That Divine Feminine Energy Is Hard To Maintain As Seen In 45 Relatable Girl Struggle Comics

By Ana J

No matter who you are, you have probably heard that women are sometimes complicated creatures. Listen, we can’t argue with that. Women are called out for being too emotional, indecisive, and dramatic. But this is all part of that divine feminine energy that men will never understand. And when we say we are complicated, we are fully aware, and we say it with confidence without an ounce of a man’s opinion in regard to our feelings about the subject. With that in mind, we stumbled upon one artist who explores the daily struggles of being a modern woman. Bella Sriwantana is a talented comic artist from Belgium, and she found an eye-catching and eccentric way to turn her everyday girl struggle into relatable and funny art on her Instagram page, bella.illustration. These comics feature characters such as pets, partners, besties, and everything we women deal with on a daily basis. We have selected 45 of the most relatable ones for your entertainment!


Have you ever listened to music through your earphones while walking and imagined you are in a music video? We feel ya! This comic displays this exact scenario. When you are in public, you might have a hard time showing off your inner diva.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

In public, you have to hold back. You can’t just burst into a song and dance. It might look weird. After all, spontaneous flash mobs are not as popular as they used to be. Although, we hear a TikTok dance might satisfy this desire.


There are plenty of memes on the internet portraying how horrible “that time of the month” can be. One of the biggest fears as a woman is the period escaping the confines of your underwear and leaking onto your fabulous outfit.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Luckily, you are not alone. Every lady out there has the same fear as you, and your bestie will always have your back. Literally, when you are feeling a little fragile, you can always rely on your girls to give you support.


Showers are like warm hugs. Seriously, Google it! Apparently, a hot shower can temporarily substitute our need for physical touch. And sometimes, you just need a hug to restart your whole body. When we are feeling stuck, it’s the perfect solution.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

And nothing is better than a long shower! It can even spark some new and fresh ideas sense we are so relaxed in there! Sometimes you just need to take a break for yourself. Your brain will thank you, too, since the shower will help its creative juices flow!


Although most of us understand how to “adult” by paying our own bills, having a job, buying our own groceries, and simply doing things for ourselves, we can all agree that there’s one thing we all dread and never look forward to!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

We want someone to keep making our doctor’s appointments for us. And by someone, we mean our parents, of course. They’ve been doing it for so many years, after all. What’s a few more? They are better at picking up the phone than us millennials anyway, right?


Fashion evolves over time, but somehow, specific trends always make a comeback, for better or worse. The funny thing about the way style developed in recent years is the way kids dress these days. Take the kids from the 80s and 90s, for example.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

These kids usually dressed in random articles of clothing that did not quite match. They involved funky patterns, oversized clothes, and crazy colorful eyeshadows and lipgloss for us girls. However, kids these days dress like they are about to be on the cover of Teen Vogue!

Missing stuff

Ah, this next comic highlights our seamless ability to locate missing stuff around the house in a matter of minutes. But the question is, are we exceptionally gifted, or are our partners absent-minded? Think about it. But not too hard…

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

… because we all know this to be true! It’s understandable that women are not always excited about the fact that we have to locate our partner’s stuff on the daily. Sometimes, we have other things on our minds and just can’t be bothered!

Fitting rooms

Ladies, we’ve all been lied to. Apparently, it’s a known fact in the retail industry that fitting room lights are positioned in a way to flatter your features, which ultimately makes you commit to a purchase. However, not all of us are aware!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

So, it’s understandable that when we come home, a sense of frustration and disappointment kicks in when we try on our new clothes. The piece of clothing just doesn’t have the same vibe as it did in the fitting room.


It’s funny how some men think that women wake up naturally looking like they are prepared for a fashion show and that we actually look like this all the time. However, we women don’t even need to say it. We go through a process every morning to present ourselves to the world.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

But we didn’t think about this before we saw this comic. When we get a delivery, the postman sees us in our natural and authentic state! If we really had the energy to put on a whole outfit and full face of makeup, we would go pick up the package ourselves, right?


Many women love spending time in the morning putting on makeup. It has been a part of our routines for so long for some of us! It can help accentuate your features, which in turn boosts your confidence. However, putting on makeup is a process, and Bella fully understands!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

When we try and contour or put on mascara, our face may resemble that of a fish! It’s just a part of the beautifying process. Those who don’t wear makeup or the men that sometimes walk in on us doing it will never understand!


Contrary to popular belief, women don’t love catty drama. What we don’t like is being in the center of it. However, if there is drama that we can watch from the sidelines, we will definitely be there for it!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

And it’s not just us women! We know some of you men out there feel the same about your bros! We believe it’s a natural feeling to want to indulge in some gossip once in a while. But only if we are not the center of it like we said!


Ah, this next comic is really on point. We are currently at the beginning of February, so those New Year’s resolutions are starting to seem like a distant memory made by somebody else. A month ago, we were younger and more naive.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Ah, where would we be if someone just offered us a small amount of money every time we say we will follow up on a resolution or a diet tomorrow? Those high-tech millionaires would not be so special then!


Ah, we all want to be “that girl.” The girl who wakes up in the morning and makes healthy smoothies to start the day and sets our intentions by doing yoga. But sometimes, we set different plans for ourselves!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

If we really want to achieve these goals, we need to reverse our bad habits, like putting the phone away at night, no matter how entertaining it is! This is the first step to becoming “that girl.” Put it on airplane mode, and smoothies will come.


Keeping plants alive is not as easy as it appears. We are not all gifted with a green thumb. If you ever tried being a plant parent, you might have experienced a few of your plant babies wilt into nothingness.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

It’s no use beating yourself up over it. Plants dying is more common than you think. Other people just don’t want to admit it. So, think of yourself more as their cool aunt who loves them, not the mom. This might make you feel better!


Gifts are always welcome! Any excuse to get a gift is great! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when this stuff is tailored to your needs. It’s more special to receive a gift that lets you know the other person put a lot of thought into it.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? You might say you don’t want anything for Valentine’s but, and you’re not that materialistic, but is that really true? Are you really going to pass up an opportunity to get let your man spoil you? Yeah, right. As if.


Getting coffee in a cafe is always a satisfying option. It’s a small thing you can do to reward yourself. Sometimes, it is nice to enjoy something you can’t have at home. However, who else understands the frustration that comes with the barista calling us by the wrong name?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

It might be something they cover in barista training. “Step 4: Get every single name wrong, even the three-letter names, like Amy.” It could ruin the vibe, even just a little bit, if you were planning to take a cute pic with your latte.


There are two types of people in the world. Those who set one alarm to get out of bed in the morning, and those who set about ten. We get it. We are the latter, too. We just need more of a push to roll out of bed!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

It looks like Bella is just like us! If she could just jump out of bed, she would probably be the smoothie kind of gal, but how would we enjoy these hilarious comics if she really had it all together?


We can all agree that the past two years with this pandemic caused different problems for many people. For some of us ladies, one particular issue that “popped up” even has its own name – maskne. It’s a mix of words mask and acne.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

While some people got to experience a pandemic glow-up, some people had problems keeping their skin blemish-free from the nose down while staying safe with a mask. It’s a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless. At least we can still cover it up!


When you are on your period, your every move is another opportunity to make a mess. Like, if you sneeze or spontaneously move the wrong way, it’s plausible a stain will make an appearance. So even the most mundane activities can put you on high alert.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

When you’ve lived with this struggle long enough, you develop some weird habits to avoid inconvenience. It is as emotionally taxing as it sounds. Imagine being afraid of sitting because of stains! But, we women know how to adapt and deal with anything!


Potatoes are probably the most versatile and accessible vegetable. There are just so many ways to cook them, and all of them are amazing! We especially love fries. They pair so well with everything such as burgers, hotdogs, or even on their own!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Us women will never say no to fires. Whoever said “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips” had no idea what they were talking about. Life is too short to worry about that! Think: “more fries, less cries” or “fries over guys.”


Does “lol” mean what it used to? Or its cousin “lmao?” Have you ever typed those things in response to something that didn’t even make you chuckle? We all have. So, can you truly trust those “lol” messages? Not exactly.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Well, you might not get a physical reaction, but usually, the other person will appreciate that you thought of them or tried to make them laugh, at least. So, while you might not be rolling on the floor, it’s the thought that counts.


TikTok, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is a black hole from which no one can escape once they enter. In fact, it may be more addictive than the other three because once you start TikTok, you forget about all the other platforms of entertainment.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

It’s never just one more TikTok, just like the diet we said we’d start tomorrow. The TikTok algorithm can be exceptionally addictive because it understands what we like in no time at all. If you think it’s just teenagers dancing, then good. Don’t sign up!


Women have been through so much over the decades, and sometimes it feels like we always need to defend ourselves. Women fought hard to be taken seriously as equals for centuries, and the fight is not over for many of us out there.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Sometimes, defending what we are wearing seems silly! We don’t mind if it doesn’t fit our body type or if the color isn’t flattering on us. We’ll wear it simply because we want to, and it makes us feel good, and no one will be able to stop us.


This pandemic has not been kind to those who are acne-prone, but it also hasn’t been kind to those who wear glasses! Masks and glasses are not a match made in heaven. As soon as the temperature or if we breathe out of our mouth, we can’t see anything.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

The problems do not end there. The ears are putting in some work overtime because they carry your mask, your glasses, and sometimes earrings or earphones! However, foggy is truly the worst because you need both of them! It’s not like we can make a choice here!


When you see someone coming to say hi, and you have no idea who they are, it’s time to test your acting skills! Everyone’s been in a few of these situations, so you have to act quickly and be convincing!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

You have to find the right words to hide that you have no idea who the heck just called your name! It’s a bonus if you get them to remind you how you met. However, if you are not famous and this happens to you often, maybe work on your memory.


When we ladies say we are full, we don’t really mean it most of the time. There’s usually some room for more food, but we are saving it for our special snack. Usually, it’s a snack we don’t want to share.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

When we say we are full, just read into it as we are prioritizing and delegating. This way, we can properly feed ourselves and calm the desert monster within us, which is always lurking after every meal. It’s just our special manners.


Our circle of people we trust and want to spend time with shrinks as our patience and tolerance for nonsense dwindles. We forget that from time to time, but, us being reminded of our lack of friends is never a pleasant feeling.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

We’re independent people who can have fun on our own, but it would be nice to get an invitation every now and then. We are probably going to say no or hesitate to go, but the invitation is what matters, right?


Speaking of desserts, there’s just something about fried dough in the shape of a circle that just hits different. It’s so delicious that sometimes, you think they might be able to substitute your partner. It’s not just us, right?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

To be honest, with everything we have to think about on a daily basis, engagement rings wouldn’t always be beneficial. A big old box of delicious doughnuts, on the other hand, is something entirely different. It’s all we want, really.


There comes a point in your life when you’ve been through so much nonsense and dealt with so many self-esteem issues that you just don’t care what other people think. So, regardless of what others say, you can just…

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

… brush it off and move on. But, it’s a different story when it comes to our best friends. If anyone dares to doubt how amazing your partner in crime is, they are not going to like what happens next. Run!

Awww, stop it, you!

Every woman, no, every person, loves compliments of any kind. It feels nice whether it’s romantic, friendly, or just a passing remark. Seriously, it’s amazing to feel good because someone cared about you in whatever way they decide to admire you!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

This is an excellent example of how to compliment your partner correctly. Take note, all you significant others out there! It’s so simple, yet it can make your partner’s whole day much better. We would melt If someone did this to us.


A lot of people had that edgy phase they went through when they were teens. Remember? It’s the phase when you wear just black, all the time, non-stop. It’s just the color of teenage angst. We also used to line our eyes with the blackest eyeliner possible!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

And while it was entertaining while it lasted, it’s also important to learn to appreciate other colors. If you vowed as a teenager that you will never wear pink, or any other “girly” color, you’ll be eating your own words in no time.


All of us love and appreciate our parents. They give us a purpose, a roof over our heads, food, love, and support. However, it is pretty amusing to contradict them every now and then. Especially when it comes to…

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

… their more traditional and sometimes outdated views on life. Like, what it means to be a lady! It’s worth calling them out on those things and challenging their opinions. That’s what kids are for! It doesn’t mean we don’t love them.


Not seeing different shades of a color is more common than you think. Again, it’s more common in men than in women, which leads to some pretty funny disagreements. What you men don’t understand is that we can’t just pick any lipstick!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

We need a moment to analyze and compare them. We are conducting a scientific experiment. Does this shade fit with our eyeshadow? What about our blush? It’s a process you can’t understand. It’s beyond you. Just let us be.


We are not ashamed to admit this. Sometimes, when you have to go to work, you just don’t have it in you to present yourself as a fully polished individual. Why bother spending half an hour getting ready to go to the same place every day?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Why put on our best makeup and our most formal outfits for coworkers who don’t really appreciate it? What’s in it for you? After all, it’s just a job, not your whole personality. As a part-time hot girl, you choose your own hours!


Every doctor out there will tell you not to go and diagnose yourself through Google. It does more harm than good. While it’s our nature to look for quick answers and solutions to our problems, it puts us under deep stress most of the time!

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Every time you search for your symptoms online or WebMD yourself, you instantly regret it. But we do it anyway! One minute you have a headache, and the next minute, you are in a rabbit hole researching how to cure cancer!


Many members of the male species will claim women are complicated creatures. But actually, we are really simple. We have around four moods, and you just need to calculate around those four. We enjoy food, sleep, cute pets, clothes.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Basically, all the finer things in life we cherish. Life is much easier once you realize that you only really need these four things to be happy. Sure, there are other things, but these are our four constants! Like fire, earth, water, and air, right?


Sometimes, there are days when you just need to feel pretty. You wake up with the urge to dress up, and you might not have an occasion at all, but you just don’t feel complete without a whole look.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

It might look strange to people, but it’s just an urge. When you think about it… why would you ever need a reason to feel pretty and look cute? Just go with the flow. Why not? It harms no one!


Whatever pet you have, there will always be something that will alert others to the fact that you have a pet. For dogs, it’s the never-ending dog hair that shows up on our clothes. For cats, it’s the scratches all over your hands.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Cats are peculiar creatures. Sometimes, we believe that cats hold a grudge against humans. We understand they think they are the aristocracy and we are servants, but would it hurt to give us some affection now and then? Would it?!

New Year

Who isn’t looking forward to the holidays and much-needed breaks from work? Vacations, parties, get-togethers, gifts, and plenty of food are all on the agenda. But, after the fireworks and countdowns, what are we supposed to do? Nobody knows.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Like, how do you just go back to work after a fantastic party? Or, how do you just proceed after a big celebration? You just go to sleep and then wake up as if nothing happened? Do you like to pretend there’s no work the next day?


It’s bad enough that other people these days will stare at us with a concerned look if we dare to sneeze or cough due to our allergies, but then there’s that annoying little voice in our heads adding to all that doubt.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

And, it’s the same even if we’re vaccinated and have taken every safety precaution. So now, every time you cough, you are getting paranoid. Where were we for the last few days? Were we exposed? Did we wash hands before eating chips?!

Still watching?

If you’ve ever binge-watched a show on Netflix, you’ve definitely witnessed the most passive-aggressive message on your screen that says, “Are you still watching?” Wow. Rude. Ok. Yes, we are still watching. Don’t interrupt our binge session like that.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

We didn’t come to you for judgment! You can bet we’d be watching every second of Friends if we committed to a whole Friday night. There’s no need to check in with us to see if we’re “still watching.” That is an insult.

Mask smile

We don’t know about you, but these obnoxious masks have definitely assisted us in discovering a new way to fake a smile. After all, if everyone can only see half of your face, why bother contorting all your face muscles when you don’t need to?

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

To make a pleasant expression, we’ve learned to isolate our lower face muscles and only move our eyes and brows. If you ask us, it’s a pretty cool trick, and it’s one of the few things we don’t mind about masks.


Pets are often our first love. When we find a human partner to share our life with, they might feel like a third wheel. It’s not our fault. It’s just that that bond between you and your pet is unlike anything else.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

It’s not that we don’t love them. It’s just that, unlike them, our pets don’t usually get on our last nerve. Plus, how can you resist showering your pets with all of your love and affection every time you see them?

The 30s

We’re not sure what it is about the 30s that makes us nervous. It’s not that old if you think about it. Sixty is considered old, but not 30. Plus, in our 30s, we can still do everything we did when we were younger.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

Right? Well, drinking isn’t the same, first of all. Your back isn’t the same. But, you have more money! Change is scary. Something about that big leap into the third decade just seems extra scary. Why is that? We don’t know.

Toilet paper

You know you’re set, and you won’t end up in the gutter if you don’t ‘panic buy,’ but everyone around you is ‘panic buying,’ and acting as if everything is the last of its kind spreads the stress even more.

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

You may feel like you’re missing out. It’s really annoying, especially when you know there’s no reason to do it. But, at the very least, Bella is aware of her priorities. If it were us, we’d also grab the absolute necessities, like Cheetos.

Quick weight loss

Those of us who get bloated often know that there is a quick way to lose that extra layer on our tummy. It’s not something you want to tell strangers on the internet, but if you are hiding behind …

Image courtesy of bella.illustration/ Instagram

… a meme or a comic, everyone will understand. It’s perfectly natural, and we don’t get where the stigma comes from. But, oh, well. Anyway, this is our last comic for the series. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.