3 Tips For Hosting A Dry Wedding: We’re Spilling All The Tea!

By Fatime G

Weddings and signature cocktails are synonymous- you almost can’t picture a wedding without an open bar, right? Well, maybe not quite. Alcohol-free weddings are a real thing, and there are plenty of good reasons to cut out the booze. Dry weddings forego alcoholic beverages. So, if you’re looking to host a dry wedding, whether for financial, personal, or religious reasons, we’ve got you covered with curated tips to make it epic.

Image courtesy of Dmytro Sheremeta/Shutterstock

1. Give A Heads Up

Let your guests know; this is the first rule to hosting a dry wedding. As a host, you must be upfront with your guests; ensure you point out the no-alcohol aspect on the wedding invite or website. You should, however, brace yourself for resistance from some friends and family.  Regardless, stand your ground. Don’t worry so much about the turn-up; you’ll be shocked at how many people want to savor that special day with you, even if it doesn’t come with champagne flutes.

2. Go All Out With The Drinks

Hey, the dance floor may not be the same without that liquid courage, but everyone sure will appreciate an incredible mocktail. So, don’t hold back with your drinks- work with your wedding planner and caterer to create fun, enticing beverages. With the perfect iced tea to down on a sunny summer wedding, you can almost bet your guests won’t miss the alcohol.

Image courtesy of Dragon_Fly/Shutterstock

3. Bring Out The Fun

From the party staples to your wild imagination, explore all the fun activities. Find ways to keep your guests entertained throughout your wedding. Go ahead and break the barriers from the traditional DJ to karaoke and barbecue, or smores and outdoor movies for the reception. Did someone say an ice cream truck? It’s your wedding; after all, you can have it your way.

Parting Shot

Dry weddings may not be as typical, but they sure are growing on us. Admittedly, hosting a dry wedding does not have to be a bland, watered-down experience; you can make it memorable with twice the fun sans alcohol. Besides, waking up to beautiful wedding reception memories and not hangovers would be nice for a change.