45 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Beautiful Yet Unpredictable Weddings Are

By Daniella C

Weddings are beautiful, but they never go as planned. The bride and groom plan everything, from the order in which the groomsmen enter the ceremony, to what will be served at the party. However, unfortunately (or fortunately) not everything goes according to plan. But it’s like the old saying goes: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So, at these times the important thing is to have a good mood to face the complications that may arise. Just because something is stressful at the moment, it can become a fond memory to look back on later.

Also, the most unexpected moments usually come through those people who are always by our side and just want to make our day even more special. So, we brought 45 images to show how happy moments can come when we least expect them, and what we have left is to relax and enjoy our big day.

“My house, my rules”

This church has a pet cat that everyone in the congregation helps to take care of. Technically, the cat stays with the priest, but he has the autonomy to walk all over the church. Since his “father” was working and could not give him any attention…

Image courtesy of Wagner Breciane/Facebook

….he sought attention from the newlyweds. Our favorite part, though, is how neither the bride nor the groom seem to have noticed the wedding crasher. Thankfully, one of the guests snapped a picture, complete with a confused face we’re sure the rest of the guests had.

Fashion faux pas

With the price of formal attire, it’s not surprising that we often find security tags on suits, dresses, purses, etc. But this isn’t usually an issue, since the cashiers know what pieces need extra attention at checkout. Or, most of them do…

Image courtesy of chippybowey/Instagram

This Air BNB owner prevented an embarrassing disaster for one wedding attendee. Though the cashier might have been unobservant, this woman was on top of things and spotted an unclipped security tag with plenty of time to spare before the wedding!

No more pictures

Photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, so usually, there are photo sessions surrounding the event. Before, during, and after the ceremony, there is likely to be a photographer eagerly snapping pictures. For the pre-wedding pictures, only close relatives and groomsmen/bridesmaids are invited.

Image courtesy of Jaybeaster/imgur

But it can get a little overwhelming, especially for the relatives. The father and brother of a bride needed a break and made use of a nearby playground. Thankfully, the photographer was quick and was able to capture this unusual moment.

Too casual

Weddings are stressful affairs. Even if the bride and groom are laid back on an average day, having your friends and family gathered together to witness the next big milestone in your life is sure to set anyone on edge.

Image courtesy of revanitagordon/Instagram

In this groom’s mad dash to go to the venue, he forgot one important piece of his suit: his pants. Fortunately, he arrived early enough, so there was plenty of time for someone to run back to the hotel to get his pants. Admittedly, the wedding organizer couldn’t help but giggle the whole time.

Are you okay?

Being a photographer is a difficult profession, mainly because they need to be ready to assume odd positions, just to get the perfect picture. And many times, they don’t even get a break during the event — from the bride and groom’s arrival to when the last guest leaves, they’re there.

Image courtesy of chase_rich/Instagram

This photographer is a true professional. While taking a picture of the wedding party, he fell, but still managed to capture their reactions. From their expressions, we’d guess that the fall was quite ugly. But we must congratulate this professional for doing his duty even in the most difficult and unusual times. We just hope he is okay!

Moments before disaster

This man was so ecstatic and eager to hold his new bride that he reached over to pick her up. He just wanted to carry her away to their happily ever after. It seems like the two should have practiced this move….next to a pile of pillows.

Image courtesy of bixnok/Reddit

Kudos to the photographer for reacting quickly enough to snap a picture of the bride mid-fall. Since this photo-op was taken after the ceremony, they didn’t need to stress about any muddy clothes. They were able to simply enjoy the ridiculousness of that moment.

An exhausting evening

Weddings are extremely exhausting and stressful. The event demands a lot of attention from the newlyweds, from the beginning of the preparations, with the choice of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dress, to the long-awaited party, with the choice of the place, the decoration, the flowers, the food, among other important items.

Image courtesy of darkprinceofa***/Reddit

After all of the expenses and preparation, the bride and groom just want to enjoy the moment without having to worry about anything. This bride had so much fun that, when the party was over, she went to sleep in the first place she found: the church bench.

You may now kiss the centaur

For some reason, horses are seen as romantic in today’s society. Or, to be more specific, riding a horse seems to instantly make something more classy. So, for their wedding, this couple enlisted the services of a stunning white stallion.

Image courtesy of acedece/Reddit

We don’t know if this is from a pre-wedding photoshoot or a post-ceremony photo-op, but the results are equally hilarious. The only thing missing is the “just married” sign hanging off the back of the horse. Perhaps it’s there, but just hidden by the bride’s dress.


Unless you’re wealthy enough to rent out a beach or a park, there’s no guarantee that your wedding photos will be free of passers-by. If all goes well, any gawkers will be courteous enough to walk behind the cameraman and leave the happy couple alone.

Image courtesy of SillyBonsai/Reddit

The swimmer might not have been aware that he was photobombing, but the couple in the picture was. But they weren’t put off by the interruption. In fact, they were the ones that posed for the picture and asked the photographer to capture this hilarious moment.

Let’s play!

Before the ceremony starts, the bride and groom are usually very nervous. At this time they have two options: the groomsmen and bridesmaids stay with them and keep them company so that they can calm down, or the bride and groom ask for a moment alone so that they can concentrate on the ceremony to come.

Image courtesy of Shortchiken05/Reddit

However, this bride, who was having her wedding in the backyard of her house, was not the least bit nervous about her big day and called her groomsmen to play video games with her 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony. The best part was that she managed to beat them all!

Before and after a disaster

Beachside photoshoots are extremely popular, and for a good reason. Nothing compares to the sparkling sand, uninterrupted sky, shining blue, and crashing waves. This couple couldn’t resist taking some stunning photos against an approaching sunset, and the ocean seemed to agree.

Image courtesy of ApexTheory/Reddit

The crashing waves almost seem like a big hug from the ocean. Either that, or a warning not to get too close and that these humans seriously need to back off. When their clothes dried, we bet it was rather uncomfortable. Hopefully they had some backup clothes.

A triumphant entry

At the ceremony the bride and groom are the last to enter. Partially, this is to allow the guests time to settle down. But when it’s time to enter the hall for the first time as two married people, they usually plan a triumphant entrance.

Image courtesy of Anonymousacc/imgur

This couple was wondering how to entertain and impress everyone present. So they had the great idea to rent a horse and put a horn on it to turn it into a unicorn. It was certainly a completely unusual and unexpected idea. Talk about a magical evening!

“I object!”

There are several interesting places to hold a wedding, but some brides and grooms want to escape from the traditional venues. This couple, for example, opted for the zoo — definitely an alternative choice. Although the animals didn’t have a formal invitation, they were all welcome.

Image courtesy of DrBaumli/Reddit

This bear RSVP-ed and was there to bear witness (pun intended) to the happy couple’s special day. Yes, this is just a case of putting human emotions on a bear, but we love the perfect photo-op. It seems like there was in fact someone who objected to their union.

Toasting the bride and groom

This boy was invited to his friend’s wedding. So, in preparation, he knew he needed a suit and to comb back his hair. He even went above and beyond and took a few minutes to prepare a toast for the happy couple.

Image courtesy of mrshoeshinemann/Reddit

Forgive us for the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference, but the literal toast reminds us of people attending the live show and throwing literal toast at Brad and Janet. It may be cheesy, but we actually love this idea for kids attending a wedding. Give them toast if they can’t drink alcohol!

VIP guest

There are several types of spaces to celebrate a wedding. The most common is a church, though that usually means everyone needs to move elsewhere for the party. But there are places such as farms, fields, and even hotels where the bride and groom can hold the ceremony and the party without having to travel.

Image courtesy of Chris Davis/goodroad.co

This couple, for example, decided to have both the ceremony and the party in a field. The only “problem” was that since the ground was open, they received a trespasser during the celebration. However, the bride and groom didn’t seem to mind this little detail, and the dog was very well received.

The perfect rickroll

Even at a small wedding, it can be difficult to get even a few moments with the bride and groom to wish them well and congratulate them. To solve this problem, a couple gave every guest a card and envelope where they could write a message that they’d open in the future.

Image courtesy of Minimalcharges/Reddit

In three days, three months, or thirty years, “Never Gonna Give You Up” will always be relevant. Sure, rickrolling is traditionally done online, but there’s no rule against writing the lyrics on a card to mess with your friends in the future.

Welcome, friend

Many people have a dream of getting married in the middle of nature. This couple did just that and went to a nature reserve in South Africa. The main goal of a nature reserve is the integral preservation of all the animals in that environment, and no direct human interference or environmental modifications are allowed.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Norman Photography

With this, the animals have great freedom and can go basically wherever they want. This giraffe decided to “invade” a wedding. But, without any doubt, the bride and groom were very happy with her presence, and she was very welcome. She was most certainly the guest of honor at the party!

Party animal

Weddings are full of energy, and it’s difficult to capture the true vibe of the event. Sure, photographers can snap thousands of pictures or even take videos of the dance floor, but it’s nearly impossible to truly capture what it feels like to be there.

Image courtesy of RadioGuyRob/Reddit

This pro photographer knew exactly when and where to aim his lens. With one click, he managed to immortalize the vibrant, lively energy at the wedding he was working at. That look of pure joy and exuberance cannot be staged!

Who doesn’t love donuts?

We all know the stereotype of police officers and their love of donuts. Whether or not this is true or just a cliche, this couple decided to lean into it. Both the bride and groom at this wedding are police officers.

Image courtesy of mreastvillage/Reddit

The couple decided to serve their guests their favorite food. Surely their guests were quite surprised by the menu, but we can’t judge them, the bride and groom just wanted to share some of their most famous traditions with those present at the party.

Convention tension

It might sound tacky, but having your wedding at a hotel isn’t a terrible idea. Larger hotels, especially chains, are well-equipped to host a large group of people. And bigger hotels usually have several event halls, allowing a wedding won’t halt their regular business activities.

Image courtesy of klugstarr/Reddit

Depending on how you look at it, this couple was either extremely unlucky or blessed to have their wedding in the same hotel on the same weekend as a llama convention. We just hope that the llama liked her dress. Otherwise, there wouldn’t been some spit of displeasure in her near future.

Will the real bride please stand up

One of the biggest concerns of a bride is the dress she will wear on her wedding day. There’s the color, style, and if she’ll rent or buy. Renting is becoming increasingly popular since wedding dresses are expensive and will probably only be worn once.

Image courtesy of JGrce/Reddit

But those that buy aren’t always stuck. This bride decided to invite all of her bridesmaids to wear their wedding dresses. It’s clear on their faces that the women were thrilled to have this second opportunity to wear the special gowns they felt gorgeous in.

RSVP with a CYA

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, and it’s usually the bride and groom that foot the bill. Feeding and seating guests at weddings contribute to that cost, which is why there’s usually a limit on the number of guests.

Image courtesy of koreenalynn/Reddit

So, it’s special when you’re important enough to be invited. To encourage any slowpokes to RSVP ASAP, the bride and groom gave a little ultimatum. But at least they left it open for any regretful last-minute attendees, so long as they didn’t mind bringing their own, well, everything.

How about a snack break?

Some pieces of architecture seem to be made for wedding photo-ops. Take this building, for example. The simple white bricks, the high arches, and minimalistic lighting; it’s a stunning backdrop. Unfortunately, there’s always the risk of random people using a scenic view as part of their daily routine.

Image courtesy of r_dawson_25/Reddit

Well, restaurant mascots need to get to work somehow, right? It just stinks for this couple that, in the middle of their fairytale-perfect photoshoot, a giant hot dog had to crash the party. At least she was walking quickly and didn’t interrupt the two for very long.

Budding talent

When planning a wedding, one of the multitudes of factors a couple must decide is what kind of music they’ll have at the party. Do they want a live band, or is a DJ the right vibe for them? This couple went for the latter…

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/imgur

The special DJ they “hired” was the bride’s six-year-old son. He was more than happy to take on the task and when the time came, he took up his spot next to the stage. We don’t need to speculate if he had a good time. That picture says it all!


They say that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she walks down the aisle. We don’t know if it’s true or not, but there’s no denying that eager anticipation makes this a difficult task for some couples.

Image courtesy of chosenplatypus/Reddit

Luckily for this groom, his brother was there to help. When he turned around to behold his bride-to-be, he was met with his brother, dressed in a stunning white gown and sparkling tiara. That’s one way to quell the groom’s fears!

A happy day

Sadly, divorce is not uncommon. After trying to make it work, this man and woman split and went about their lives. Fast forward 25 years and they re-entered each other’s lives. Ready for take two, they got re-married, bought a farm, and settled down.

Image courtesy of zephyrnug/Reddit

During all those years apart, they never lost their sense of humor. The portrait they chose to commemorate their wedding day wasn’t her in a dress and him in a tux. Instead, they recreated American Gothic. What a memorable photo!

It’s gonna be a hoot

We all know doves as the classic romantic birds, but they’re not the only elegant feathered creatures out there. In fact, we’d argue that there are other birds that would be better suited for the job. It seems that owls agree with that sentiment…

Image courtesy of DreamsD351GN/Reddit

Then again, it might not be a good idea when your avian guests decide to be the center of attention. And mid-ceremony, no less! Thank goodness the photographer was quick to react and snapped this perfect shot of a bride and her chimeric husband.

Age is just a number

Every little girl dreams of being a flower girl. Who wouldn’t want to dress in a pretty gown and run down the aisle and toss petals everywhere? To flip the script, this couple gave the honor of being the flower girl to their grandmother.

Image courtesy of aquafate/Reddit

Though she couldn’t skip down the aisle, that didn’t stop her from taking on the responsibility. We can feel her immeasurable delight through the still image. Complete with a flower crown, we’re sure no one questioned her role in the ceremony.

Nailed it

The moment the bride walks down the aisle is one of the most important parts of a wedding. To capture the love in the air, the bride asked the photographer to snap her future husband’s reaction to her graceful walk.

Image courtesy of MoonpiesForMisfits/Reddit

It turns out that both of them needed to work on their composure. The bride fell on her way to the altar, but the photographer stayed on target and snapped pictures of the groom’s reaction. Or rather, his amusement at the unceremonious start to their special day.

A brother’s promise

Siblings are known to joke, though the “threats” are usually empty and brought up for a quick laugh. Five years prior to his sister’s wedding, this loving brother swore to her that, if she ever tied the knot, he’d bring a llama to the event.

Image courtesy of DJ117Xx/Reddit

It might have been a comment made five years prior, but he didn’t forget the promise he made to his sister. Of course, he wasn’t so inconsiderate and made sure that the llama was well-dressed for the event. The bride doesn’t seem too happy, but the brother’s face says it all.

Luck of the Irish

When couples want a destination wedding, they have plenty of options to choose from. Do they want a beachside ceremony? Or perhaps a mountain view is more their style? This pair wanted Ireland to be the backdrop on their special day.

Image courtesy of thischarmingman18/Reddit

As luck would have it, their choice led to a fortuitous opportunity. They got dressed, headed to the wedding, and stumbled upon the cast of Vikings! The actors were good-humored and took the time to pose for this hilarious and unique wedding photo.

Jason is bored

Weddings can be boring for adults, so imagine how dreadful it must be if you’re a kid stuck at an event you have no interest in. This kid’s aunt must’ve sensed her nephew’s disappointment because she asked her sister how he was doing.

Image courtesy of caityfaced88/Reddit

The answer to her question came in the form of a picture. This picture, to be specific. We can only assume that he brought the Jason Voorhees mask because there’s no reasonable way he could have gotten ahold of one at the wedding itself.

Page limit

While it differs for every wedding, it’s common to have at least one person give a toast. And at any other event, people would dread sitting quietly to hear a speech, but heartfelt wedding toasts are an exception. At this woman’s wedding, her dad stepped up to the mic.

Image courtesy of emmanicole23/Reddit

However, the bride knew her dad might go on for too long, so she limited his speech to only one page. He didn’t argue, and she figured she got away with a short and sweet speech from her dad. But, come reception time, he rolled out a scroll worthy of a king’s missive.

The most competent employees

It’s standard at most wedding receptions to have some wait staff walking around carrying drinks and hors devours. This couple did the same, but they decided to be creative with who they employed. Instead of humans, they opted for donkeys whom they aptly named “beer burros.”

Image courtesy of StuTOTHEart/Reddit

These adorable donkeys wandered around the wedding, toting beers in their baskets. But they knew they were vital to the party and good vibes, so they had to sneak into the camera’s sight and photobomb an almost-perfect couple of the newlyweds.

Tchaikovsky plays faintly in the background

With a limited number of seats at a wedding, it’s only natural that there will be some friends that don’t make the cut. But they shouldn’t feel resentful…nor know where the wedding is being held. No one wants unhappy wedding crashers.

Image courtesy of The_Huge_Moist/Reddit

Odette couldn’t believe she wasn’t on the invite list, but she somehow figured out where the wedding was being held. They might not have been able to let her in the door, but no one could stop her from stalking them from the outside.

What could be worse?

This bride and groom, who lived far away from each other, decided to get married in the bride’s hometown. They planned everything to the most minute detail and all that was left was for the groom to fly out to meet his new bride.

Image courtesy of Zebidee/Reddit

What they didn’t plan for was that Delta Airlines would lose his luggage. After frantically trying to recover his suitcase, the date of the wedding was quickly approaching and he had no other choice but to improvise. We hope Delta attempted to make it up to him after this fiasco.

Jealous groomsmen

No matter what style a wedding is — be it themed, cultural, or traditional — the bride will always be the most beautiful woman there. Some of the ways brides achieve this is by wearing the most beautiful dresses, perfectly styled hair, and dainty jewelry. In short, she’s eye-catching.

Image courtesy of ANTIQUE_HEALBOT_/Reddit

Just ask these groomsmen. We can almost see their thoughts. This is basically a real-life version of the “jealous girlfriend” aka “cheating boyfriend” meme. But that one’s a stock picture, aka posed, so we love this iteration better. Kudos to the photographer for capturing this pic.

Best friends

Earlier, we mentioned the “importance” of the bride and groom remaining separate until the ceremony begins. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for the two to prepare separately, and then get the first look when it’s time to take pre-wedding pictures.

Image courtesy of kabornman/Reddit

This groom was eagerly awaiting his blushing bride. When he felt a tap on his shoulder, he swung around to kiss…his best man? Honestly, we can’t think of anything sweeter than that. Having your friend’s support is vital, and the companionship the two obviously share is priceless.

Life finds a way

As we’ve seen countless times now, pre-wedding photoshoots are rather common. It makes sense, of course, given that the newlyweds would want to remember every second of their special day — and it’d be a shame to waste all the time and energy spent on perfecting their outfits.

Image courtesy of Ive_got_a_sword/Reddit

But no one said that wedding photos had to be…normal. Whereas most couples prefer to take pictures of the wedding party standing in a garden or at the beach, this couple wanted something unique. And thanks to a Photoshop expert, they got a picture “65 million years in the making.”

An untraditional wedding

Traditional weddings are popular for a reason. They’re tried and true classics that are guaranteed to work. But some couples want to be bold and break away from the norm. This couple went for a Medieval-themed wedding, and we’re sure that everyone had a great time.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/imgur

Especially when the bride’s grandpa entered dresses for the occasion. He either missed the memo that outfits should simply be on theme, or he was feeling mischievous and wanted to make the most of that opportunity. Well, no one can say that he got the dress code wrong.

Guest of honor

When writing up the guest list for their wedding, this couple made sure to include all their family members. Then they added all the friends they wanted to have on their special day. As a joke, they added Queen Elizabeth II to their list…

Image courtesy of PA Wire

Well, the joke was on them because the then-86-year-old monarch showed up. It’s an unspoken rule of weddings that the guests shouldn’t upstage the bride, but we’re sure they didn’t mind making an exception that one time. After all, the Queen was invited.

What is the best day of your life?

Wedding photographers are responsible for making sure the bride and groom look their absolute best. From the background to the lighting to the smiling faces, there’s a lot to keep track of. Either this photographer didn’t notice the bride’s face, or she wanted to keep her excitement under wraps, but the photos looked rather serious.

Image courtesy of TheNervousPoops/Reddit

But when she met Rob Lowe, there was no hiding her pure joy at meeting her favorite actor. Thank goodness her husband was good-spirited about the photos. He shared the side-by-side photos online, joking about which day was the happiest day of her life.

Drama king

Earlier, we saw the sweetest flower girl — or, should we say, woman. The flower granny was happily wheeled down the aisle, happy to play her small part in the ceremony. For better or worse, this couple’s flower person wouldn’t be so composed.

Image courtesy of GreekAlphabetSoup/Reddit

We applaud the innovation of having a flower boy (man?). But perhaps they should have informed him about his role in the ceremony. Instead of gently laying down petals, he opted for a dramatic entrance with a petal shower at the end.

Promises made, promises kept

In the early stages of a relationship, there’s sometimes the question in the back of peoples’ minds if marriage is in the couple’s future. This guy was obviously doubtful that the relationship would last, since he promised to wear a pink dress to his friend’s then-hypothetical wedding.

Image courtesy of livefast6221/Reddit

This is either a lesson in being careful of what you promise, or proof of how far a true friend will go to show their support. Either way, we commend him for following through. His friendship with the bride meant so much that we went through the effort of bringing a pink dress to throw over his suit.

Emergency sewing kit

At a wedding, the wedding party opt for beauty rather than comfort, so they often wear too tight clothes that limit their movements. With this man, it was no different. The tailor made sure his pants fit well and he’d be presentable at the wedding.

Image courtesy of Draseph/Reddit

What the tailor didn’t account for was fun and funky pre-wedding photos. Though the torn pants and subsequent emergency sewing were probably a bit embarrassing, this story has a happy ending. Years later, he proposed to the woman holding the needle and thread. What a sweet meet cute!