Where’s The Happily Ever After? 40 Honeymoon Disasters That Made Newly-Married Couples Get Off To A Rough Start

By Liezel L

Dreamy sunsets, full-course dinners in evening gowns, cruises through exotic places, rose petal-covered beds – those are some of the ways people would imagine their honeymoons. They’d want it to be dreamy, one of the best moments of their lives, and the perfect start to spending their life with the person they love.

Much like the wedding day itself, though, no amount of planning could ensure that your honeymoon would go as smoothly as you want. Your flight getting canceled, getting lost in a strange place, getting mugged – these can all ruin your honeymoon before it even starts.

But the thing is: so many worse things have actually happened to honeymoons all over the world than these things. Here are some of the worst honeymoon disasters brides and grooms have shared online. Prepare to unlock some fears!

You Just Can’t Make Up Something This Bad

People who are getting married know that there will always be something that can go wrong in their wedding, and they’ve accepted their fate. What most people really hope would go smoothly, though, would be the honeymoon at least. Sadly for this couple, it just went all the wrong ways it could.

Image courtesy of Canberratruckalign / Instagram

The poor couple couldn’t even enjoy one moment without problems. At every turn, they just encountered one more problem after the last. While the start of their marriage was rough, it didn’t matter because their love overcame it all – and they’ve been together for the past 17 years.

This Couple Was Harboring A Clueless Suspect

Talk about awkward! This couple was merrily in the airport, expecting a smooth transition to their honeymoon in Hawaii. However, they didn’t expect that airport security would take a special interest in a special item of theirs. Once you read this, you’ll understand what the special item is.

Image courtesy of Sebaekaputrisirait / Instagram

Was it a liquid product? A sharp item? A lighter? Nope. But it does teach the lesson always to check your luggage and make sure you don’t have anything in there that you would want to be confiscated. Unless, of course, you want your intimate items getting confiscated in public.

This Man Is Just The Worst

Most people would try to be on their best behavior during their honeymoon. After all, it’s the start of the marriage, and people would still want to put their best foot forward somehow. Sadly, this guy did just the opposite and even landed himself in police custody.

Image courtesy of Tpro11 / Instagram

The worst part is that he left his wife so worried about him. She got worried to the point that she reported him as missing, not knowing he was in a precinct, booked and caged because of his own actions. Boy, that news must have been awful to her. Poor lady!

The Exotic Honeymoon Curse

For some reason, a lot of people love vacationing in your not-so-typical honeymoon places, and understandably so. There’s just a thrill in spending those first few days of your marriage in an exotic place not many people go to. However, there are cons.

Image courtesy of _zatrzymane_w_czasie / Instagram

Sadly for these two couples in this story, they got the worst of the cons from places like those. There are only one in a million chances of those happening. And they just had the bad luck of being the victims this time around.

What A Grizzly Start To A Wedding

Experts say that sharks aren’t really the terrifying creatures that the media has made us believe. However, we think that this couple would highly disagree after a grizzly encounter with one of these scary creatures tore up their perfect honeymoon.

Image courtesy of Ollie_underwater / Instagram

The worst part is that we don’t really know how this story ends. Sure, he was still alive when they got him to shore but did he survive after that? A shark bite that bad is terrible. We hope he did, though.

Family Does Everything Together

It’s amazing when the families of the newly-married couple are supportive of each other and shows an interest in spending time with the other party. However, it’s not so amazing when they want to spend that time right on the honeymoon.

Image courtesy of Thepalmhousegerroa / Instagram

This husband’s family seems to be stuck like glue to each other, and it seems like they want the bride and groom to be so as well. But really, how can they expect that when the couple only wants some precious time to enjoy each other’s company before they start their marriage journey?

Sometimes, Simple Mistakes Make For The Best Memories

Things like honeymoons require meticulous planning, especially since there’s only a limited time and, for many, a limited budget. That’s why everyone hopes for it to go the way they planned it to. However, that’s not always the case. Luckily for some, it becomes a good disaster. 

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This couple, for instance, actually got the best part of their trip because of the husband’s mistake when reading their itinerary. Still, there’s a lesson to be learned here: always ensure that you’re reading the right thing, especially regarding your flight schedules. Not every mistake like this would end up nicely. 

What A Great Way To Break The Pet Sitter Trust

For most pet lovers, leaving behind their fur babies would be a nightmare unless, of course, they find a trustworthy person to leave their pets behind with. Unfortunately, this couple might have trusted the wrong people with their beloved pets.

Image courtesy of Michelle_rose78 / Instagram

Everything was going smoothly until the couple got the report that their dogs had disappeared. What’s worse is that the reason for their disappearance had happened repeatedly. We get an inkling that if they ever find their dogs, they won’t ever let their parents pet-sit them ever again. 

At Least She Knows What To Expect For The Future

We all know that some moms can find it hard to let go of their precious children when they start building their own lives. However, there’s a line to be drawn, especially in their marriages. As it seems, this mother-in-law didn’t get the memo. 

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Not only did they kind of tag along to their son’s honeymoon, but the MIL decided to ruin her son and his bride’s wedding night by invading their privacy. It doesn’t matter if she paid for it and everything. She should have known how incredibly uncomfortable her actions would be for the couple. 

Redefining “Friendship”

Would you take your parents with you on your honeymoon? Probably a big no, right? Well, how about your best friend? That would probably still be a big no, given that there’s really no reason for them to be there. However, this bride thought otherwise and brought her best friend with her. 

Image courtesy of Cwiebeclothes / Instagram

It’s in no way the bride’s fault, but she probably didn’t find it fun and romantic when she found out that her new husband and alleged “best friend” were doing what the newly-married couple should be doing. Oh, the poor thing. She must have been heartbroken.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Weather disasters during a vacation are probably the worst thing ever, especially when it comes to a honeymoon. And mostly because there’s just no one to blame for it. It’s something that you have no power over, and you just have to accept it.

Image courtesy of Mirancraft /Instagram

Fortunately for this couple, they still tried to make the best of their weather disaster situation. Plus, they still managed to get through it all and look back at the day and laugh at it. Not every couple can do that.

Some Accidents Happen For A Reason

While getting lost on the wrong path away from civilization can definitely end up in murder, this one, fortunately, did not. In fact, it even turned out to be quite a beautiful surprise for the couple who experienced the whole thing. 

Image courtesy of Coraldiary / Instagram

Still, we can imagine just how nearly panicked they must have been in getting lost down those dirt roads in a foreign country. Fortunately, they had some good sense in them and were actually able to make the most of their situation.

Honeymoon Thriller

We all know that having your car break down in the middle of nowhere and being forced to spend the night in a sketchy hotel is one of the ways a horror or thriller film starts, right? Luckily, this couple only had a brush with that kind of scenario. 

Image courtesy of bujorkette / Instagram

While they weren’t there when everything was happening, there’s still going to be an unsettling feeling being so near a place where something gruesome had just happened. Hopefully, they got through the night okay and were able to leave the following day.

Is There Going To Be Fur-giveness For This?

Pets are like kids for some people, and when they go away, they want them to be in the best of care. Now, how would you feel if you were the person those people trusted and an accident happened? We’re betting you want to be swallowed up by the Earth just like this person. 

Image courtesy of Kosa.zoltan.erik / Instagram

Accidents do happen, though, and no matter how much you try to keep the pets indoors, they can still find a way out. When you have just lost a beloved pet, it’s easy not to be able to understand the other person’s side. Hopefully, these siblings will reconcile.

The Storm Goes Where They Go

Most people only deal with metaphorical storms of, say, emotions, and it’s crazy to think that some couples have to deal with these so-called storms early in their union. This couple, for instance, literally went through so many storms and accidents right on their honeymoon. 

Image courtesy of P.vekshin / Instagram

As it seems, disaster just coincidentally struck where they were. Sadly, because of that, they had some of the worst moments of their lives. Hopefully, they were there for each other, and the experience strengthened their relationship and made it last.

Early Arrival

When most ladies find out they’re pregnant, they start planning out the next nine lives of their lives based on their due date. Unfortunately for this lady, she probably missed the right date and ended up planning something really important around her due date!

Image courtesy of Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock

She must have thought she could have still been able to go through the honeymoon and get back home in time, right for the birth, but her baby just said, “Nope! I’m here!” Hopefully, their honeymoon in the hospital wasn’t as dreadful as it seemed.

Gotta Always Prep Your Tummy

One thing most people don’t usually think of when traveling to other countries is the change of diet. Other people see it as an adventure to taste new cuisines, but not everyone has stomachs that can easily shift diets and be completely fine. Take a look at this poor couple.

Image courtesy of Mcsalonga / Instagram

European diet is understandably completely different from Indian diets, and it might take a while to get used to it all, especially if they haven’t had this kind of food back home. Hopefully, they enjoyed some of the sights and other experiences, though. 

When Your Period Timing Couldn’t Get Any Worse

What most people don’t tend to realize about women is that many of them plan their days around their periods. So when our period comes unexpectedly, it can throw off pretty much weeks of planning. For this bride, though, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. 

Image courtesy of Doucefleur / Shutterstock

Of course, when you’re on your honeymoon, you’re expected to have some of the most romantic moments of your marriage. Sadly, this couple couldn’t enjoy a lot of that romantic part. Hopefully, they were pretty good at making up for it in other ways with flowers and plenty of sweet cuddles.

This Is The Start Of Action Movies

We’ve all seen those action films that start with a couple beating up some criminals and running off to who knows where right? Well, this couple did just that. But they’re not spies, and they definitely did not sign up to beat someone up. 

Image courtesy of Bank_worawut / Instagram

They just wanted a nice, romantic honeymoon, but unfortunately, someone tried to mug them, and they had to fight back. This kind of experience can really ruin the mood, and it’s sad they cut their honeymoon short. But we have to admit we’re pretty intrigued by how they handled the situation. Are they spies?

What’s An Adventure Without A Little Mishap Here And There

Most couples would want to go on picture-perfect honeymoons where they sip wine, have nice dinners, or tour gorgeous places. Others would want to go on adventures, and this couple did exactly that, including the not-so-perfect parts of going on adventures. 

Image courtesy of erikfischer29 / Instagram

The best part is that they didn’t suffer too much from any of the troubles they experienced. And now this couple has these amazing stories to tell their friends and family. And if they both loved that adventure, then we’re pretty sure they’re prepared for married life.

You’re Not Supposed To Want To Call Mommy

Honeymoon is the time when you’re not supposed to think of your parents or even want them anywhere near you. During this time, you want it to be just you and the person you love. However, when you’re in the middle of a huge hurricane, that can be the exception.

Image courtesy of Vianney.rudent.photo / Instagram

This couple thought that everything was going to be okay, but it was a way too scary situation. They felt like kids calling their parents. But who can blame them? If you feel like you might be in a life-threatening situation, you’d want to call your family and let them know you love them.

No Cruise Wasted

Till death do us part,” that’s how the vows go, right? Sadly for this couple, one of them didn’t need death to separate them from their partner. They just needed the right person to seduce them out of the sacred partnership they had literally just entered. 

Image courtesy of Instaoftheseas / Instagram

Kudos to the guy for still going on that cruise. A lot of people would’ve gone home and cried their eyes out, especially since it was supposed to be their honeymoon. At least he got to enjoy what he paid for without his supposed “other half” lying to his face. 

Innocence Lost

In this day and age, it’s not as common to find couples who waited until marriage to consummate their relationship, but there are still people who do that. And well, sometimes, it can lead to very interesting situations like the one with this couple. 

Image courtesy of Pellahedeby / Instagram

The level of innocence the guy had is just hilarious. But at least he didn’t shy away from asking his new wife. Now, he has learned a couple of new things or two and hopefully won’t make the same mistake again. 

Gone Forever

One of the worst things you can experience in the airport is the anxiety of waiting for your luggage as you await your next flight. What’s worse is grabbing the wrong bag and having to find your own bag while you’re rushing to get to your flight. 

Image courtesy of Baggage.irn / Instagram

We could just imagine all the stress this couple went through to get their baggage, only to end up without it anyway. Now, their bags remain in some supervisor’s office, probably piling up cobwebs and becoming one of the forgotten treasures in that office.

Paperwork Just Sucks

No matter the situation, paperwork sucks. You have to wait in line, you have to fill up so much paperwork, you have to spend countless minutes talking to someone you probably don’t want to talk to, and in the end, you might not even get what you want. 

Image courtesy of Kislinalex / Instagram

For this couple, their marriage is complicated enough as it is, and right when they were trying to make it a bit easier, the paperwork just didn’t work out for them. Hopefully, they did try again, and things worked out for them this time around.

A Do Over Is Definitely Recommended

No matter how much planning you do or how much preparation you make to avoid mishaps, some things are just out of your control. You also won’t be able to see them coming, and it can be incredibly painful and frustrating when they strike.

Image courtesy of Barrybutler9 / Instagram

However, the best way to move forward from something like this is to face the situation with grace as this couple did. Thankfully for them, they had a second chance at their honeymoon, which was way better than their first one.

This Is Why Backup Is So Important

Pictures are essential in every trip as they ensure you immortalize some of the best moments of your life. So when you lose them, it can be a real bummer. That’s why having a backup is so important, especially if you’re in the company of someone who’s a disaster with technology.

Image courtesy of Diegomarcelo_dj / Instagram

We totally understand why this woman would be so upset about those pictures. Great honeymoons don’t often come by in one’s life, and one of the best ways to keep them in memory would be pictures. But now, she’s lost most of them. 

Caught In The Act

One of the most embarrassing things for sexually-active adults is to get caught in the act. This is the kind of situation that makes us want to dig ourselves into a hole! Unfortunately, this couple had to go through this kind of experience during their honeymoon.

Image courtesy of New Africa / Shutterstock

As it seems, the maid was looking to do some early cleaning. Little did she know that the couple was getting some last-minute action. And we’re not sure who’s more unlucky in that situation. As much as we don’t want to get caught in the act, we also don’t want to catch people doing it.

Taco Bell Revenge

Food is one of the best healing things out there. Whether it’s healing from a hangover or healing from a breakup, food usually does a great trick at making everything better. The man in this relationship, however, used it as a tool for revenge. 

Image courtesy of Wayfaring_Jules / Instagram

How can you use food in a revenge plan? Well, eat the food of your enemy and make sure they don’t get any of what they like. That’s how. Hopefully, they did reconcile after probably a little bit of grumpiness over that Taco Bell fiasco.

This Is Why Sex Ed Is So Important

Many people don’t treat sex ed seriously, but everyone should. That way, everyone would actually know what goes on with our bodies and understand some important facts about the act of reproduction. That way, the kind of thing that happened to this couple wouldn’t happen to others. 

Image courtesy of Hxdbzxy / Shutterstock

That must not have been a fun night for this couple. Hopefully, they learned a lesson or two from this awful experience. And hopefully, they’ll be passing on the proper lessons to whoever they need to pass them down to. 

Warn The Driver Properly

While it’s the driver’s responsibility to get all passengers to their destination safely, passengers can also help with that, especially when it’s just them and the driver. They could keep an eye out, but when they’re giving a warning, they should do it properly, or else something like this could happen.

Image courtesy of Jazmin29m / Instagram

Understandably, the husband might have overreacted, but sadly, it was not a good time to do so. They could have avoided all that trouble, and he could have avoided the wrath of his wife, not to mention her injury. At least they can laugh about it now, right?

Should’ve Triple-Checked That One

Do you know that feeling of anxiety that comes when you’re traveling, so you keep checking your passes, tickets, and everything? Yeah, listen to that feeling. That will have you triple-checking everything and can even help you get on the right flight, unlike this couple. 

Image courtesy of Kfclovesyou / Instagram

Oh, they must have been daydreaming about all those lovely things in Costa Rica, but sadly, they were on the wrong flight. Seriously, though, how did the flight crew not catch that as well? And did they just get seats that were miraculously empty?

There’s More Behind Every Photo

Every time a couple releases perfect pictures from their honeymoon trip, many people think they had it easy. The reality is that there is always so much more going on behind the scenes. And they might not be as lovely as what we all see. 

Image courtesy of 4kclips / Shutterstock

Judging by the lovely pictures this couple probably posted, nobody would have guessed all the trouble they went through. Somehow, they still managed to pose as if nothing happened, which is actually not an easy thing to do, so kudos to them.

All For That Thrill

When your wife doesn’t feel good about you going out to do something that isn’t completely safe, maybe you should listen. They care about your safety, and sometimes, it’s better to be on the safe side and be a little boring rather than risking anything. 

Image courtesy of 2radwanderer / Instagram

Sadly for this man, he didn’t listen. So, they had to cut their entire honeymoon short for him to get operated on. Maybe this will teach him a lesson that listening to his wife is actually a good thing most of the time.

Not A Great Start

The honeymoon is a moment when people try to make the most of it, hoping it will be the start of a great marriage. But how about when everything goes wrong during the honeymoon or even before it has a chance to start?

Image courtesy of Munich_airport / Instagram

The wife in this situation must have been devastated. Not only is she missing her honeymoon, but she is probably finding out things about her new husband she didn’t want to commit to. But who knows? In sickness and in health, right?

When Bad Timing Ruins It All

Bad timing is just the worst thing ever. It can feel like the world hates you and doesn’t want you to have any fun at all because it’s not even your fault that it’s happening. It just is happening, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Image courtesy of Cruiseshipparadise / Instagram

This woman must have felt so bad for the fact that her husband didn’t get to enjoy their trip that much due to her sickness. Hopefully, for their next honeymoon-ish adventure, it goes a little better, and fate treats them a little kinder. 

When The World Kind Of Hates You

Have you ever had so much bad luck that you felt like the universe had a vendetta against you? Yeah, that might have been how this woman felt, too, when her perfectly-planned honeymoon trip was ruined by something she couldn’t exactly control. 

Image courtesy of Bookzv / Shutterstock

What she went through must have been excruciating. Then add that pain to the knowledge that her entire perfect holiday/honeymoon plan was getting ruined. Oh, she must have been devastated. We hope her new husband was supportive through everything, though.


Going on a honeymoon, especially in another country, is not cheap. Most couples spend months or even years saving up for the opportunity to go somewhere special for their honeymoon. Now, just imagine all those expectations and efforts crumbling because of a scam.

Image courtesy of sycamoreharleydavidson / Instagram

This poor couple was obviously scammed. Judging by their description, there was no way that place would have been so expensive. What’s worse is that it left a bitter taste in their mouths. Hopefully, the rest of the marriage made up for that horrible experience. 

Taking A Deep Dive Into Love

We all know that people can sometimes lose a sense of their surroundings when they’re caught in the heat of the moment. But come on! Why would anyone risk injury or even their lives just to have some fun times in a dangerous place?

Image courtesy of que_te_parece7 / Instagram

Unfortunately, it seems that this young couple was just too caught up in their little moment to notice they were falling off a balcony. There’s a lesson to be learned here. Thrill and adventure are great, but still, safety comes first, kids. 

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Most people don’t get to have a perfect honeymoon. Whether it’s a small thing or a big thing, there will always be something that can ruin the moment and taint the memory, but oftentimes, the key is in how you deal with it. 

Image courtesy of Instaoftheseas / Instagram

If other people went through this ordeal, they’d understandably be upset. It can even leave them pouting until they get home. Fortunately for this couple, they knew how to laugh at life. And we think it made it all the better for them.