4 Things That Brides Don’t Want Guests To Wear To Their Weddings

By Moureen N

As a female guest attending a wedding, it’s important to consider the dress code and attire that is appropriate for the occasion. While there are many outfit options to choose from, there are a few that brides may prefer that female guests avoid wearing to their wedding.

Here are four outfits that brides don’t want female guests to wear to their weddings.

Source: @martzzl/Unsplash

White: This is the most obvious one. White is the bride’s color, and wearing white to a wedding can be seen as disrespectful and get the attention off of the bride. It’s best to avoid wearing any shade of white or ivory to a wedding.

Too revealing: Weddings are typically formal or semi-formal occasions, and it’s important to dress appropriately. Wearing an outfit that is too revealing can be inappropriate and draw attention away from the bride. Avoid wearing anything that is incredibly tight or short.

Black: While black is a classic color for formal events, some brides may prefer that guests avoid wearing it to their wedding. It can be seen as somber or mourning and can take away from the celebratory atmosphere of the wedding.

Anything too casual: Weddings are special occasions, and guests should dress appropriately. Wearing something too casual, such as jeans, flip-flops, or a t-shirt, can be disrespectful to the couple and the event. It’s best to opt for dressier attire, like a cocktail dress.

Source: @kylefrederick10/Unsplash

It’s important to consider the bride’s wishes and dress appropriately for the occasion. Avoiding these four outfits can help ensure that you’re not taking away from the bride’s special day and are respecting the dress code and formality of the event.

Remember, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, and dressing appropriately shows that you care about the couple and their wedding day.