3 Perfect Destination Wedding Locations In Mexico

By Ruby M

Destination weddings have become extremely popular, especially over the past couple of years. They allow for smaller, more intimate gatherings and also double as a holiday! If you’re considering a destination wedding and you’re keen on a splurge, then we may have found the perfect location for your special day – Mexico! The food, the beaches, and the culture are all wonderful pieces to a truly vibey and happy puzzle that will make up a romantic, beautiful, and memorable day for you and your loved one – and, of course, the guests. From couples who want small and intimate to those who want to party and have a day they wish to remember … but can’t (if you catch our drift), here are some of the most popular wedding destinations in Mexico.

Image courtesy of Alex Andrei/Shutterstock

For the Photo-shoots

This one’s for the couple who dream of printing their wedding photographs on canvas and displaying them in their home and, of course, sharing them all over social media to low-key make their followers and friends envious. Cabo San Lucas has breathtaking views – especially sunsets and gorgeous beaches, and many extravagant luxury resorts to pamper you and your guests. 

Cancun – The party Spot

If you’re the couple that’s the life of the party, then Cancun might be just what you’re looking for.  It’s the perfect combination between a Caribbean beach getaway and a vibrant nightlife and has many tourist locations nearby, too. It’s best to avoid this spot during spring break and hurricane season – so we recommend an early December or April wedding date for this location.

Sirene and Intimate

Image courtesy of Martin Corr/Shutterstock

Puerto Vallarta has lush, green gardens and stunning quiet beaches, which is the perfect destination for couples who want a more intimate location. It is also one of the few spots in Mexico that allows the marriage of same-sex couples – so if you’re in a same-sex relationship or have friends who are dreaming of their magical destination wedding – this might just be the one!