35+ Horrible Hairstyles That Unsurprisingly Got Shamed Online

By Ruby M

This article was originally published on befashionly

For some, a trip to the hairdresser is exciting – you get to take care of your lovely locks, make sure it’s nice and healthy, or even get a completely new look if that’s what you feel like doing. From cutting your hair short after always being known for having long hair to dying it a funky new color, people consider a new hairdo very therapeutic. However, these people probably need therapy after ending up with these hairdos.

A Facebook group called “That’s it, I’m Shaming” has had enough of the wacky hairdos trending for whatever reason, and the internet is loving it. So, if you need a few good laughs, keep reading because we’ve put together 40 terrible hairstyles that will make you re-think being spontaneous with your locks.

All images on this article are courtesy of “That’s it, I’m Shaming” on Facebook.

The Head-tee

You’ve heard of the goatee and all of its variations. However, fashion has progressed from the simple days of having facial hair on one’s chin but not on their cheeks, and now people are replicating this style on their heads.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Usually, when a person has a receding hairline, they opt to go bald, but this man clearly couldn’t let his hair go – not completely, anyway – so he created the head-goatee. With this style, one’s hair is on the top of the head but nowhere else.

Braid Buddies

Enough horsing around! Although, there is no better way to get yourself a few days (or weeks) off work. If you want an easy way to have your scalp ripped from your head, then take this image as inspiration and tie a braid to your horse’s tail. 

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/cameronturn

Not only will your head be precariously close to the horse’s rear end, but if you anger the horse enough, you might even get kicked in the face! This poor girl needs to get more female friends with whom she can share a hair braid.

DIY Hair Should Not Be Legal

This is what happens when you let your drunk girlfriend or five-year-old child have their way with a pair of scissors and your locks. Or perhaps, your drunk girlfriend AND five-year-old child. Either way, the results are clearly not favorable.

Image courtesy of: the Humor of Melvin Durai / Melvin Durai

If your intention was to turn heads, Mr. Man, congratulations; the heads are turning. However, we don’t think that anyone is looking at you in a positive light. We suggest shaving it all off and trying something a little more tasteful next time.

Cutting Down On Luxuries

Times are tough – especially with the rate of inflation lately. Everything seems to have gone up – except the average person’s paycheck! When things become difficult financially, you have to cut back on things like nail appointments, coffee dates, and, of course, the hairdresser.

Image courtesy of: The Chive

These two decided to save a few pennies by splitting on a box of store-bought hair dye. Judging by the result, it seems they did their hair at home and saved some cash on going to a professional (even though the hairdresser would have done a better job).

Why settle for ordinary?

They say, “why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary?” Usually, we would agree with this sentiment, but we don’t think that this is what they meant. One’s haircut should not, in any way, look like a damp bird’s nest.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

It does make us wonder how this haircut came about. Did this lady wander into the hair salon and say, “I want to WOW people?” After being disappointed with the many options in the magazines, she told them, “You know what? These looks are too ordinary. I’d like to look like a wet mop.

The Human Handbag

This one is for all the ogres, giants, and excessively tall people out there who love crazy fashion choices. We have just found the perfect addition to your wardrobe wrapped and ready to ship to northern Westeros. We hope you like it.

Image courtesy of: Any TV News/ Sveta Goyal

Introducing the human handbag! It even has a little handle complete with what looks like a pearl, and if you pull it hard enough, the human’s mouth will open so that you can store all of your goodies inside. Order today to avoid disappointment – these boys are selling out fast.

Mermaid’s Tail

So, we actually know the story behind this one. This lady went to the hairdresser, who royally messed up her hairdo. Instead of giving her the “U” haircut that she had requested, the lady gave her a weird mermaid tail-looking do instead.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Apparently, the hairdresser wouldn’t fix it, so this poor woman had to walk around like this for two days. Then, another hairdresser was able to fit her into their schedule and repair the damage. Thankfully, the second hairdresser was able to sort this out.

The Bowl Cut

Remember when we said times are tough? Well, here’s another example. Everyone knows that one kid in school whose mom grabbed a bowl and some scissors and went to town, creating the bowl haircut? If you don’t know anyone, maybe you were that kid.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @mxmclain

Well, this is pretty much the same thing. It looks like this woman decided to skip the hairdresser and cut her hair at home. She probably messed up, shaved the mess, and finished her do with the same bowl and scissors the nursery school mom used.

Visible Layers

From the same creators of the rat tail and the spiky haircuts, here is a brand new catastrophe: the visible layers! Usually, when you go to the hairdresser for some layers, they want to create the illusion of length and volume using shorter pieces.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ej1103

This disaster, however, will not only get the attention of everyone in the room. It is also the first ever layered haircut that gives you NO length or volume and makes it look as if you attempted to cut your hair yourself. Come down to Bad Salons R Us and book your cut today!

Short Hair Problems

If you have hair that doesn’t want to grow longer than a certain length due to genetics, unhealthy hair, or sheer impatience, you can always add a few inches on by getting hair extensions – and that’s precisely what this person chose to do.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

However, she clearly wasn’t told that the hair extensions should be the same color as her existing hair. If you don’t want it to look obvious, that is. It looks like she wants the whole world to know that she has hair extensions. And judging by the violet color, she wants everyone to notice.

Stranger Highlights

These ladies are huge Stranger Things fans, so they wanted to get the strangest hairstyle they could find. And while they were at it, they chose a “funky” color like red and pink to make sure that their strange new do is nice and colorful.

Image courtesy of: TikTok/ @iamkrystallashon

We aren’t sure what made these girls decide to go with this look out of all the looks that they could choose from. But we really hope that their school or job doesn’t allow such haircuts so that they are forced to go back to something a little less…odd.

Honoring Britney Spears

Normal from the front, bald party in the back – what could go wrong? Well, aside from becoming something that people make fun of online, in person, and pretty much everywhere you go, this person also increased their chances of scalp sunburn.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/@bilexual__

We can’t even look at this picture with a straight face. We want to laugh out loud and tell this person to put on a hat so they can shield their poor, shiny head from UV rays and a heightened risk of skin cancer. 

Party at the Front and Back

Well, if you have a beard at the front, why can’t you have a beard at the back, too? We are very tempted to photoshop this image. We would add a face at the back of this man’s head to emphasize the back-of-the-head beard he has going on.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ KymLee Nicholls

It can’t be too difficult! If Voldemort, from the Harry Potter movies, could do it with his magic, we can do the same with Photoshop or a Sharpie. It would be a great party trick. This man could remove his hat and reveal that he has two faces with beards, not just one.

A Marvelous Place?

America is quite the experience. New York City, Hollywood, and Disney World are just a handful of the beautiful places to discover. However, no matter which country we’re discussing, we don’t understand how anyone would want to have the flag as a hairdo.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

It’s a free country, but do you really need to show your love and appreciation for your country by getting this haircut? We don’t think so. Let’s hope this was a temporary and reversible hairdo for the Fourth of July celebrations.

New Hair, New Me

This poor woman probably just went through a tough breakup and decided to release some of the built-up tension and sadness by getting a new do. And that’s completely understandable! People are always saying, “new hair, new me,” after all.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Mikala Jones

Except, that statement usually results in a fierce woman rocking a marvelous new do to show the world that she is truly and completely over her ex. This does, however, looks like she’s in the middle of a mid-life crisis.

Maybe She Got Gum In Her Hair?

This just looks like someone wanted to cut their hair short and then changed their mind at the last minute. Only, it was a little too late because the hairdresser had already gone to town and snipped off a good few layers.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

On the plus side, hair does grow back… eventually. Besides, it looks like it can be fixed with some hair extensions or perhaps a pixie cut might do the trick. Our advice is, don’t say “cut it all off” unless you really, really mean it.

Bubblegum Braids

If you love funky Bratz dolls or have a bubblegum-themed roller-skating party coming up, you’ll probably love this look. But for the most part, we could totally do without it (and so could half of the world’s population, we think).

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

First of all, it must have been really painful to get that many weaves tied into her hair. Secondly, what’s with all the colors? One bubblegum color was not enough; she had to go the whole nine yards (or nine inches, we suppose) to get a rainbow of bubblegum colors.

All you need is love, love is all you need.

 People say that love makes the world go round and that it is the only thing we all need. But you can surely spread this so-called love with origami hearts or confetti instead of shaving it onto the back of your head, right?

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

At least this person had the sense to keep some hair on the top of her head to cover it up when she needed to. We wonder why people are all jumping on board with these shaved figures on the back of their heads. Who even started this trend?

Two-Headed Man

When they said this man has eyes at the back of his head, they weren’t kidding! What’s worse than getting a flag or Easter eggs shaved into your latest do? Getting a (terribly drawn) face shaved onto the back of your head! 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

We are really hoping that this was done because this poor dude lost a bet and not because he actually thought that he was being fashionable or that it looks good. We also hope his hair has grown out again. This is just too weird!

Well, that’s … something.

If you’re too scared to tattoo the back of your head with weird-looking symbols without knowing what it will look like, try shaving it onto the back of your hair and adding a pop of color to test the waters before you commit.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

“Throw in some funky colors, too, and make sure they complement each other! Everyone loves Barney the Dinosaur, so why not go with green and purple? It will certainly go so nicely with your rainbow-colored hair.” Said no one, ever.

The Easter Bunny Came Early This Year

 Some people love the holidays, so they go all out – and we mean ALL out for Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter. They decorate their homes with bunnies, eggs, and hay and even throw an Easter bash complete with an egg hunt.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

That is great; we love that holiday spirit, but we’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Dressing up as the Easter Bunny is one thing, but shaving the back of your head using hair dye to create images of Easter eggs on your scalp is a bit of a step too far.

Under the Sea

This “shaving the back of your head” thing is really getting out of hand. Call us ‘lame’ or not ‘hip’ or whatever the kids say these days, but we are just not here for it. A funny wig that you can take off at any time? Sure. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Why do people feel the need to hairspray eggs, flags, and now flowers that sort of look like they belong in the backdrop of Spongebob Squarepants onto the back of their heads? We’re all for freedom of expression, whatever that may be for an individual, but we really do not get this trend.

Sports Enthusiasts

We aren’t one hundred percent certain, but it appears that the person with the (already questionable) green hair has a (really poorly done) soccer ball shaved onto the side of their head, and the person with the (equally terrible) pink hair has a football.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Our guess is that they’re sports enthusiasts. But if that is the case, they could have worn a T-shirt in support of their favorite team or something. Why go to this extreme just to have an awful-looking ball shaved onto the side of your head? 

Was The Hairdresser Drunk?

Judging by the sour expression on this person’s face, we feel that this was another terrible mistake made by the hairdresser. The professional was either not wearing their glasses at the moment or was cutting this poor lady’s hair while drunk.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

If this was the look she was after, then what we want to know is why… just, why? With all the gorgeous and fashionable haircuts available, why would someone actively choose to look as if they lost control of the scissors mid-cut?

Optical Illusion

This is not an illusion. We repeat: this is not an illusion. Someone really dyed their hair like this. For what purpose? We don’t know. What we do know is that if you stare at it for long enough, your eyes begin to hurt. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Perhaps that was the reason for this chessboard-inspired look. The lady wanted to give people headaches on the bus. Or maybe someone thought that it would be an artistic statement. And don’t get us wrong, it is. It’s just not a positive statement.

Another Epic Fail

We are really hoping that this is just a photograph of someone’s hair that has grown out of its layers. Maybe she’s at the salon for a fresh cut. However, seeing it’s on this list, there’s a high chance that that’s not the case.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

In truth, she probably thought that she could do the layers on her own. After all, the hairdresser makes it look so easy. However, she’s clearly learned that it’s not as easy as it looks and promptly took herself to a professional to fix the mess.

There Was Too Much Hair…

If you don’t have enough color to highlight your whole head, you could always just add some streaks to the bottom and hope that nobody notices. However, given the noticeable difference from the blue streaks, we did notice the questionable hairdo.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

While this hairdo doesn’t look half as bad as some others, we’re pretty sure that this lady wasn’t too happy about it. She probably visited her hairdresser as soon as she could, so they could work their magic to make her hair look a bit prettier.

Grandma’s Quilt

This reminds us of those patchwork quilts that everybody’s grandma or great-aunt would sew together using bits of fabric. They really make for great decorative pieces in the summer and can be the one thing to warm a person in winter.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

As useful as a quilt can be for one’s home, we can’t quite see the benefit of replicating this design and turning it into a hairdo. Everyone has their own fashion sense, but surely a less…detailed look would have sufficed?


He’s another episode of “half a box of hair dye” brought to you by this entertaining Facebook group. Instead of dying your hair one color, you can always go for dip-dye. Most people go for more… graceful colors, but to each their own.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Another problem with this is that it really just looks like someone dipped her hair in a bucket and hoped for the best. Usually, this sort of look is done with a more ombre finish, creating the illusion that the hair is natural. The problem is that the purple is definitely not natural.

Bright Neon Lights

Why have one color when you can have all of them? And why stop there when you could get them all in neon so that when you’re out partying at the club, everyone can spot you, including your ex, who you’re trying to get over?

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Imagine you’ll be dancing the night away with all of the “normies” who don’t have hair as bright and colorful as yours. We all know that the best way to get anyone’s attention is to dye your hair a series of uneven levels of color, after all.

Two For None

Karen over here got a two-for-one deal. Instead of having just terrible highlights, she got to enjoy a terrible dye job as well. This is certainly not the worst hairstyle on this list, but we think we can all agree that we’ve seen better. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

It looks like she is wearing a wig. Or maybe she either forgot or didn’t care enough to tuck in the rest of her hair, leaving red pieces sticking out of the bottom. She may have gotten a two-for-one deal, but she landed up with a two-for-none.

Toner? I hardly know her

This poor woman looks like she was jumped by an angry kindergarten class armed with sharpies and a thirst for vengeance. Seriously, the ends aren’t even colored! It’s like the hairdresser gave up halfway, or perhaps it was nap time. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Toner? I hardly know her. The effort that this would require is certainly not worth the result. Well, at least she seems happy with the outcome. Apparently, there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only split ends.

Candy Floss But Not Really

It looks like this girl grew tired of brown dye and wants to go back to her “natural” state of pink hair. Of course, in reality, we know that no one naturally has pink hair, which probably explains the frizz from the bleach. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Perhaps her hair stylist mixed up what the classic “ombre” means and went for a classic “non”bre instead. On the plus side, you’ll never lose her in a crowd because her glowing pink head will be a beacon amongst the sea of people. 

Geometry on Your Head

Here’s another reason you shouldn’t allow your children to shave your head. They might slip and accidentally leave what looks like their geometry homework on the top of your head. You may have the “inclination” to look away. Get it? It’s because it’s a graph.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

It’s like he couldn’t decide on a middle path, so he just closed his eyes and went with the flow. Although, judging by the unimpressed expression on his face and the salon bib he’s wearing, it looks like it might have been the barber’s mistake.

This Is Why You Need Friends

This is the reason you shouldn’t attempt wacky hairdos on your own. At least have a friend help you, so you don’t miss out on any spots. Always start with the roots, and work your way down – not the other way around.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Aquamarine, watch out! There’s a new mermaid in town, and this one has a slightly worse fashion sense. And she’s serving up a massive heap of Ugly Sonic, combined with the deranged aura of the one and only Cookie Monster – except she doesn’t even have cookies.

Who’s Gonna Tell Her?

This is yet another failed attempt at U-shaped ends. It looks more like a “V,” or should we say “Y?” Perhaps she wants to make sure she has a decent quill to write with next time somebody steals her last Bic pen. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Maybe if you looked at it from another angle (because it’s a triangle, get it?), this hairdo might start to take shape. This is what happens when you book a hair appointment on Craigslist without checking the hairdresser’s reviews first.


This next girl doesn’t look as bad as the others on this list. It would probably be a best-seller in K-pop fashion, but most people would want a neater finish. It also looks like she might be mildly fearful of scissors.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Seriously, when was the last time she went for a good trim? Or perhaps she is growing out the pink, which is why it looks so messy. Maybe she should dance her way back to the salon and “cut” her losses.

Know When To Stop

So, this young woman walked into the salon wanting something “fresh” that nobody had ever done before. Hence why she went for this odd early 2000’s half up, half down do. And please don’t forget to check out that hairline.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Instead of going for something simple, she wanted the shape of a heart. The problem is that her idea of a heart is not what we had in mind, or maybe this is just a poorly done butt. We really just want to put a hat on that.

Boy bands are going too far

These days, boy bands are getting all the hype they used to get in the early 2000s. And it’s funny to think that these types of musical groups are still able to hold a strong influence over teenagers. All the kids want to copy their fashion and hairstyles.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

Can you imagine being influenced by people with hairdos like these? For starters, their hair is so dry that we feel thirsty just looking at this photo. And if the haircut wasn’t bad enough for one person, all three kids have weird hairdos.

This is really a thing now!

We honestly don’t understand how or why, but it seems like haircuts like these are really trendy right now. Maybe it’s something that people have been seeing on social media, but it’s really concerning to think that haircuts like this one could become the norm.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ That’s it, I’m hair shaming

We think that bald people must feel furious when they see guys cutting their hair like this. Why shave half of your head when there are so many guys who would do anything for a little bit of hair on their heads?