For An Outdoor Event: Outstanding Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

By Divya G

Santa Barbara is known for its scenery, near-perfect weather, and Mediterranean-style architecture. Couples wishing to get married in the American Rivera can consider Santa Barbara a perfect destination. Here, plenty of outdoor locations are there that will suit your requirements.

Image courtesy of Supacharapong Buanark/Shutterstock

Four Seasons Biltmore is a few steps from Butterfly Beach for a luxurious wedding. At the five-star resort, you can choose stunning outdoor locations. It includes the Escala Garden, the Mariposa Garden, and La Pacifica Ballroom. If you need any professional touch, the experts can provide the right assistance. The private bungalow, the elegant guest rooms, or the decorative details make the space special. 

The historical wedding venue, The River Mansion, is based in the center of Santa Barbara. It has Spanish Colonial revival architecture with white stucco buildings, terracotta roof tiles, neatly manicured lawns, palm trees alongside red brick patios, etc. The things that you can include for your wedding are dance floors, tableware, voice candles, table linens, and many other things. 

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It is another location to get married and creates an oh-so-romantic backdrop. The double courtyard has been a popular choice for many couples for a long time. It is located in downtown Santa Barbara and can accommodate 450 guests at the max. The fantastic location, the beautiful view, and the ultimate decor will ensure that your guests remember your wedding for a long time.

In The End

Well, these are some destinations in Santa Barbara that you can look for for your wedding venue.