Nautical Nuptials-Guide To Planning A Wedding On Water

By Fatime G

Nothing screams a romantic hitch better than a nautical wedding. Salt-water breeze, outstretching blue and breathtaking views, what’s not to love about a floating affair? Don’t even get us started on the contemporary element of boat weddings- breezy alters sure to make quite the spin from traditional cathedral service. Considering boat weddings are far from your typical cookie-cutter ceremonies, one has to anticipate a lot of comprehensive planning and pre-meditation to make it a success. But don’t fret; if you’re a sun and surf lover looking into nautical weddings, we’ve got you covered with peak pros, cons, and tips to actualizing your dream boat wedding.

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Nautical Wedding Planning 101

1. Carry out some research

Stay on top of your research game. We advise couples to look into available chartering services, costs, and service packages before making any calls. Ideally, you’d want to have an idea of what you’re walking into and what to expect. Take into account the pandemic and up-to-date travel requirements and guidelines as specified by the authorities- this will save you a lot of time and hiccups along the way.

2. Work with a broker

The trick to nailing the best possible boat chartering deals is pretty simple- work with a broker. You already have a rough idea of what you want for your wedding now; all you need is someone to show you the ropes. Brokers have been in the game long enough to know all the legal requirements, on-board vendors, fueling costs, among other specifications. Just like real estate brokers, your broker will probably have a long-standing relationship with a dozen of suppliers and vendors you may need.

3. Stay flexible

One thing about boat weddings is their unpredictable essence. Open-air nautical events are not your idyllic wedding setting; as such, steering them to precision can turn out to be frustrating.  You’d want to loosen your grip a little bit with nautical nuptials and go with the flow- especially in the planning department. Factors like weather and tides are but a few factors you’ll have absolutely no control over. We recommend staying flexible if you’re feeling a blue wedding.

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4. Inform your guests

Give your guests a heads up so they come prepared to set sail. How so? It’s always a great idea to let your guests know that you’ll be holding your nuptials off the land; you can include this information on your wedding website or invitation card. Correspondingly, your guests will show up in nautical-friendly attire, comfortable shoes and essentially pack up seasickness pills.

Summing up

There’s no denying that nautical weddings make the top of the list for unforgettable venues. The magical experience of sailing off for an intimate wedding is one to impress your guests and stay imprinted in your memories. However, couples looking to explore boat weddings have to weigh several factors for a hitch-free event. First, capitalize on the prep work leading up to your nuptials, and if it all doesn’t unfold as planned, don’t sweat it. After all, it’s the memories that count.