that’s already being kind.

Walking Presents

Usually, people put huge splashy bows on presents for the bride and groom. However, the bride at this wedding seemed to have decided that bows went better for her bridal party. And that’s not the only splashy thing about these. 

image courtesy of dressydances.storenvy.com

They also went ahead and paired the bows with huge red flower crowns. Sadly, the dress doesn’t redeem the whole outfit as well. Everything’s just too much. If their goal was to make a splash, they certainly did and we’re not sure it’s in the best way. 

Little Red Riding Hood

As it seems, this bride’s favorite childhood fairytale is Little Red Riding Hood. That would explain why she had her bridesmaids wear those ghastly red capes. Does that make her the big bad wolf for making them wear those though?

image courtesy of Cheezburger

Whatever the inspiration for those capes is, there just seems to be no logical reason for them to be the main feature of her bridesmaids’ dresses. They just sort of look like they belong to some sort of cult. 

Childhood Fantasy Dresses

When we were kids, these kinds of dresses would make us swoon. We’d dream of having our very own one when we grow up because we’d want to feel like Disney princesses. However, we don’t think we should carry out those childhood dreams to the wedding day. 

image courtesy of Cheezburger

We’re not saying you can’t chase your dreams of grand dresses, however, there’s a time and a place for everything. And for these dresses, the aisle is not it. We think it’s also better to leave those designs to the real kids.

On Fire

For most brides, they’d want their bridal party to look “fire” rather than literally look like they’re on fire. Sadly, for this bridal party, the latter one seems to be the case. Everyone seems to be wearing bright, hot flames and not looking hot.

image courtesy of Cheezburger

Some people might even say that these dresses look like they’re straight out of hell. And well, we kind of agree. Seriously, if you’re going to choose orange, you better have a supreme sense of style to go with them.

Side A Side B

We absolutely love the idea of having a double-sided bridesmaid dress. That means you’ll get to wear the dress to more than one occasion and not have to throw it away after one use. This is not what we had in mind though. 

image courtesy of Cheezburger

These dresses look like Side A is for bridesmaiding and Side B is for hunting and well, that’s not the double purpose we were thinking of. Plus, they could’ve at least made the bridesmaid side a little more stylish instead of looking like a plain casual dress.