IKEA Bag Hack For The Bride-To-Be On Her Wedding Day

By Divya G

Wedding day is the most important day of everyone’s life, and it is a day to remember and cherish forever, but it can also be taxing. With months of planning, you want everything to run smoothly. Also, you must consider the problems that can appear. Do you want to know how a bride can use the washroom in a huge dress? Frequent pee breaks are not a new thing, and it is not possible to get dressed and undressed every time.

Image courtesy of ikeahackers.net

A suitable option is to opt for IKEA bags which you can use to pee without facing troubles. You do not have to open your dress. Just cut the bottom of the bag out. After that, you can put the straps on your shoulders, and the wedding dress will sit perfectly in the bag. That way, it will not get wet because of the bathroom floor. 

Tina was getting married, and she was worried about how to pee in a mermaid heavy wedding dress. Then she found out this solution which helped her to pee. Also, it frees your hand, and you do not have to worry, especially if there is no helper. If you want to help a professional helper, it would cost you a few bucks. Instead of that, you can buy a bag and avoid approaching a helper. 

Image courtesy of ikeahackers.net

Received Funny To Positive Responses 

This bag from IKEA to pee has received funny to positive responses from many. Purchase it as the IKEA bag is an ideal bridal shower gift.