How To Give The Perfect Wedding Toast

By Ruby M

So you’ve got yourself invited to a wedding, and because you matter to the couple, you’ve been asked to say a toast – the problem is, you’re not so good with public speaking. We have some tips and tricks for your perfect wedding toast, whether it be stage fright or simply not being great with your words. 

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Keep it short and sweet

First thing’s first, before you even start planning what to say – know how long you have to say it. A toast is very different from a speech. A toast is much shorter and more straightforward too. So make sure you’ve planned to keep it short, simple, and sweet, especially if there are several toasts lined up. Everyone wants to get to the meal, after all!

Introduce yourself

Before telling the couple how much you care for them, remember that many people at the wedding might not know who you are. It’s essential to begin your toast by briefly congratulating the couple and introducing yourself to those who might not know. 

Be funny but not crude

Sure, tell a joke or two – people love to laugh! But remember where you are and who is present. The couple’s parents, family, and even employers may be there – so don’t be crude or tell any inappropriate jokes that might embarrass anybody.

Be sentimental and recall special moments

Weddings are an emotional time and the perfect time to get a little cheesy. So get sentimental, tell the couple why you love them as much as you do, and recall unique and memorable moments that will mean a lot to them to hear.

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Address the couple

When you’re raising your glass, remember to address the happy couple. Wish them a life of happiness, abundance, love, and joy – and ask the other guests to raise their glasses as well!