Here’s What Your Wedding Invitation Suite Needs

By Fatime G

Image Courtesy of @karolina-grabowska / Pexels

Have you ever received a wedding invitation? There are two types of couples: those who cannot wait to put together their wedding invitation suite and those who have no idea what it is. For the latter, it is pretty simple. Have you ever received a wedding invitation? Were there extras in the envelope like details on how to get there, a response card, or an itinerary for the day? All these, including the envelope itself, are regarded as a wedding invitation suite. The question of what exactly makes up a wedding invitation suite is subjective depending on a couple’s wants. But to give you a head start, here are some elements you can include in your wedding invitation suite. 

The Must-Haves 

1. Invitation 

What better to start the list than the show’s star? The whole point of the wedding invitation suite is the invitation itself. A wedding invitation can be as formal or informal as you want to contain the date, the couple’s names, and the event’s location. Choose a beautiful design and keep it simple; otherwise, it becomes overcrowded and confusing for the guests.

2. Response 

Will your guest be able to make it to your big day? The answer lies in the response card, which intended guests can use to tell you whether they will be coming to the wedding. These cards are also sent with a reply envelope and stamps, which guests can use to mail back their responses. Today, some couples do online RSVPs where guests can reply to the invitation.

3. Envelope

To send out your wedding invitation suite, you will need an envelope to house all its contents. So basically, the standard envelope? Nope! This envelope is much more stylish; it can be dressed up to include a color scheme, liner, and wax seal and customized to fit the addresses and names of your guests in a beautiful font. Thus, it requires quite some work, unlike the standard envelope. 

The Extra Elements

1. Reception Card

Image Courtesy of @jenny-uhling-2262740 / Pexels

If you plan to host the reception in a location separate from the ceremony, you can include a reception card in your wedding invitation suite. The card can include the reception’s date, time, and location. You can also have activities at the reception and their timeline. 

2. Map/Direction Card 

Even with the blessing of GPS, guests can still benefit from having direction cards, especially for couples hosting rural or urban weddings. We know how traffic can get in towns; this card can list alternative routes to help your guests. 

3. Itinerary/ Wedding Program 

Does your nuptial weekend include additional events? Then you could benefit from an itinerary. It can include all the events’ times, dates, and locations to help guests stay on track with the program and encourage them to participate. 


A wedding invitation suite is more than just a piece of paper. When done right, it can set the tone of the wedding by infusing style and creativity to create something unique for you. You can use this piece to determine what your wedding invitation suite should include. And voila!