Don’t Let Your Guests Freeze During Your Winter Wedding

By Moureen N

As once said by wise men, “winter is a wonderland.” Of course, the season arrives with uncountable emblems of romance, snow-blanketed landscapes, cozy but chic fashion, and crimson blooms. As a result, the soon-to-be couples, in an attempt to make their wedding as unique as possible, settle for the winter as the ideal season for their wedding.

Source: @alexbrisbey/Unsplash

However, the unfolding question is: how do you execute such an elegant affair during the less traditional—and certainly the coldest—times of the year?

Well, you will need to not only prepare your intended guests with the right attires to dress in but also come up with the best strategies to ensure their safety in terms of the cold weather. After all, you don’t want to become the joke as the rare person who has conducted the worst wedding on the planet!

Therefore, should your wedding or any portion of it be conducted outside, keep a variety of heaters and even spacious and cozy tents as backups. Also, consult your planner before the event to ensure the place will be warm enough to maintain your guests comfy.

You can also go the extra mile and incorporate an impeccable favor of artistically decorating the guests’ preserved seats with balmy and sweltering blankets. In addition, at the arrival of the guests, offer welcoming drinks and cocktails to keep them through the entire ceremony.

Source: @alesiaskaz/Unsplash

The warm food will play an integral role in soothing the visitors after they have stayed for a while at the wedding. Such seasonal foods as vegetables and hot soup can help the visitors embrace the season pretty well.

Finally, set up a warming station to help your visitors have fun as they have their warm drinks.