Make Vet Visits A Little Less “Ruff” With 40 Comical Vet Clinic Signs

By Liezel L December 26, 2023

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Going to the vet can be a less-than-happy experience not only for pets but also for their parents. Nobody wants to deal with a scared dog or a cat, right? It can be pretty frustrating trying to coax them with anything and everything and making your patience last as long as it could. One vet clinic in Westminster, Maryland has found a way to make the experience a little less stressful for pet owners. The Carroll County Veterinary Clinic started posting funny and witty signs outside its office to welcome visitors. They became popular, and so every week, the clinic changes it up with a new hilarious sign and posts it on their Instagram. And we gotta say, it’s genius! Although the animals can’t read, we’re pretty sure the owners appreciate the light-hearted welcome. Here are some of their best ones. 

Images courtesy of the Carroll County Veterinary Clinic’s Instagram page.

They’re Not Wrong 

They say that if you want to live a happy and less stressful life, you should stop caring about what others think, and you know what? We totally agree with that. Well, except for dogs, though. We totally care what they think about us.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Being disliked by a dog or any other animal actually is just terrible, especially if you love them. If we were vets, we’d always be wondering if they dislike us because of our job or because of who we are as human beings. 

Still Has Baggage All Throughout The Year

We think we all have some kind of emotional baggage one way or another. As it seems, though, someone at the vet clinic was going through something when they made this quote for the week. It kinda hits home, doesn’t it? 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

We get it. Work-life balance can be a pretty hard thing to do. Then, there’s also the seasons changing. We do hope the constant stream of pets will cheer them up. Or at least, they don’t get too many bites or scratches. 

Need. That. Sleep. 

Sleep is a crucial factor in a human’s everyday functioning. How much sleep you get sets your mood for the whole day and can even dictate how your entire day will go. That’s why sleep is essential. Whoever posted this quote clearly doesn’t get enough. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Maybe it was a pet at home, or maybe it was a bad encounter with an animal at the clinic, but well, they’re right. If you do love someone, let them get that sleep. We know they’re not going to get much shut-eye at the clinic. 


Sometimes, people get on our nerves. It’s okay, it happens, and usually, we move on. Even those we love the most can bum us out from time to time. But you know who always has our backs and never disappoints us?

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Thank goodness we have dogs! They are definitely the living proof that good still exists in this world. How can they not be with all the love and affection they give us? They’re basically angels on earth. Cats, too, most of the time.

Why Is This So Accurate?

This quote might be the most accurate description for cats out there. See, they are such graceful creatures with their sleek bodies and all their elegant movements. There are times, however, when they act like complete idiots. This is when we love them the most.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

One moment, they can be sitting on top of the shelf, looking down on everything, looking like royalty looking down on their subjects, and then the next minute, they can be barfing hairballs on the carpet. We still find both sides of them very endearing. 

We Want A Refund 

Honestly, we don’t think anyone wants to count 2020 as a legitimate year. We were all in limbo that year. Okay, maybe some people developed a new hobby or discovered a skill. But many of us just binged some TV.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

We should be given a refund since we don’t think anybody actually used the year the way they wanted to. But we can all appreciate the humor here and laugh about it. At least we can all relate to each other since we were in the same situation.

Great Advice! 

Listening to the doctor is good. After all, they’re the ones who know what’s right better than us most of the time, and on this front, they’re absolutely right. Just run. Run for your lives and do not look back. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

The advice may be for our pet companions and not us, but you never know, right? Who knows if there’s a crazy taxidermist out there looking to preserve a human instead. We’ll just have to pass on the advice to our furry friends. 

Das Wisdom Right There

Sadness can be utterly frustrating sometimes. There are days when some ice cream can relieve it, and then there are days when nothing seems to work. You never know. Whoever’s making the sign at the Carroll County Clinic has some wisdom to share. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Their point is loud and clear. Being sad is not good, and nobody wants to be sad. So whenever you feel it, just think of the word backward. It’s pretty funny and pretty solid advice. Remember, when you’re sad, das not good. 

Can’t Argue With A Cat

For some reason, cats are born with this instinct like they know they’re destined to be the boss of the house. Seriously, the moment they step foot into our lives, they know they own us and not the other way around. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

As some people say, the cat chooses you; you do not choose the cat. And who would even tell a cat that they’re not the boss of them? Rookie mistake right there. Of course, the cat’s the boss. It’s just fact. 

They Would Have Been Traumatized

Since the dawn of time, humans have been aware that animals don’t talk. It’s a given because, to our knowledge, we’re the only creatures who have developed a language as complex as ours. So the first person who heard a parrot talk probably fainted on the spot. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

If it were us, we imagine we’d be properly traumatized too. Sure, we’d be curious and amazed, but that would come later, after we’ve sorted out the “what the heck” feeling. Now, we’re curious how the first person reacted to hearing a parrot talk. 

The Best Of Both Worlds 

Some people wake up in the morning full of energy and life. They’re the early birds. Then, some people thrive under cover of darkness. Those are the night owls. But then, there are also people lost in between. The afternoon pigeons.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

That third kind of person is a combination of night owls and early birds or what they call a permanently exhausted pigeon. They get the best of both worlds for sure but never the best of sleep. Which one are you? 

Coffee Is Life 

Seriously, whoever discovered coffee should have gotten an award. That drink has saved countless people from losing jobs or going absolutely berserk. So yes, coffee is essential before anything else. We guess you can tell what type of people we are.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Before the coffee arrives, all we can do is procaffeinate (this is an actual word, by the way). Only when the bitter yet luscious taste of coffee has awakened our souls can we start functioning like normal members of society. 

Yep, They Love Dad Jokes

Dad jokes can be lame, or they can be legendary. In this case, we think it’s a bit of both. In other settings, we might cringe, but when you’re taking your fur child to the vet, you go full parent mode, and that naturally includes the acceptance of dad jokes. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

At least the clinic isn’t shy to admit that one or three of their jokes are bad puns. They even seem proud of it, and we get it. When you become a fur parent, it’s not just dad jokes that run rampant around the house. 

Still Counts, Right? 

Sometimes, waking up early in the morning or gearing up in the evening after work to go to the gym can be discouraging. Think of all the sleep you could have gotten both ways. But then again, there are other ways to exercise, right? 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Picking up a cookie, for example, counts as one squat, and one squat is better than nothing, isn’t it? Maybe it would work better if our pet beat us to it, and we’d have to chase them around to get it back. 

Hair Everywhere! 

If you own a dog, then you probably know that no clothing of yours will ever be free of fur. You will always have that mark that will clue people in that you have a fur child. Many of us just deal with this reality.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

It’s strange because the hair never seems to stick to the source. It will get everywhere – on the food, the toilet bowl, the cutlery, and even the underwear you’re wearing but strangely enough, never on the dog. Why, oh, why? 

They Know The Lies

Dogs can eat a lot of random things they find in the yard, but at the same time, they can also be quite picky eaters. Once they draw the line at something, there is just no way you’re going to get it in their tummies. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Pills are just one of those things dogs seem to hate the most. Put a tablet in anything, and they will absolutely refuse to eat it even if it is their favorite food. It’s like it will be the death of them to swallow that pill, even if it will probably make them better instead. 

The Shampoo Accident 

There are days when nothing seems to go right. For instance, you could accidentally grab the salt instead of sugar and dump it all over your coffee or burn your toast. Or you could accidentally grab the dog shampoo instead of yours. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

That second one doesn’t seem too bad, especially if you consider that one of the apparent side effects is feeling like a good girl/boy. We bet that’s a pretty awesome feeling. Is there a way we can get a free trial without actually using the shampoo? No? Fine, then.

It’s A Valid Argument 

You are so lucky to start every day of your life with a sunny disposition. For most of us, we start our days wandering around the house like zombies. And then, there are also days when we just feel like screaming our heads off just because.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

That’s why we feel this quote so much. It’s true. Why do roosters get the privilege of doing that every morning and not being branded lunatics? Are they stressed? Probably not. Do they constantly live in survival mode? Somewhat. We need that screaming privilege. 

Pros And Cons 

They say running is good for the health. It strengthens your heart, muscles, lungs, and all that jazz. And we believe that, sure. But when you compare it to the feeling of not running, there’s an easy winner for us. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Just the thought of just lying down in bed for that extra five minutes or just enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning already feels a lot better than thinking of getting up an hour earlier after not getting enough sleep.

No Need To Doubt This 

There are two types of people: dog people and cat people. These two sides often argue on who’s the better pet, but we found something they can both agree on: this sign. There is just no argument to this statement. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Honestly, we’d rather trust our lives to something that barks or purrs rather than to something that speaks. Because once you’ve earned the trust and loyalty of a cat or dog, they’ve got your back no matter what, and they’ll stay with you for life. So yep, 100% good and reliable.

That Word Doesn’t Exist To Them 

For humans, apologizing is a part of life. We do it when we hurt someone, when we did something wrong, or even if we did something totally by accident that had bad consequences. However, for cats, the word and the act simply do not exist in their majestic lives. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

And why should it, especially when it comes to us humans? We’re their servants, not the other way around. Apologizing does not apply to them. The best they can do is bring you a dead rat or a dead lizard, although it may be more out of pity that we can’t hunt rather than guilt.

Bark vs Ding Dong 

We’re not sure if it’s the sound of footsteps or the ding-dong of the doorbell, but whoever has a dog knows that most of them will go crazy once that thing starts chiming. And by the sound of their barking, it’s like they’ve discovered something new and shocking.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

We think this quote is pretty accurate. It’s either that or they just had fun messing with their dog. If it’s the latter, they were some mean people. But we will never know what it’s like just to hear the chime without the accompanied barking.

Before We Sign This Contract 

Wouldn’t it have been more fun if we’d had a contract for 2020 and we read the terms and conditions? Maybe then, the year would have been different. That’s why we need to see the terms and conditions for 2021 – and every year that follows, actually.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

We were so excited by the end of 2020, thinking everything ends with the year. But alas, we see how that turned out. We’re just taking precautions now, and we just want to see what to expect so we don’t get our hopes too high again. 


Cats aren’t always the nicest creatures, and sometimes, we don’t even know if they’re in the mood to be nice or not. They have their moments, and once they show you that sweet side of theirs, they will own you. You can’t resist.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Once a cat owns you, you will do everything in your power to keep them happy, even if it means staying in place without moving a single muscle so that they can get a peaceful afternoon nap. This is the strength of their power.

Are Most Of Us Nachos?

There are a lot of powerful people out there who look like they’ve got all their stuff together and their life figured out, but we’re pretty sure nobody really has their lives 100% together. Some of them may even be like nachos.  

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

To be honest, we feel like nachos a lot of the time, even though we want to be tacos. And it’s okay. We don’t mind being nachos because nachos are just as delicious, and they are the life of the party.

It’s Too Short A Word For How Angelic They Are 

Dogs bring so much good into this world. They have a whole lot of heart, and they bring so much joy to our lives. That’s why we can’t help but cherish and love them just as unconditionally as they love us.  

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

We think we can all agree that the word “dog” is too short and is not at all long enough to encompass all the love, good, and purity they bring to our world. We don’t think there ever will be a word that is meaningful enough for that. 

What Goes Away Will Always Return…Somehow

It’s weird, but when it comes to the house, lost things always find a way of coming back to us in ways that we don’t expect. It’s just the way the circle of life goes. This quote by the clinic gives a perfect example.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

We’ve all lost socks and Tupperware covers at some point in our lives, and we’ve all probably heard an earful about it from our moms. But hey, at least there’s an exchange, right? You just have to wait for the right item to show up. 

They’re Just Busy, Okay? 

Black cats have quite a reputation, and people say that if one crosses your path, it means you have bad luck coming. The thing is, though, black cats didn’t ask to be born that way. They don’t choose their fur color, after all.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

The plain and simple truth is that if a black cat crosses your way, they just have someplace to be. They won’t go looking hundreds of miles just to cross in front of you to tell you bad luck is coming. Cats, in general, could care less.

It Gets More And More Lost As We Age

Contrary to what many people like to believe, aging does have its perks. For one, you get added experiences and memories to your life. Sadly though, it also has a lot of cons because you do lose some things as you grow older. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

One of the most frustrating things you lose as you age is your metabolism. No more late-night movie marathons with food binges can simply be burned off by a 10-minute jog. Well, you can do what you want, of course.

They Sound Too Alike 

If you think about it and if you really want it, exercise can sound so much like a lot of delicious food out there. Maybe that’s why a lot of us get and grab the food instead of doing any kind of workout. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

In this case, “exercise” and “extra fries” do sound a lot alike if you say it fast enough. It would be easy to tell the difference, though, since one is an absolute delight and the other one… not so much. 

We’re Just Talented That Way 

There are people who are so coordinated that it seems like they’ve never had a fall ever since their first steps. And then we have the rest of us, the clumsier lot. How awkward we are can vary day by day, though. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Some days, we just experience that little slip of the pen or dropping our bag, and that’s still pretty standard. Everyone experiences that. Then, there are days when things get a little more stuntlike, like slipping down the stairs or spilling our drink on someone else.

They Buzzed Their Way Through 

As far as bee puns go, this dad joke is probably one of the best we’ve seen so far. The best part is that it came from a vet clinic. That’s comedy gold right there! Even if they don’t deal with bees, well, they’re good at the jokes. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

This question got us curious, though. If any bee whisperer out there knows the answer, please tell us. We think it would have been a pretty awesome party to view from a distance. We bet bees would be graceful dancers!

Small But Terrible 

It’s well known that a lot of tiny dogs have temper problems. Speaking of temper tantrums, the chihuahua is a breed well known for it. As adorable as they are with their tiny feet and little snouts, those pups can turn into ferocious beasts when mad. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

The worst part about it is that chihuahuas seem to get mad at everything and anything. It’s like their tiny bodies just can’t handle all the rage, so any little thing would trigger a tantrum. They’re just like tiny furballs of anger. 

Or Spoiled Milk

We think we can all agree that 2020 was just not the year for anybody. It wasn’t easy getting through that year and holding out hope all that time. But again, humor saves the day and reminds us life can be really great.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

While we think this quote is accurate, for us, we’d liken the year to the procedure itself. Or if we’re talking drinks, we’d compare it to sour milk. We’re getting a bit dramatic, but you get where we’re coming from.

Most Valid Refund Ever

We’ve all had our fair share of food disappointments. Maybe it looked nice in the picture, or somebody we knew recommended it, but it just didn’t satisfy our tastebuds. In those scenarios, everything can feel like a waste. We’d like a redo.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Understandably, getting a refund for our money and time would be preposterous but can’t they at least give us the calorie refund? That would make us feel 90% better and would reduce the amount of regret we feel, at least.

Why Would They? 

One of the best parts about getting a pet is teaching them to respond to specific commands. This would help you teach them good behavior and a few party tricks here and there. Cats might not always be so reliable on this front. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

Cats are highly intelligent creatures. They can learn so much so fast, and like dogs, they can also understand our body language. They can also memorize plenty of commands. It’s just the problem of getting them to want to do it.

Dogs Will Always Win

Diamonds may look nice and shiny, and they might elevate your status symbol, but they won’t give you the love and joy that dogs can. In fact, there is a vast difference between what gems and pets can provide you. The only similarity they might have is that they’re both expensive. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

For us, dogs will always win. Sure, we love a little bling-bling now and then, but we just can’t compare the affection and love we get from our puppers. Plus, cuddling with a dog is way better than cuddling with a cold, hard jewel.

They Both Annoy Us Now 

The last two years have altered how we think about someone sneezing on the bus seat next to us. While it’s never been something we love to deal with, now it has different implications. And the scale has never been less welcome in our homes.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

When all we were scared of measuring was our weight, life was simpler. Now we’re worried about checking our temperatures. Well, one thing we can say for ourselves: we care much less about what the scale says than we did two years ago.

Smart, This One 

We don’t know who thought of this one at the Carroll County Clinic, but we want to give them a pat on the back for a pun well done. Also, we kind of want to give them a little knock on the head for making us laugh out loud at a dad joke like this. 

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

As far as rabbit puns go, this one really is one of the best we’ve seen in a while. We’re not sure if Bugs Bunny or the rest of the rabbit population would be pleased. It’s not flattering for them, but then again, he’s a fictional character.

Just Making Hens Meet

The Carroll County Clinic sure does love their puns and dad jokes. We can’t deny it; we love them too. This joke is just a masterpiece. There’s just nothing like a good chicken pun executed so well. We definitely chuckled quite a bit.

image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/ Instagram

If you’re looking for the best animal puns, the clinic has a lot of them. A dating site for chickens? That already had us cracking a smile. Just imagine chickens dating for real. How would it all go? Ah, we’re overthinking again!