Engaged? This Is How Long You Should Wait To Start Planning

By Divya G

It’s easy to dive into wedding planning the second you find out you’re engaged. You’re probably going to be bombarded with questions from loved ones like “Where is the wedding?” and “What are you going to wear?” or “Do you want a fancy wedding?” Our advice for you is to wait a little bit, no matter how hard it may be. We believe you should cherish that “just engaged” feeling, and here is why.

Image courtesy of Dragon Images/Shutterstock

The Immediate Conversation

You should talk to your partner and decide how long the length of engagement should be so you both are on the same page. There are advantages to waiting and also disadvantages. The discussion doesn’t have to be extensive or impact your timeline. But it’s always good to have good communication with your partner about it.

If It’s More Than 18 Months Away…

The average time for engagement is about 13 months, and we believe this is an adequate time frame for you and your partner to plan your dream wedding while also enjoying the time beforehand. This is also enough time to not lose momentum. Take it step-by-step, and come up with a budget together.

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If It’s Less Than A Year…

Maybe you want your wedding during a certain season, and we can’t blame you! While you may not be able to pick specific vendors in this short amount of time, there is no reason to start planning immediately, which will just lead to extra stress. Give yourself at least a week to relax and enjoy the feeling of being engaged.