Building Your Relationship With The In-Laws

By Ruby M

You’re getting married, and not only are you marrying the love of your life – but you’re also marrying their family – and the best way to show your love for your partner’s family is to build your relationship with the in-laws. Sure, you may have been dating for a few years already, so you and the in-laws aren’t strangers, but ever since you said yes, building that relationship has become far more important. Luckily, we’ve got some tips and tricks on how to build that relationship with them.

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Show interest in their lives

A great way to befriend anyone is to show a little interest in their life. Ask them questions about what they do, what their hobbies are and even what music they like! You’ll find it’s a great way to get the conversation ball rolling and get to know who they are aside from being from your partner’s parents. 

Shared interests

By asking questions, you’ll also be able to learn their interests – and you’ll be able to determine if you share any interests with them and how you can bond over them. Perhaps you and your mother-in-law both love gardening, or perhaps your father-in-law is a motor enthusiast like you. You can spend time with them doing something you both love – and that love will grow your relationship, too. 

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Be Helpful

If you see that your father-in-law has lost his glasses, or your mother-in-law needs a helping hand with dinner – offer to help them. It will show that you care about them, and they will appreciate your kindness.

Sharing is Caring – But not too much

Perhaps you’re at the stage where you engage and enjoy having conversations with them. Perhaps you go to them for advice, or they even go to you. You talk to each other and feel close enough to share things with them that you would only share with family. That’s great! But remember not to talk to them about everything. You shouldn’t talk negatively about your partner to them because that’s the child you’re talking about at the end of the day. Nor should you share details with them that you wouldn’t want to be shared with your parents about you. There are just some things that should stay between you and your parents or your best friend.