35+ Show-Stealing Guests That Got More Attention Than The Newlyweds

By Glory O

Weddings are the foundation of your love for your partner and a symbol of your commitment. Building a warm home begins with selecting a life partner. It’s where it comes to life, where it takes shape. Your ceremony is where you and your partner publicly declare your chosen promises, vows, and goals. Simply put, this is where you come together to celebrate your commitment to one another. No matter how well you plan, every wedding has its fair share of weirdos and crazies, which is to be expected given that they are family affairs, and every family has its fair share of eccentric folk whom we all remember fondly but try to avoid. But some guests can be more amusing than annoying. So grab some popcorn and try to guess who among these children is the most hilarious.

If You Gotta Dig, You Gotta Dig!

This would be such a great pic of a beautiful moment if the little girl wasn’t there. Or maybe she made the picture even better — you decide. We don’t know if her nose is just itchy or if she’s reaching for the gold.

Source: DrunkCinderella/Imgur

This girl just dropped the best wedding photobomb ever. She saw the camera and decided to pose while digging her prize out. It seems like she got the golden ring in there! Mom had to take her away after this scene, though.

Being A Flower Girl Ain’t Always Sass, It Can Also Be Quite Dramatic

This reminds us more of babysitting an emotional drunk friend rather than a couple of cute flower girls. The older girl is so tired of her drama queen of a sister. She can’t help but think, “why are you making me do thisssss!?”

Source: Studio Cabrelli

She is upset because of all the eyes looking at her. Every girl dreams of being a flower girl, but they don’t know what they sign up for until the actual day of the event. This girl is quite lucky because she got a professional handler.

Come On Already, I Just Want To Swim

Beach weddings are fun because, not only do you have the aesthetic view and fresh sea breeze, but you can also enjoy the beach afterward. No wonder it’s such a popular venue for weddings. That doesn’t seem to be the case for these two little children, though.

Source: Del Sol Photography

They are clearly done with the event, the boy seems to be contemplating his life choices though… They can’t seem to wait and enjoy the swim later on. But hey! At least they’re being well behaved, and not playing on their phones.

Super Minnie! Flaunting These Chic Undies

Let’s admit it; weddings are sometimes lengthy, and you might feel the call of nature during the event. It appears that this small girl can no longer hold her pee and is unconcerned about the vows. Moreover, she is more excited to share her whole outfit with the crowd.

Source: Abby Photography

She just wanted to flaunt her Minnie Mouse underwear, and we would, too, if we were in her position. The couple, thankfully, did not seem to be distracted by the amusing moment, too enraptured by their love for one another.

Thought That Was A Slip N Slide!

Walking is not usually a problem, but this kid seemed to have some trouble. Maybe it was because everyone was looking at him, or the white fabric was too slippery, or even both. One wrong step was all it took for this ring bearer to dive in the middle of the ceremony.

Source: lonnie765/Imgur

The face of the lady in the pink dress is priceless! Poor kiddo got everyone laughing at his fumbling feet. He will probably never forget this embarrassing moment. Don’t worry kid, we’ve all done ridiculous things before that our parents keep bringing up.

Hmmmm! I Don’t Even Wanna Be Here

She just wants to go home! This little flower girl doesn’t seem to be happy, and she wants everyone to know how she really feels. We can imagine her stomping down the aisle, angrily tossing petals, and turning over the basket at the end of the aisle.

Source: Del Sol Photography

This girl has mastered the art of looking pretty when mad. It seems like she isn’t enjoying toting around that basket of flowers. Still, even though she looks upset, she’s still adorable. Is that her sister looking back, sensing the brewing tantrum?

Too Boring… Should Have Slept In My Bed

Keeping yourself awake can be pretty hard when you are in a big event like a wedding. We’re pretty sure this girl did not want photographers catching her dozing off at her Uncle’s wedding. The bridesmaids seem to be sleepy, too. Just gotta keep it lowkey.

Source: kenpakphotography/Instagram

To keep the crowd entertained, they should have included some song and dance. This photograph may be the most intriguing in their collection. Although, if the most interesting part of the wedding was the flower girl yawning, it had to be a very dull affair.

Why Am I Even Here

This kid looks so done with the event. He even carried along his little trolly bag to take home with him. He seems so disappointed and tired. What happened to put this kid in such a state? Did someone take his suitcase away earlier?

Source: sruvolo/Reddit

We can all admit it, weddings can sometimes be long and not entertaining, especially for children. This little guy just seems tired and sleepy with all the dances he may have done during the ceremony. But hey, at least he’s already packed up!

Nona Told Me Not To Look At This Moment

Admit it; you were once told never to look at people kissing until you reach the right age. Even in watching movies, we are usually scolded when we look at scenes like this. Seems like this guy never forgot what his grandmother told him.

Source: Instagram

The little girls beside the bride don’t mind it, though, and it seems like the little guy is the only one who listened to his grandmother’s advice. But hey! We all did this when we were his age, afraid of getting a sneak peek of people kissing.

Superman? More like Rippantsman

This man was giving it all in his intermission dance when his pants didn’t seem to agree with his talent. We all dream of flying, don’t we? This guy was kind of doing it. Unfortunately sorry for him, his pants were kinda getting in the way.

Source: Jeff Grass/Twitter

Ain’t the perfect split, but we’re pretty sure it gave the attendees a good laugh after his solo dance. Mid-air split, and a little turn could have been perfect for this entertainer, but odds didn’t seem to align his way. Even the bride seems surprised.

Thanks For The Bigger Race Track, Daddy!

The truck was supposed to lure this little guy out of the wedding but it looks like he is enjoying his very big race track. The wedding couple could not help but laugh at their son since their plan seemed to backfire.

Source: Lisa Evelyn

Kids are usually very hyper, so you need something to distract them during an event like a wedding. The idea of bringing his truck seemed to backfire on his parents when this little guy used the aisle as his own personal race track.

Am I Supposed To Fake A Smile?

To get that perfect photo, the bride and bridesmaids are smiling ear-to-ear, but this little girl was not having it. The photographers should have informed her earlier that she’d be posing for photos so that she could have acted a little less shocked.

Source: orangegirl.com

Who wouldn’t feel out of place when you’re 6 and you’re surrounded by five adults? We can sense her discomfort through the picture; clearly, she didn’t expect to be caught up in that scene. Her facial expression just says it all, “why am I even here?”

Just Passing buy for A Little Snack

This couple got their very unexpected guest during their photoshoot at the right time! This deer seemed to love the smell of the bride’s bouquet and couldn’t help but sniff it. One whiff was enough that he wanted a little taste.

Source: Laurenda Marie Photography

Sometimes our goal is to be one with nature. On this couple’s wedding day, it seems that they got their wish when one brave deer photobombed to take a nibble from the bride’s bouquet. Luckily, they don’t seem upset; simply amused at the circumstance.

A Little Overdosed of Candies

This little girl seems to have dozed off while lying in her mom’s lap. Weddings are a long event, from the vows to the reception. We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes we also run out of energy, just like this little girl.

Source: Del Sol Photography

For us grownups, we have been known to fall asleep at the dinner table. Dancing is quite strenuous on the body. Because she can’t disturb her napping princess, her mother is also locked in the chair until someone takes her to bed.


While it’s true that some wedding ceremonies might be tedious, it’s uncommon to have a dreary reception. This is probably the finest portion of the wedding, with games, food, laughing, and the addition of eccentric traditions. Every wedding is unique because every reception is one-of-a-kind.

Source: Reddit

While twirling on the dance floor, this girl lifted her dress a little too high. Or maybe it was on purpose, as she seems to be saying “boo!” to the cameraperson. At least she’s having fun, unlike the child behind her, with his sloppy untucked shirt and hand on his hips.

I Did Not Sign Up For This!

Even though he isn’t crying, the idea that he was forced to participate in this photograph appears to be too much for him to bear. We can only hope that his parents got him back on his feet and smiling for the camera. Please, kid, don’t ruin the show!

Source: kenpakphotography/Instagram

Managing your children’s demands can feel overwhelming as a parent; tantrums are difficult at the best of times. Sometimes you simply need your kids to sit still long enough for the shutter to come down for a photo. It looks like they couldn’t manage it with this one.

Definitely not sleeping! Just praying for the Newlyweds!

The priest might simply state that he was praying for the married couple and asking God to bless them to defend himself against this charge. We hope he enjoyed his discussion with God, whether it was in prayer or during sleeping.

Source: Ray Malaspina/Twitter

The priests who preside over weddings are usually elderly men. This is because it is assumed that they have knowledge of marriage in all of its glory and peril and that they can counsel the couple in their hour of need. So we completely understand why people periodically fall asleep during the event. 

Girly just got her first kiss!

Isn’t love amazing? A long wedding led this girl to her soulmate, though perhaps she’s not his missing half. He clearly was not expecting a kiss from a beautiful girl, which would explain his confused expression. She didn’t seem to mind, though, that he was preoccupied.

Source: Instagram

Everyone was too entertained by the adorable children to notice how dull the ceremony was. They had to learn patience despite their eagerness to get to the party and eat cake. At the very least, they have this gorgeous photo to remember the occasion.

Monster in law

Regrettably, this mother-in-law wanted to steal the show at her son’s wedding by dressing up in full bridal regalia from her own wedding day. She successfully stole the spotlight from her daughter-in-law. Hopefully, this will be the last time she takes center stage and accepts reality.

Source: Reddit

Some people get along pretty smoothly with their in-laws, while others struggle, particularly if their significant other is a “momma’s boy.” Mothers-in-law have a bad record, ranging anywhere from little squabbles to full-out fights. This picture here is just asking for trouble.

Weddings are supposed to be happy

Children aren’t known for having a lot of patience. To keep them calm, it’s often helpful to assign kids tasks. For example, being a flower girl at a wedding is much more enjoyable than simply dressing up and staying quiet for hours.

Source: Douyin

This girl didn’t seem happy with her role as a flower girl. Was there too much pressure in being the star of the show for a minute? Or was she just tired because she had to get up early to get dressed up?

Gotta keep them out of sight!

Children are the next logical step following marriage, according to society. However, not everyone wants to have kids. Just in case you’re on the fence about having children after marriage, this picture is the perfect example of what comes next.

Source: Del Sol Photography

One of the many reasons children are not welcome at wedding ceremonies is because they are disruptive and misbehave. Sure, there are times when their antics are amusing, but the special moment when the newlyweds say “I do” is not the time for such things.

Got all emotions in one frame

Children are the most innocent creatures on Earth! They haven’t had decades of people telling them what not to do. With imagination and freedom, they tend to do whatever they want, whenever they want. We’re not sure if this was a happy accident on the bride’s part, but it’s still cute.

Source: Instagram

This image captures all of the emotions! We’re not sure if the girls were supposed to be there, posing in their white dresses, or if they decided to photobomb the happy couple. Regardless of the circumstance, the outcome is just adorable!

Ain’t A Good Time For This Little One

When confronted with a gathering of hundreds of people, most people become anxious. We have a tendency to overthink things to the point that we believe something bad will happen. It happens to even the cutest show-stealers, like this kid!

Source: Del Sol Photography

If a couple chooses you to be part of their entourage, you may initially feel overwhelmed. Happiness, on the other hand, may not overwhelm you. Some may wonder if they are truly deserving of the part. That is exactly how this young boy feels.

Partied too hard!

She’s undoubtedly exhausted after carrying her small bouquet of flowers down the aisle. When grownups get fatigued during gatherings, especially big events like weddings, all they want to do is fall flat and take a nap on the dancefloor mid-party.

Source: Craig Paulson

Young kids find the weirdest places to nap. We can’t imagine that the floor is comfortable. The vibrations from the music and stomping feet would be enough to keep anyone from drifting off. For adults, this would be considered disrespectful. But with kids, it’s just plain adorable!

Mood Swings huh

Is it possible that this is the same person? She’s lucky she kept at least one smile for the photoshoot. The photographer, on the other hand, must have had a quick finger while capturing the grumpy girl. What a charming show-stealer!!

Source: ElBandejo/Reddit

This image wonderfully depicts the two extremes of someone’s feelings and personalities: good and bad. This toddler exemplifies her mood swings perfectly. In such a short period of time, youngsters can go from happy balls of energy to spoiled brats.

Uhm hello? I’m literally right here

Maybe she’s just looking at the photographer’s camera with interest, wondering what it is. She’ll undoubtedly do her own public demonstrations of adoration as she gets older, perhaps even at a wedding. However, we should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Source: alexandra_raetzer_weddings/Instagram

We’re not sure if this gorgeous baby is their daughter, or perhaps their niece, but she manages to be cute even if she appears irritated by the excessive PDA going on behind her. Just think about it: kissing during a wedding? How upsetting!

What a Show Stopper!

One of the facts of life is that it’s impossible to keep kids from going to the bathroom. We’d normally think of winter as the most frustrating time, with all of those layers hiding a poopy diaper, but it looks like weddings are just as difficult.

Source: Del Sol Photography

Having children is a huge undertaking. Babies and toddlers require constant care and attention. You can’t relax for even one second. Parents are always on high alert for shenanigans their kids might get into. This mom is clearly ready for a rapid diaper change.

Long Face

Despite being under the age of ten, he appears to be a grouchy old man. Hey, don’t frown! You look fantastic! There are several occasions in everyday life that become amusing when children are present due to their antics. They have the ability to make you grin.

Source: [deleted user]/Reddit

Do you recall how your mother asked you to wear that enormous tux to your aunt’s wedding when you were a kid? What other choice was there but “yes”? You let your facial emotions speak for you to compensate for that dreadful feeling.

Your Flowers are All Yours!

As we’ve said before, tantrums are a nightmare for parents. We’ve seen a few so far, with dolled-up children refusing to have fun. The worst part about tantrums is that they’re either illogical or inexplainable, meaning it’s hard to talk kids down.

Source: [deleted user]/Reddit

This might be the angriest flower girl we’ve ever seen. Perhaps she is displeased with the decor and is upset no one listened to her. Honestly, why can’t adults just pay attention? She has great ideas; why is no one taking her seriously?

Here’s Your Ring!

Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted to throw your burdens aside and quit? This kid is inspirational for those moments when life gets to be too much. We’ve all been there, and it’s not an enjoyable experience. 

Source: b/60/YouTube

He’s so composed for the entire walk up the aisle, but something must have clicked in this kid’s brain that led him to throw the pillow. Why should he have so much pressure weighing him down? Well, at least he got the rings to the altar in time…

Came Right Back Running

When you have children attending your wedding, you never know how they will behave on the big day. One of the couple’s younger relatives served as the flower girl, and once her duties were over, she was not ready to leave the limelight.

Source: dmpeiffer/YouTube

She sobbed running back through the entire aisle. Everyone, even the bride and groom, tried to contain their laughter, but it was too much. The flower girl knew this wouldn’t be her last performance because the show was not about her.

Gymnast In The Making

Seems like these two were having fun during the reception when one of them actually tripped over. Even the newlyweds could not help but laugh at the situation the little boy found himself in. It seems like he wants to be a gymnast someday!

Source: Del Sol Photography

Bringing children to weddings is a big responsibility, especially making them stay on the side and not cause scenes. But, kids will be kids. They don’t understand that, if you’re bored, you need to have patience and just wait until the fun starts.

Yawning Or About To Cry? Not Quite Sure

We’re not sure if he’s sleepy or if he is just shocked because of the fashion taste of the ladies beside him. Imagine wearing that bulky white dress. Then again, he’s probably too young to be so fashion-conscious, and was probably just tired from dancing all night.

Source: Reddit

But if he’s screaming, we’re pretty sure he saw something horrible like someone packing up all the cake on the table or maybe someone stealing the groom while the lovely bride takes a photo with her bridesmaids. If it’s the latter, then he’s truly a hero!

Bleh! Enjoy your kiss though

This could have been a perfect photo for the kissing newlywed but this little girl just wanted to make face at the exact time. She’s one of the cutest photobombers, though, and it looks like she just wanted her mom’s attention and decided to ogle at the camera instead.

Source: Instagram

Do you see yourself in the little girl? Like when you’re with you best friend and his boyfriend. Just randomly making faces while they are enjoying each other. Seems like this girl is just having fun with the cameraman. We’re pretty sure she made everyone happy with that reaction, though.

Forget it! I’m going back to my room!

In the wedding industry, runaway brides are rather prevalent. We don’t want you to have to witness it for yourself. However, it was this cute little child who ran away from this wedding, not the bride. How can you not giggle at this scene?

Source: Reddit

People were so taken aback by her scream that they forgot the bride was going to walk down the aisle. Her face clearly shows that she was unhappy with the events of the day, for whatever reason. The girl definitely changed her mind.

Go pick out a white dress, It’s a lovestory

Imagine Taylor Swift attending your wedding and singing the song for your first dance. Isn’t that incredible? It’s easy to forget that before they became famous, celebrities were simply regular individuals. Brittany Maack, one of her close non-showbiz friend, requested that the pop star singer serve as her maid of honor at her wedding.

Source: Instagram

They were mostly non-celebrity buddies. Most of them attended schools, worked regular jobs, and had non-celebrity friends. Some of them are still in touch with their best friends, and they will occasionally serve as maids of honor at your wedding.